Sunday, October 23, 2011

Nothing Much to Report.

Menu of the Day:

Music playing: Jason Isbell's "Codeine". I recently bought this and LOVE it! Such a great song. 

The new song that i'm wearing out: If you want to hear a really beautiful song, check out Josh Garrels' "Don't Wait for Me". That's my new song.

Book: I'm reading three: still Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet; Suze Orman's Action Plan (about financial planning) and the Lincoln Lawyer book "Reversal".

In my glass: J Lohr Chardonnay. First glass. 

The Best thing that Happened this week: Brian is in a new blues band and i got to see them for the first time. They are really good! And i'm excited for him, because like i said before, I never could get past the female singers in his old band who tried to sound like Janis J. Nobody should try to do that. Especially them. The lead singer in this new band is an older dude but has a great blues voice.

That's all i got for the menu. On with the random stuff .....


1. Now that the football games are over i should put on the Jillian Michaels On Demand stuff and do the workout that louielouie told me about. But i poured this glass of wine instead.

2. I bought a pair of those "These are Not your Daughter's Jeans". Here's the thing about those jeans: They are not exactly MOM jeans, but almost! Once i got them home and looked in a real mirror instead of the fakey Nordstrom mirrors i realized they had too much room in the butt and made my butt look like a big saggy square after they were worn for awhile and stretched out. Plus they had too much room in the legs. I don't even HAVE a daughter so i have no idea why i bought them. I had them hemmed, wore them once, and returned them for credit. I might be 54 years old but i am not ready for Mom Jeans. Plus the sizes are vanity. You have to buy a size smaller. 

I think that is where the hook is. 

3. The best jeans in the world are Christopher Blue and i have about 10 pairs, but they are wearing out and Nordstrom quit selling them in favor of these stupid Non-Daughter jeans. 

5. The thing is i cannot find a thing i like in Nordstrom these days. I feel like i'm either too young or too old. I hate to think i am ready for Lane Bryant. 

6. I hate to shop but  I have three shopping addictions: shopping for jeans, shopping for books, and finding the perfect foundation. 

7. I am thinking about getting my lazy ass down to the Occupy gatherings but i want to go as a group and i think we union folks should be there. I am loving this movement and want it to continue. I think they should be right outside every Capitol building. But i need to do something besides carry a sign. Only i want someone else to tell me what that need is. Like register voters.  Because i don't assume that protestors actually do vote. Because if they did, maybe we wouldn't be in this mess. 

8. My advice this week: If you have mutual funds, 401Ks, etc. do not open your statements this month. I wish i didn't. And i wish someone told me not to. 

9. I just noticed i have 29 followers now and i for the life of me cannot figure out who the next one is.I click through and don't see any new names.  So welcome Follower #29. Whoever you are and i hope you post. 

10. I am starting to really HATE Facebook. The newsfeed is banal and boring and full of just quotes and shit. And it's kicked my blog ass and i hate that the most. Because i don't give a shit about your sniffles, or your kid's sniffles or where you ate your dinner. I think Facebook is the definition of ironic. 


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

1. I'm listening to the World Series after chewing my nails watching the Packers beat the Vikings.

2. I just had a coke with just a splash of Jack. Didn't do what I wanted it to do.

3. I didn't go to my 40th reunion. I drove up the coast with my husband and my mom instead. Better therapy. Even though the fog was threatening there were still pockets of sunshine. Went to lunch at Panera and then did some shopping at the Outlet Mall.

4. I buy my jeans at Avenue. Being a Rubenesque figure, they fit well and flatter my tush.

5. I love Facebook. I keep up with my family and friends. There is also a good yaya board there.

6. I lost a follower. I now have 5. Such is the life of an anonymous blogger.

7. I love to shop for books, kitchen gadgets, Coach bags, and shoes. Got some lovely casual shoes yesterday.

8, I don't wear a lot of makeup. Don't go anywhere that it's needed. And with the never ending hives, I'd end up looking like I was wearing a polka dotted mask.

9. I've been watching the Conrad Murray trial. I think he was blinded by MJ and everything about him. To the fact that he basically quit doing all the things that doctors do like keep accurate records, ask for prior records and the like. I don't care who MJ thought he was, he had to have more than a 1/4 inch thick medical file. The prosecutors this week really slammed it home and it will be interesting to see what the defense will use to try to change the jury's mind.

10. There was pea soup fog here last night. Was really eerie and couldn't see the end of our walkway. Perfect October weather.

jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny, i always love to look back here to see how fast you post as number 1! haha....

I have not been watching the MJ trial because the Casey A pretty much did me in this summer. I do think he might be somewhat culpable, sort of how a mom who doesn't protect her kids from the abusive father. The sane one needs to step up. And someone should have told MJ no. But i'm not sure what his punishment should be. Maybe revoking his license. I shouldn't comment at all since i don't know the issues since i am not watching.

Aside from my foundation obsession, i also don't wear much makeup. When i try to wear eye shadow i look like my favorite commercial actor The Mayhem Like Me (dean Winters) from the Raccoon bit i put up a few posts ago.

louielouie said...

