Monday, April 29, 2013

You won't see me doing this...

You will never see one of these on jojo's car
... reading books by these authors: 
1. Nicholas Sparks
2. Dean Koontz
3. The Shack writer

... watching movies that stars these actors: 
1. Nicholas Cage
2. Nicole Kidman (though i like some of hers - i could put Diane Keaton here too. I used to love her back in the Annie Hall times. Now she just seems neurotic to me. and i don't like neurotic.)
3. Chuck Norris

(funny, i have three Nicks in the above)

... eating these foods:
1. canned beets
2. ham, the kind my mom used to make with the canned pineapple slices and where the meat looked fleshy, like human skin
3. any casserole with cream of mushroom soup

...getting into these conversations:
1. The death penalty
2. Abortion
3. Militant Breast feeding rights

...listening to music by this artist:
1. Taylor Swift
2. Justin Bieber
3. Michael Buble'

...saying these words:
1. I am so sure that you give 110% on the job!
2. No thank you, I don't want another glass of wine.
3. I don't blame you for not voting! 

...wearing this:
1. ski gear
2. a fanny pack
3. Mom jeans

...putting this on my car: 
1. One of those Christian fish symbols
2. a decal memorial to my loved ones in the rear window
3. a "Support Our Troops" ribbon (I want one that says "I Support Some of Our Troops"

...watching this TV show: 
1. Real Housewives
2. Donald Trump's show (i forget the name - The Apprentice?)
3. Dancing with the Stars

...decorating my house with these: 
1. photo collages
2. dried flowers
3. oak furniture

Lists like these are fun, so come on and add your own! OR make up your own things you won't do so we can add to them!

Notes to Self:                                                                                                 
All time blog posts: 43,073
Yesterday views: 46
Longest run this week: 1 hour, 45 minutes on Saturday
Weather forecast: It's going to be amazing!
Shout out: Amanda!

  • Thursday: 73 degrees, sunnny
  • Friday: 70
  • Saturday 77
  • Sunday: 74
  • Monday: 75

We rarely get these kind of temperature in a row in the summer!


jojo cucina cucina said...

Swiss and MaryAnn, i responded to you on the last post. MaryAnn i know you will want to give me shit about the fanny pack because you told me you DO wear them and i saw where y'all were talking about your fanny pack on Facebook. hahahaha.

louielouie said...

My try at "you won't catch me. . ."

... watching movies that stars these actors:
1. Woody Allen
2. Angelina Joile
3. Big Momma – I know it’s a role, not an actor, but didn’t want to rule out all Eddie Murphy flicks

... eating/drinking these foods:
1. spam
2. Gew├╝rztraminer
3. Oo right now I can’t think of anything else I won’t eat.

...getting into these conversations:
1. Unions
2. Home schooling
3. Military Readiness

...saying these words:
1. I’d rather not offer an opinion on that
2. May I keep your baby for the weekend?
3. Or even, may I hold your baby?

...wearing this:
1. a jump suit
2. stilettos
3. body shapers

...putting this on my car:
1. Most any bumper sticker, specifically, “my child is a. . .”
2. a decal memorial to my loved ones in the rear window
3. little decals of my family, including the pets

...decorating my house with these:
1. Hummel or Precious Moments figurines
2. Framed Poetry

jojo cucina cucina said...

Good ones louie! How about that peeing cartoon kid too? I really hate those. They are not in style anymore but i used to HATE those Baby on Board stickers too. I have blogged about this before. THAT sticker should read Single Mother on Board where appropriate.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Monday, April 29, 2013

You won't see me doing this...

... reading books by these authors: (Ditto)
1. Nicholas Sparks
2. Dean Koontz
3. The Shack writer

... watching movies that stars these actors:
1. Tom Cruise
2. Russell Crowe
3. Chuck Norris ( he graduated from the same high school I did, but a few years earlier

... eating these foods:
1. lima beans
2. lamb or mutton or goat
3. what ever my husband concocts for his low carb diet. I can't abide the smell of coconut oil.

