Friday, April 12, 2013

Menu of the Day...First Course: Antihistamine

Menu of the Day: 

First entree on the menu:  A double dosage of antihistamine. God i love trees, but i hate them this time of year. (I blame global warming!) I am posting under the influence of these drugs and i feel foggy. Not quite the same as posting after chardonnay, but i needed to change the blog.

iTunes: The new Ben Harper cd. I love this cd. He's playing with some white guy named Charlie Musselwhite.  Best song: Get Up! (The same as the title of the release.)

Confusion: What the hell are we supposed to call music these days anyway? They are no longer cds, they aren't albums. What are they anyway? I still call them cds or albums.

Earlier Attempt: I tried to start a blog post about louies and my Anti-Self Help Book. Chapter 2. How to Get People to Feel Sorry for You

What i learned: Writing an Anti-Self Help book is harder than it seems. I realize i just like coming up with the titles. I don't know what to come up with the content. Maybe it's the drugs, but i can't make this funny right now. I might try later. (It's saved in draft at least.)

What I am procrastinating about: Grocery shopping.... I have to make an hors d'voures (does anyone ever get the spelling of that correctly?) for a wine tasting tomorrow night and i have no idea what i'm doing.

Great Book: I am reading The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer and i can already tell this is going to be my very favorite book all year. It's spans four generations, (the very ones i have lived in from 1974 to current time, the characters are the same age.)

In one chapter one of the characters complains in a Christmas letter about e-book readers letting you know the percentage of the book read instead of the number of the pages.

And then the author of the Christmas letter writing character added a part that reminded me of what louielouie would say about that:  "And he thought this was 92% stupid".

I HATE that too about the e-readers!  Don't you just love when something annoys you and you read about how it annoys others too?

Why i mention this: I LOVE credence! I love it so much that i think i would have name one of my kids Credence....(assuming i got over my young years of naming them Harmony and Roman) And see? it doesn't matter if they are are girl or boy!  (I always loved that John Mellencamp named one of his daughters Justice.)

The Best Thing That Happened This Week: I can't think of anything. And in fact while thinking about this i took the time to format this blog piece, thinking something might occur. But nothing comes to me.  I'm leaving it here on the chance that y'all have some cool stuff to say about your week.

Redundancy: That was way too many versions of the word 'think' just now, (written above). Probably because i can't.

What surprised me about myself: I LOVE The Walking Dead series. I bought Season 1 & 2 for Brian for Christmas because he loves stuff like vampires and monsters and zombies. I did not expect that i would too get hooked on these characters in the show. It's similar to Lost actually, without the hidden messages. (Or maybe there are some and i just don't catch them, which would not be unusual because i am terrible with symbolism and metaphors and poetry. Just tell me what you mean already!) Anyway the zombies are sort of like the Others. I get why there is so much hype over this.

louieloue, why don't you take over? I'm not feeling it.

You're in Cannon Beach and have some time. I'm sure you are checking in even on vacation. Because after all My Blog is a Wonderland.... lol...i think i thought of that because Kylee was telling me how excited she was to see John Mayer. (I don't like him so much myself because i think he is an asshole at heart. (I, of course, know this because i have a Rolling Stone subscription.)

I just read that above and feel like i must be high. So i'm signing off.

 I think i'll go and post on Facebook about how crappy i feel which is How To Get PeopleTo Feel Sorry for You.


jojo cucina cucina said...

Does anyone have a good recipe for bacon wrapped tator tots? I know this sounds funny, but i went to a wedding recently and this was one of the appetizers (i am not going to try and spell that "h'd" word again when an easier one will do!) and it was so good and easy to eat, plus room temperature was fine.

jojo cucina cucina said...

hors d'voeures
hors d'voures
hors d'voueres

fuck it. They all have squiggly lines. i know that sometimes i get this right. Just not today.

susieatl said...

