Thursday, April 18, 2013

Fix your hair, you cruddy bitch!" (edited to add my new favorite commercial!)

Our office has a huge parking lot in front and yesterday i walked across it to drop some bills in the mail. At the stoplight right near our office a 20-something looking woman leaned way out of the passenger side of her car and yelled this at me VERY loudly.

"Fix your hair, you cruddy bitch!"

It WAS kind of windy and my hair had blown right in front of my face just before she yelled at me. But otherwise my hair style was not worse than normal. (Which is to say it's not great , but not bad enough for someone to yell at me.)

I didn't do a thing but look straight at her as I walked back across the parking lot to the office as the car drove off when the light turned green.

But I thought it was the funniest strange thing to happen to me in a long time. And it occured to me that the young woman might likely be mentally ill.

The only reason i base this on is her use of the word 'cruddy'. Most normal people would say 'fucking bitch', not 'cruddy bitch'.

That same night was my bowling night and i told the story. And one of our bowling buddies who i just love is a defense attorney with his own practice (very laid back and informal and cool, sort of not how you think a defense attorney would be) He listened closely to me as i told this story and then he leaned in to me and said,  "I have just three questions."

#1. Were you offended?  (My answer was no because i really wasn't. It did not even occur to me to flip her off.)
#2. Do you think she might have been mentally ill? (YES, i replied.)
#3. Just what DID your hair look like?


Does anyone else have a similar strange story about a stranger who did something to you?


jojo cucina cucina said...

i know the K-Mart commercial has nothing to do with my story about being a cruddy bitch, but i just had to add it because i hate putting up a blog post without a photo or some kind of link. And i just saw this today.

It rained soooo hard today and if you live in Western Washington and are seen carrying an umbrella you are likely either #1. a tourist #2 from EASTERN Washington #3 a nerd or #4 one of those old timey type of women who get their hair done on a regular basis and would never ever ride in a convertible for fear of messing it up.

So i'm walking about three blocks in the pouring rain and i'm almost there and i am holding my raincoat over my head and this woman is approaching me with an umbrella, and she smiles and says to me, "Do you want this umbrella because i have a hood on my coat". And she is holding out the umbrella. And i thank her, "You are so nice to offer that! But i'm almost there. But thank you!"

Anyway, i thought that was pretty cool of her.

And come to think of it she didn't even have an accent. So maybe i have to revise my list above because she didn't look like the prissy type who would never like to ride in a convertible.

But it is true. Most of us don't carry umbrellas.

So i like having a nice story to balance out my 'Cruddy Bitch' story. So i hope y'all have a Cruddy Bitch/Umbrella Giver story like mine to share. I like anything that restores my faith in humanity for sure.

jojo cucina cucina said...

For the record, i am not a baby. Cause i was starting to think myself what a big baby i am having problems with a cold or allergies. But after the second week of feeling like crap, dragging myself to work I went to the doctor yesterday and now i am on heavy duty antibiotics.

I had a bad sinus infection AND a crackle in my lungs that my doctor calls walking pneumonia. The problem with that it is not running pneumonia!!!!

No wonder i've had a terrible time this week running. I should be better by Monday and back to training. We only have four more weeks to go! The next two weeks are the hard training ones and after that we start tapering off to rest up for the big race. I am so glad i got something. I think i feel better already. Antibiotics are like magic!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I have been working on a project for my friend Julie's 50th birthday. Other than the most obvious words like music, family, friends, love, etc. i'm trying to come up with 50 good words and i got stuck on 35 words. So i'm going to go pour a glass of wine (yes 'wine' is one of the words) and see if i don't find 15 more in my head. I don't want to cheat by googling.

After that we're on the Disc 2 of Season 2 of The Walking Dead. OMG, we love this series! It's like 'Lost' only with Zombies replace The Others. I can't believe how hooked i got on this show.

Anonymous said...

I love Walking Dead too! I only started watching it because my then 18 year old son said, "Let's watch this together. I think you'll like it." And when a teenage son asks to do something with his mom, you say Yes, enthusiastically. Quite surprisingly, he was right, I love the drama, the resourcefulness, and the tenacity of the characters. You can't watch it without asking yourself, what would I do in a doomsday scenario? In my what-if, there are NO zombies, however. As you discover in subsequent episodes, they have more to fear from the living than the dead.
With W.D. done for the season, I eagerly await the return of my summer guilty pleasure, Falling Skies. Yet another opportunity for me to imagine myself survivor extraordinaire~~
fyi.. I have cruddy hair today, but I'm not a cruddy bitch -- if the perp isn't mentally ill, at the very least she is stuck in some junior high time warp 30-40 years ago, where kids use 'Gall' as an exclamation.

Swiss said...