...getting into these conversations:
1. The death penalty
2. Abortion
3. 2nd Amendment Rights

...listening to music by this artist:
1. Taylor Swift ✔
2. Justin Bieber ✔
3. One Direction '

...saying these words:
1.Why sure we can leave an hour before the flight leaves, even if you have to check luggage.
2. Sure the gas light is on, but I'm sure you can get to work on it.
3. I don't blame you for not voting!

...wearing this:
1. short shorts
2. coordinated socks and shirt
3.high heels

...putting this on my car:
1. One of those stupid family trees in the back window
2. a darwin fish (though I'd like to)
3. LED lights around my license plate

...watching this TV show:
1. Real Housewives=== any of them
2. Donald Trump's show === anything with Trump's butt face on it
3. Any reality show on MTV

...decorating my house with these:
1. I will never move into a house again that has a grey slate massive fireplace wall.
2. Cutsey embroidered pillows
3. more Ikea than I need

jojo cucina cucina said...

amulbunny... i LOVE your list! hahahaha.

I laughed out loud at your last one: More Ikea than I need! with the decorating one.
LED lights around my license plate!

I might disagree with you i think on Russell Crowe. I loved him too much in Beautiful Mind and Cinderella Man. But you are so right on with Tom Cruise. I can't believe i forgot about him. The only movie i liked with him recently was the Ben Stiller one where you didn't know it was him at all because he was bald. What the hell name was that movie anyway?

MaryAnn Mosso said...

You wont catch me

reading books by these authors:
~Danielle Steel
~The Harry Potter Lady
~any criminal of a heinous crime (ie: Casey Anthony)

Watching movies with these people in them:
~Kristen Stewert
~Tom Cruise
~Steven Seagall

Listening to music by:
~Jimmy Buffett
~Led Zepplin
~Michael Buble

~sneakers with jeans
~anything yellow (does this color look good on ANYONE??)

Eating: (this is hard because I eat everything)
~hard shell tacos
~anything with curry in it

~Can I babysit?
~I'm going skydiving (I wonder how many people who claim this is on their bucket list actually really want to be catapulting towards the earth at death defying speeds or if they just say it to be cool)
~what a cute ferret (really? this is a pet because?)

Catch me watching:
~anything with people from New Jersey
~anything with zombies

conversing about (this is hard too because lord knows I love to talk)
~sports with men (they assume because I am a woman I dont know as much as they do and treat me as such, when in fact Im usually more knowledgeble. Infuriates them and aggravates me)
~people's operations or surgeries

having a tattoo of a
~tramp stamp

posting on FB
~anything to do with Pinterest
~a relationship status
~a "check in"

decorating my house with
~anything ikea
~fake flowers
~any sort of taxidermy

MaryAnn Mosso said...

JoJo I have given up giving anyone shit about the fanny pack! I am a woman on an island when it comes to those!

Louie saying we wouldnt catch her saying "I'd rather not offer an opinion on that" just made my day! bwahahahahah

Amy said...

Tropic Thunder!

jojo cucina cucina said...
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jojo cucina cucina said...

i called you Amanda by mistake even as i was looking at your photo! hahahaha. Thank you Amy! That's it. Tom Cruise was so funny in that role. I didn't realize it was him until halfway through the movie.

jojo cucina cucina said...

MaryAnn's yours are great! Especially sneakers with jeans! hahaha Seinfeld style. I would only do that if i were painting.

and most definitely no taxidermy with the decorating! hahaha.

yeah, i could steal louie's 'opinion' comment too.

Amanda said...

This cracks me up, Jo. I love it!

Reading books by these authors
• Basically just that Twilight lady. I'm not too picky otherwise, though I start a lot of books I don't finish.