Made my first pair of Christmas PJ pants today for my sister. I had already cut them out so it went fast. Nothing left but the elastic, but I can’t find my elastic – I know I have a huge roll around here somewhere. May be it’s just as well because I don’t know how big to make the waist, probably 18” like Scarlett O Hara.

I’m going to make a rag quilt for my nephew who is a senior year in high school this year instead of pjs so he can take it to college. It will mostly be pieces from all the pj pants I have made him (and his brother) over the past years. I need to remember to save some pieces for when is brother is ready to go off to college.

I do need to buy some new flannel too but my fabric store closed down. I bought some in advance but not all I need, and the flannel they have at Joann’s is cheap and chintzy. I don’t know where to go.

I’m worried about my brother and my nephew going to college. I don’t know how they are going to do it. My brother is a sort-of/sometimes employed electrician. I don’t even want to think about how much Em’s degree cost, and tuition keeps going up and up. Some loans are fine, but I hate to think of these kids starting off in a big financial hole. I think my mom should chip in.

My 85 year-old mom is back from her 4-week trip to Germany. There was a mix up with her flight on the way over so she had to fly coach!! A terrible imposition for my mom. Her friends treat her like a queen when she’s there (no pun intended) so she got over the bad flight and had a great time. We’ll be hearing stories for months.

Just came back from my brother’s house. He fixed a great Mexican meal. My Margareta may have been a little strong; don’t feel much like doing my Jillian Michaels’ now -or anything else for that matter. Maybe I’ll take a shower and then get a start on the Sunday crossword.

I am glad for fall and I am thankful that my mom now has someone to do her yard work and it’s not Ron, my sister in law and me taking care of all her leaves. Our maples are dropping already and that’s’ plenty of fall yard work for me.

Back to work tomorrow, it promises to be another busy week. I’m holding an expulsion discipline hearing on Tuesday- never a dull moment.

Too lazy to proof read this, so I hope there are not embarrassing errors throughout.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I hear you on the college thing, louie. Brian and i were talking about how it would never be possible to go to college as he did. He never had a student loan and his parents never were able to help. He worked summertime in the hops fields and also at the Central Washington being a dorm czar or something like that to pay the bills.

That would never be possible anymore.

What tequila does your brother (I assume Douge) uses for margaritas?

BTW, i wore your flannel pants just last Saturday - it's the first ones you made me that you hate but i love the brownish plaid pattern because it has every color in it. They aren't going to turn my husband on in any way, but they are certainly comfortable!

I went On Demand at Comcast this evening and didn't do Jillian Michaels, but i did try one of the guys 10 min. workouts after i went running. It was like a full body thingie, and even with only 10 minutes it kicked my ass. I am really out of shape from back in the days when i was really working the circuit training with Brandon at the YMCA. I can't even do 10 pushups without difficulty and i used to up to 60! And some of those were the real way!

I'm going to try and mix it up for 3 days a week and see what happens. It's amazing how you can run for 4 miles, but still be out of shape!

jojo cucina cucina said...

argggggghhhh.... my Facebook feed is full of mostly only baby pictures or dog pictures. The whole news feed. I hate Facebook.

sam said...

I think your 29th follower might be me. I'm signed up twice because I couldn't remember if I had ever signed up. I have my picture and then the one of the horse nose (my favorite).

jojo cucina cucina said...

oh darn. i was hoping i had new followers. But it makes sense why i couldn't figure it out!

Amanda said...

Jo, let me know if you're going to occupy anything. Linda and I want to go, but we're chickens who don't want to go alone. Plus, we're ashamed at being such fair weather protesters; we only want to be out a few hours and not in the rain.

I'm so embarrassed to even say that!

But, let me know if you get a group going. Linda and I will try to tag along.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda, let's talk about this some more. Cause i don't think this is going away and i love that! i do think we should do something to be a part of this. Brian and i were talking about it too. I'll think of some more people who can join us. Then we can all go out for a beer!

I believe my own union might be starting to get on the bandwagon and will organize something that i can hitch a ride to. I'll be in touch. Brian said Amy is likely to join us too! That would be great. And then finally i would get to meet YOU!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I am making hot crab sandwiches for dinner tonight (with real crag) and sweet potato fries (from Trader Joe's) with IPAs and Porter beers!

I had the day off today so i watched a free On Demand movie, Red Dragon. Really good movie, can't believe i missed it because the book was great. It's a Hannibal Lector movie with Anthony Hopkins and Edward Norton AND Phillip Seymour Hoffman AND Harvey Keitel. How could i miss this?

Then i did my 10 minute workout On Demand. louie, these totally kick my ass! It's been so long since i've done this kind of workout - i think i quit the YMCA about three years ago. So all i've been doing is running and some free weights. I'm going to try and do them every other day in addition to running and see if i can work myself up to 20 minutes. I get bored doing indoor exercise after too much time though.

Tomorrow we go see Brian's band play at Dawson's. It should be fun and i am NOT dressing up for Halloween. He only opens again for Tim Hall band so it will be just an hour. My brothers are coming.

I think i'm allergic to my house. I keep sneezing when i come home. I go to the store and i'm fine and i come back home and start sneezing again.

Ok, back to my crab sandwiches.

jojo cucina cucina said...

real craB !!!!