I love the cruddy bitch comment. I just have a teenage phone call story-(prank call before caller ID)~ where she told me that my husbands T shirt was at her apartment. I went along with her (no legal husband at the time) I laughed and said "oh he is always leaving his undershirts at girls apartments- if you want to keep it so you can smell his cruddy (prob said horrid) BO go ahead."

louielouie said...

Have never been called a cruddy bitch. Have been called other kinds of bitch though; cruddy is a curious modifier.

I did have to write a letter for my boss to send last week in response to a letter he received complaining about me. He (I) answered their questions and apologized if louielouie didn’t provide the information or assistance needed, and encouraged them to let him know if they had additional concerns.

They did not call me a cruddy bitch, but I think they thought it. I also was not offended, but it did make me question my interactions with them. Had I been unhelpful or did I neglect to tell them something they needed to know? I don’t think so, but. . .

louielouie said...

somehow logged onto this blog through my work email. Now I'll probably be fired. Hope they can't figure out who I am

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hey Ano ymous...we finished the last episode of Season 2 ofWalking Dead last night. I can't wait for 3 to come on DVD. I wish there were more episodes in a season. Cable series are so short! Noe we are wayching the featurettes that show how they make all the gore and orchestrate the music. Pretty cool.

Swiss! Pretty quick comeback on the cheating non- husband ! hahaha.

Yeah...the story is not as funny without the word 'cruddy'. Louie i think i can delete your post if you are worried since you admit it on here but i don't think it is really necessary.

Amanda said...

Someone in a car once yelled "Good thing you're not fat and ugly, bitch!" and threw an apple at me when I was walking on a sidewalk. It was a very strange day. I didn't imagine I possessed the sort of ugly that inspired spontaneous outrage from passersby, but life is all about learning. I am the Elephant Woman, please feel free to throw your trash.

I always thought you had nice hair, Jo. Could it have been a disgruntled former hair stylist? I'm sure she's mentally ill (no normal person gets that angry about someone else's hair) but it feels like there might be more backstory.

P.S. I'm addicted to Walking Dead. It's the best show ever.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Amanda, i should have known YOU would love Walking Dead. We were so sad when we loaded up that last DVD from Season 2 only to find one episode on it. We thought we had at least 5 more! I love how the show makes you think about how YOU would behave under similar circumstances. Course i would hope i would be that blonde chick, Angela/ Andrea? I forget her name, but you know who i mean.

We keep comparing characters to Lost characters.. For starters:
Rick = Jack
Shane = Sawyer (or quite possible Locke)
Glen = Hurley
Rick's wife = Kate
Carl = Walt

I did wonder how much time had gone by and why Sofia's mom's hair hasn't grown even an inch. And why was her hair that way, did she have chemo earlier? I liked how Rick got more handsome once his hair wasn't so conservatively short. Plus he looks good in the short beard.

Yeah, the word 'cruddy' is funny, not to mention the hair intolerance. hahaha. I wonder about the motivation to yell like too. Especially in your case too. And throwing an apple????

I'm so happy for you BTW, getting engaged! Do you have a date set?

MaryAnn Mosso said...

Yesterday I went for a long walk and out of the blue a white pick up slowed down and was riding along slowly beside me. I look up and a woman was giving me the finger and saying something. The window was up so I couldnt hear) I sort of stared at her, just simply perplexed because I had never seen her before in my life, but kept walking. Then I could see in her eyes the instant that she realized I was not who she thought I was. She kind of jerked her hand back, looked in her rearview and punched the gas and took off. It was actually kind of funny! Figured, I probably deserved that in some other area in my life so she did the world a favor :)

MaryAnn Mosso said...

Oh...and "cruddy" I dont think I have ever used that word or heard anyone use it in my entire life!

jojo cucina cucina said...

Oh mistaken identity stories are usually good! But a flipping off one takes the cake. One time at a work meeting at headquarters where all of the union folks gather from across the state meet i made the mistake of thinking someone was someone else. I don't see these folks enough and in the bathroom the woman i thought was Jill was a newer hire and i said to her, "Oh you cut your hair. I really like it." ONLY it wasn't Jill, who has really long hair.

But to this day i look at these two women and think they look so much alike. But it was embarrassing.

I think it's time to change the blog and i have no idea. Maybe i'll go back to the Anti Self-Help book.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Anonymous/Sonya is my good friend (and technically my boss) from work! She's our elected union president of our Council. Sonya, you can keep posting Anon if you want and just sign your name at the bottom. OR you can create a Google account. The problem with blogger is you have to click OFF the box that is checked Keep Me Signed In so it accepts your account. Sometimes that's a hassle. Mac computers don't seem to have this problem.

We loved Walking Dead so much that we are going back and re-watching the first few episodes in Season 1 now that we know the characters more.

I am starting to have a mad crush on Rick. On the special features i was surprised to hear his British accent!