Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Stuff that is disappointing.

Don't say i didn't warn you when you log into
Menu of the Day:

In my glass: my new favorite wine. A roussanne from Writer's Block. Which seems so appropriate right now because i have no idea what i am going to add here and that means it will probably be a sucky post cause i haven't enough wine  to make it fun.

Yeah i know: It's only Wednesday and i am drinking wine. On a school night. (Like i never do that anyway.) But after dragging butt for the past two weeks with walking pneumonia (which only means that you feel like crap, but you still need to get your ass to work) i have some time to make up because i missed some weekend wine when i felt really draggy. Oh, and this wine is delicious.

Hmmm: You know that is a word i rarely use: delicious. It just sounds phony when i say it. Like if i were to say 'lovely' to describe something pretty, or 'darling' when talking to my husband. (Does ANYONE but 1950's actresses say 'darling' anymore?)

One thing i used to hate is a few years ago when people referred to EVERYONE as Dude, no matter what the gender. I like the word 'dude' and i use it too, but only when referring to men. It sounds so stupid when everyone is a dude and it reminds me of my military bratdom years and how the military always answered the phone as if a 'Sir' was calling.

Music: The Decemberists The King is Dead release. I really like this cd alot!

My newest find:
Click that link above to get there. Thanks to louielouie who told me about it from one of her most irreverent niece. Check it out in case you missed it on Facebook. This website got a Best New Blog from some Saveur cooking group that holds elections on cooking blogs. The subtitle of Thug Kitchen is "Eat Like You Give Fuck" ... So i have to put up the disclaimer that this blog is not for sissies. (But i don't think any followers here are sissies.) The f-word is used as liberally on this healthy cooking blog in the same way that Paula Deen uses butter in her recipes.

My darling husband already made those sweet potato tacos and they were....delicious! hahaha. Also they were lovely in the photograph that Brian put up on Facebook.

OK, that's enough of the Menu, let's get on with the disappointments. I know y'all have some too. So get your ass here and tell me yours so i don't always feel like i'm the only one with these issues.

hahaha... i think i'm going to start channeling Thug Kitchen dude and see if i can get voted Best Blog of Snark.


1. Congress. F*CKING Damn Senate and the gun control vote.  Can't they do at least something? Anything?  I thought maybe it would happen after the Newtown shootings. But you watch, there will be way way more laws and some restrictions as a result of the Boston Marathon bombings. We don't mind if our own people shoot us up, but we don't like it too much when they might come here from another country and especially if they are Muslim. As if being Muslim is the reason it happened. Ok, that's all i'm going to say on the politics of gun control.

2. Except this: I actually am not anti-gun. In fact, i often think i would like to own one and learn to use it. I'm not talking of course automatic weapon. I still like the idea of archery as i have for years now...yeah even before Hunger Games. I have to find that coupon for those lessons Brian got me for Christmas years ago. Now i want to learn how to use a crossbow after watching Darrel on The Walking Dead!

3. When i watch Walking Dead on TV i have to admit that shooting at scary zombies who move slow looks kind of fun.

4. Ok, but i digress. I get ...not disappointed much as irritated...when Americans get overly dramatic about tragedies in our country. How nice of folks to want to raise money to buy a new boat for the guy whose boat got shot up because the bomber was hiding in it. HELLOOOOOOO..... !  That Allstate actor black dude with second coolest voice in the world behind Morgan Freeman and the weirdo Progressive chick with the bumpit in her hair are already duking it out over which insurance company is going to cover his boat, even if he doesn't insure with them!  (I vote that the Progressive Chick wins.)

So this over-outpouring of wanting to help kind of makes me sick. Like the boat guy told the news: i lost a boat, some folks lost limbs. He didn't want the money. And he won't need it.

5. Americans are so ready to make heroes out of the smallest shit and at the same time tear down teachers and unions.

6. I am pretty fucking sure that i would call the cops too if i saw a bloody guy in my boat and so would you. So this does not make the guy a hero. The cops are the heroes.

7. I am disappointed that i am getting older. I actually was feeling sort of immortal there for awhile with all my running. I had this idea that i might be able to do a half-marathon each year until i am 60 years old. But i don't think it's going to happen. This has been a harder training this year. Everything hurts. Not terribly, but enough to remind me i'm no spring chicken.

I really liked being a spring chicken.

8. I have to wait MONTHS until Season 3 of The Walking Dead comes out. We just finished Season 2's DVD set this week and i can't stand having to wait until Netflix adds 3.

