Thursday, October 13, 2011

Here's What's on the Menu

Menu of the Day: 

Music: Your Life is Now by Mellencamp

In my glass:  a wine made by a friend called Two Loons. It's an amazing Cab Franc and i just paid $200 to help make it in the future. It's a local thing that they are inviting friends to join them to get involved in the labeling, tasting, bottling. 

What i'm looking forward to: My husband has been doing something late every single night this week for work and/or his band. Tomorrow is our 'date night' with cooking, music and wine. I love our date nights. 

What else is good: Work. It's been so busy for me and i love that. 

What i'm anxious about: I have been taking a public speaking class. I have to give a speech on something i know about at our last class next Tuesday. I'm going to pretend i am talking at a running clinic and my audience is made up of folks who want to know how to start a running program. 

What pisses me off: Obama not being able to get anything done (most recent Jobs Bill) because Congress is playing politics...again... just like with the Debt Ceiling Shit. No wonder he wanted out of the Senate so quickly.  

What i wish: I want Obama to kick ass and get pissed off. I want him to be as mad as Biden was when the vote went down. It's good to be calm and grace under fire. But sometimes i need to see the fire, yano? 

What else i wish: I'll come back to this. I forgot what i was going to add!

What I am procrastinating about: I need to take those iMac classes! They are already paid for!

What i hate about my iMac: i do not like this iMouse. It's scratchy on my desktop surface and it's not much better with a mousepad. ALSO, the biggest thing is sometimes i move it and everything i write disappears. I don't even know what causes it. It's happened on my blog and in email.

What I am starting to not care about: My hair woes. Right now it's too long. And this time of year it's fruitless to try to control hair that has weird waves and curls and bends like mine. Right now it at least long enough to simply put it in a french braid. So i'm good to go. 

What i also don't care about: The Republican debates. Though i have to say Kathleen Parker's column was great today. She is pretty conservative and i don't always agree with her but i liked what she said about the Republicans being too worried about religion since the Mormons are the smartest of the bunch. 

Here's the link:
She says: 
"The use and abuse of religion to advance politically is a scourge on any nation, and no witness to Islamist theocracy should doubt it. Less dramatically, it is simply bad form. Americans of a certain age remember when preachers preached and politicians didn’t. Tent revivals took place on the outskirts of small towns, not in mega-coliseums led by presidential contenders. (See Rick Perry.)"
Bad thing i did this week: Actually it was last week. I went to pick up my Dad for his birthday tavern lunch. And as i was leaving i saw that horrible family photo hanging on the wall that was taken in Christmas 1991. It includes my sister's  ex-husband and my brother's ex-wife. (Mine was already literally 'out of the picture' by then.) Dad said he had already hidden it but she found it and put it back up. Mom wasn't home so i took it down and put it in the trunk of my car. (Where it still remains.) I know my sister is high-fiving me if she is watching. 

If i give it back I'm going to have Brian PhotoShop Brad Pitt as my sister's husband. And I'll have to ask Troy which celebrity he might want to be married to. (I already know it's not Angelina). 

So come tell us. Especially...what bad thing you did! And what is pissing you off. The negative stuff is always the juiciest. 


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Menu of the Day:

Music: Law and Order CI Theme Music (I love my Vinne D)

In my glass: Coke on ice. Not in the mood for anything with a kick because it will make me glow when I take my night time meds.

What i'm looking forward to: Maybe going out tomorrow night. Actually, for my kids to get home with a new fan for the living room.

What else is good: Hives seem to have dialed back a little.

What i'm anxious about: Getting the results of my husbands liver biopsy.

What pisses me off: This freaking government not representing the people who elected them.

What i wish: I wish that I could go on my anniversary trip, but it had to get cancelled due to my husband’s biopsy.

What else i wish: I wanna go to Hawaii.

What I am procrastinating about: Remembering to buy a new battery for my MacBook. Amazon has non OEM’s that are good.

What i hate about my iMac: I got rid of every Apple Mouse I ever had. I am using a Logitech wireless one that is wonderful. And the fact that my large monitor needs an adaptor to be able to use it with the MacBook.

What I am starting to not care about: Most of the new season of TV. I like House, NCIS, and Prime Suspect. Terra Nova sucks eggs.

What i also don't care about: These stupid music shows. With very little exception, no one is going to be a huge star. The early AI winners were so much better than what is on the X Factor and the like. And after 13 years, DWTS can go too.

Bad thing i did this week: Didn’t go to CVS to get my meds. I found 2 more so I can just amble on over there tomorrow. C’mon, it was freaking 97 degrees this afternoon. Too hot to go anywhere except stand in front of a fan.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I love you amulbunny!

jojo cucina cucina said...

When will you find out about your husband? I realize how lucky i am posting about stupid stuff like my hair when i read about what some of you are dealing with.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

November 1st, and since it's a ways off I am thinking it's a good result.

sam said...

Music: My own mix of praise and worship music. I like to play it loud so I have to do it when the Hero isn't home.

In my glass: Walmart's brand of clear sparkling flavored water. This one is wild cherry.

What i'm looking forward to: This sounds horrible but Dave is leaving for Antarctica in 10 days and I'm looking forward to the 8 weeks off. Little to no cooking (the kids like easy stuff they can fix), tossing the junk he seems to think are treasures, staying up late and watching what I want to watch on the tv (and not turning the set off if I fall asleep). I'll miss him but the break will be nice.

What else is good: I'm losing weight and thinking fast walking/jogging would be a good thing to start. So I'm getting a new pair of shoes next week and taking the borrowed dog (and, later, Maggie Mae) for some early morning exercise.

What i'm anxious about: Not really anxious but I have to see the dermatologist for some suspicious crap on my forehead. Then, right after the Hero leaves, I'll be at my eye doctor so he can decide if I need that referral for cataract surgery. I think yes.

What pisses me off: The length of time it takes for justice to be served. By the time trials are gotten around to, no one remembers what really happened. At least the killers in CT got what was coming to them but all this time to get there? Some people don't deserve a fair trial if fair means 3-5 years.

What i wish: I wish I could go away for 8 weeks instead of having to stay home and deal with the everyday.

What else i wish: I owned a house with property and I didn't have to move again in 4 months.

What I am procrastinating about: A lot. Mailing out gifts, getting the old costumes up on Craigslist, cleaning out my stuff in the garage, bathing the dog... I may be as bad as the man I live with and he's pretty bad about this kind of stuff.

What i hate about my laptop: It's heavy. I think I want an iPad or another tablet. Or maybe I should just move someplace warm without electricity and live more simply. I admire you, jo, for not having a cellphone.

What I am starting to not care about: Whether I'm ready to move in February or not. It looks as though I'll be doing it again by myself. I wouldn't be moving at all if the landlord hadn't moved back to Colorado and wanted her house back.

What i also don't care about: keeping the laundry and the floors done. Okay, that's not really true but I get tired of doing the same work over and over.

Bad thing i did this week: I got a ticket two weeks ago coming back from SD. In WY and I know they make their money from people who don't pay attention to the speed limit. Anyway, I need an extra week to pay the fine ($73) and I only just started trying to call them about it. All I get is voicemail and I HATE leaving a message. They need to hire someone just to answer the phones since they write so many tickets. One would think that all they'd have to do is tap two more people a week to cover the phones. Hey, while proofing this I tried to call and got a live person. Didn't get the week extension but got a couple days and all I really needed was one day. Good, something else going my way.