I'm exhausted. Hiked for several hours around Emory. I signed up for it because I've lived in Atlanta for 19 year...I just realized how young I was when we moved here.

Anyway..I've never been to Emory. I'm such a homebody. I stick to where I work and where I live. And there is more to Atlanta than that.

I am reading a fictional acct of Zelda and F. Scott. I can't remember the name of it but so far it is fairly interesting. Not as good as the Paris Wife but I think that has more to do with Zelda being somewhat superficial--especially in her youth. I didn't realize she grew up with Tallulah Bankhead.

My great niece (my sister was married at 15) just went to a Represent Us rally in D. C. this weekend and while only 21 - she was a speaker! I emailed her to tell her that her Great, Great Grandmother lived in D.C. in 1918 and worked for the Red Cross. Grandma was a big old liberal and used to fight with my dad about Nixon. A lot of my views were grounded in what I learned from her..that we must have compassion and take care of helpless. Something my dad never believed in.

Did you see the chick on Maher Friday night? She was discussing wait staff and how little they make. She said Hermann Cain made a deal with congress while he was the President of the National Restaurant Association to not fight min. wage going up as long as the waiters and waitress min wage would never rise frm $2.10 an hour. What an evil man.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Hi susie! You've been doing lots of athletic stuff lately! I saw your Emory photos. I don't know what Emory is, but it looked like a nice hike....if i liked to hike.

I heard about that Zelda book but the reviews weren't great when i read them. I finished The Interestings yesterday. It's thick. But it's very good because it takes place from 1974 when they were teenagers (as i was) through their 50's (as i am). I liked all the references to Nixon, Gloria Steinem, Vietnam, LSD, AIDS, etc. that we lived through. I liked the characters. The writer does a good job with them. I have one of her other books, The Position, among the very tall stacks of books i never finished. I might have to give it a whirl again.

Anyway, i think you would like that book too. You and i both seem to read and like the same books. I loved Paris Wife!

I don't have HBO so i don't see Maher's show. Herman Cain should never have been taken seriously as a candidate. He and his 9-9-9... Turn that upside down and what do you get? LIke you said, an evil man.

I feel better today but i haven't run since Wednesday and that worries me some since that race is next month. I hope i can bounce back to it.

I've been watching the Boston Marathon bombing a good part of the day. Oh... i just don't know what to say. Sometimes i just wonder why God doesn't get fed up with all of us and just snaps His fingers. I can't help but hope that it's domestic terrorism as in the extremist Tim McVeigh kind of act. I had to finally turn it off. CNN's crawl says they are looking for a suspect wearing a black sweatshirt with a black backpack.....OMG really? THAT's the description? THAT is really helpful.

OK, i think i'm going to go turn on the Hallmark Channel now. It's about the only CHannel on TV without any violence at all. And i include the Cartoon Channel in that too.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Also do not read any online comments on the Boston Marathon bombings. It will make you ashamed of your fellow Americans. Disgusting comments...some of them.

jojo cucina cucina said...

I had to come back here and add this: However, when you think about all of those people who ran to help putting their own lives in danger you are reminded that there are true heroes and to forget about the cowards who spew their shit in anonyminity (sp?) online.

MaryAnn Mosso said...

Just wanted to let you know Im reading :) The last 4 weeks have been so crazy with being sick for that week, followed by Easter, followed by my fathers death, and then the events on Patriots Day...Im so backed up I dont even know what Im supposed to be doing anymore! So for now this is for entertainment rather than participating. Hope thats ok!

oh. but I do need to add that there is something inherently wrong with bacon wrapped tator tots and you should not even be considering making them.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Mary, i am sorry to hear about your bad week, especially your dad dying. Are you okay?

I'm going to come back i think and change this blog. I'm cooking but i'll think of something cause i'm pouring a glass of roussanne. Not feeling great this week and i think i need some Vitamin W.

I don't want to talk about Boston either. I'll think of something. OH, i just did.