9. iTunes Recommendations for You. I haven't bought one of there recs for awhile now. Right now the only one they got right is Jackson Browne Hold Out. But i already own it. (Best song on there: Call it a Loan). And BTW...just why in the hell doesn't iTunes not know that i already have this in my library? Seems like they already know i'm older cause that's all the recommend, Carole King, James Taylor, Pink Floyd.... EVEN as i am playing The Decemberists as we speak.

10. I am disappointed that more of you don't come here and tell me what disappoints you!

Notes to Self: 
High Temp: 69 degrees. (it was a most beautiful day today!)
All time blog posts: 42,898
Yesterday views: 23
Longest Run this week: 1 hour 15 minutes (today)
Shout out: TxGrits. i miss you.


MaryAnn Mosso said...

In my glass: i don't have a glass in hand, but did just drink the milk right out of my bowl that was leftover from my lightly sweetened multi grain cheerios.

Yeah, I know: even at my age, I do things like drink from my bowl, but I wouldn't do it in public.

What I usually have in my glass lately: I've been on a Malbec kick lately. Mostly, because the last 3 times I've been out the Malbec on the wine list was the best choice on the By The Glass Menu

What I most likely will have in my glass: Mark West Pinot Noir. I favor Pinot Noir and my wallet this year favors wines under $10. You cringe, I know, but try it first. Actually, really do try it, I'd like to know if others think it is as good as I do or if it is just something I've mad myself believe.

Yeah I know, I know: It's too easy for me to go on and on about anything alcohol related

Newest Find: I know it's not new, but I wanted to see what they would pick out for me. eh....not impressed

Newest find that I can afford to visit: Jonnycake Center in Peacedale, RI. It is a thrift store that raises money for food pantry. I dont know who all the people are that donate there but definitely artsy, wealthy types. Ive found the coolest clothes and art that one would not find in a normal thrift store and get so many compliments on what Im wearing these days.

Congress: Made me sad and fired up to see how pissed off Obama was when he had to announce the Bill didnt pass. I did notice FB was a bit quieter frm the people that normally scream about gun rights....seems even they were thinking...oops

Cant talk about Patriots Day yet....

Tried to watch The Walking Dead. Gave it a 2 episode try. Nope not for me.

What's disappointing me these days in how inauthentic some people have become since finding a stage on FB. Really, if one is really a bad ass bitch then she doesnt need to post pics that say so. If he is really a comedian, than he doesnt have to post jokes all day long (that are not even his!) If they really are so damn happy, why are they taking a bath in positive affirmations every day?? I wish people would just be REAL...grrrrrrr

jojo cucina cucina said...

Mary! I love your last paragraph...and agree ! cleverly descriptive....taking a bath" hahaha.

I have't found a malbec i like yet. They seem too harsh ...i used to love pinots but they seem to light after getting turned on with shiraz or zinfandels..but maybe for summer. I will ask my wine guy and will check it out. I love finding wines under $10. Albertons has a fantastic red blend from Argentina that is on sale for $6.24. It is Bodega somethin something i forget the rest but it is amazing. They also sell a malbec and chardonnay.

jojo cucina cucina said...

My husband just made the latest chick pea/roasted broccoli burritos that is the most recent recipe of Thug Kitchen. He has made THREE recipes already from this site. I need to send The Thug a thank you card for inspiring Brian to cook. They were REALLY good.

MaryAnn Mosso said...

I am appreciating the fact that anyone gets inspired to cook by someone/something called Thug Kitchen :) Whatever it

Swiss said...

My kinda affirmation copy quotes are things I aspire to, I sometimes make sure to say that. I often feel like leaving FB though, it really gets on my nerves a lot...many things. You now see I can be a defensive person....I need to do what Jo Jo asked and write disappointments instead...I'll think on it.

jojo cucina cucina said...

hahaha.... disappointments are more fun sometimes, Swiss! Love seeing you here! I think i need to change this blog. I think i have an idea. Again it's about stuff i don't like. I don't know why, but i just get more inspired by the stuff that bugs me than the stuff i'm supposed to be thankful for! hahaha.

MaryAnn, since Thug Kitchen i haven't had to shop or cook as much lately. Not only that it's healthy food. The thing is i like eating healthy food, i just think it's rather boring to cook. My husband likes cooking healthy. I like making pastas and dirty rice and seafood dishes. Stuff that has wine in it. I don't love cooking broccoli. But i will eat it.