Eating these foods
• Shellfish (the insects of the sea)
• Anything with curry or cumin
• Split pea soup
• Brussels sprouts

Getting into these conversations
• Anything political with my father
• Anything about diets or exercise with skinny people (they need to shut up)
• Whether tanning beds are healthier than baking in the sun

Listening to their music
• Taylor Swift
• That Doobie Brothers guy, Michael MacDonald...barfo
• Manheim Steamroller
• Kenny G and Michael Bolton (lumped those assbags together)
• Anyone on American Idol or The Voice

Watching their movies
• Mark Wahlberg (except I Heart Huckabees, which was awesome)
• Nicholas Cage (except Moonstruck, which was awesome)
• The Rock

Saying these words
• "Let's go dancing!"
• "Let's go see some community theater!"
• "Let's go shopping!"
• "I have accepted Jesus as my personal lord and savior."

• Tank tops or anything sleeveless (holy farmer tan)
• Dresses (my long torso means dresses never, ever fit)
• Crop tops

Watching on TV
• Anything Kardashian
• Anything Jersey
• Anything Housewives
• Hunting shows
• Fox news

Decorating my home with
• Dream catchers
• Stencils, especially grapevines or ivy
• Pink

jojo cucina cucina said...

Dammit i lost my whole post in response to you Amanda! ALL of your music picks are mine too!!!!! How could i forget those guys?

I think i am going to start giving a shout out prize to the best responses of all these types of questions. I have to say my favorite answer to all of these....and there are some really good ones...but my favorite is the answer to 'never catch me saying these words' and the award goes to


For her response "I have accepted Jesus as my personal lord and savior."

Disclaimer: I am not an atheist at all, but i really really do not like talking to Born-Agains. I once lived with one a long time ago. It was only 3 months but it felt like i was in Hell for years.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Runner Up is to the same - you won't catch me saying:

"what a cute ferret" by MaryAnn....

No disclaimer: i can't stand ferrets!

susieatl said...

I just watched Silver Linings Playbook and I was so disappointed. In the book (which was not great but better than the movie) Kenny G sets him off on rages. When he is delusional, Kenny G appears playing his clarinet. And they changed that in the movie..arrggg..I totally get it.. Kenny G would make me irrationally angry as well.

reading books by these authors:
1. Danielle Steel
2. Nicholas Sparks
3. Bill O'Reilly

... watching movies that stars these actors:
1. Sly Stallone (I watched Rocky and couldn't understand a word he said)
2. Arnold
3. Chuck Norris

... eating these foods:
1. Canned cranberry sauce
2. Beans of any kind except green..I love green beans.
3. chili

...getting into these conversations:
1. I will talk about anything even if I shouldn't.

...listening to music by this artist:
1. Kenny G. (see above)
2. Most heavy metal
3. Most rap...except Pitbull which without him I could not be able to do Zumba...

...saying these words:
1. GWB was a good president (Furline might but I won't)
2. Jesus is the reason for the season!

...wearing this:
1. a bathing suit around anyone I know
2. Heels over 4 inches (although I got some platforms this year..I might have to overcome this)
3. a tatoo

...putting this on my car:
1. Anything - I still regret putting a "Georgia Mom" on my window..I still can't get it off. I even took off my obama/biden sticker because I really hate all stickers/decals/etc..I don't even like personalized plates. I don't care who you like, support, just don't get in my way.

...watching this TV show:
1. all reality shows (except Top Chef and Chopped)
2. Fox News (I want to claw my eyes out at the tire place cause they play it nonstop)
3. 2.5 Men..stupid show

...decorating my house with these:
1. Lacquer furniture
2. Anything turquoise (big in Florida)
3. Country style motif (big in Missouri)

jojo cucina cucina said...

susieatl....i LOVE this:
...getting into these conversations:
1. I will talk about anything even if I shouldn't.

Yeah, i know about the Kenny G. I figured that Kenny G gets that it's an ironic joke in the book about his horrible music and wouldn't allow his music to be used.

Re: Fox news. My youngest brother Troy called me Friday because he said he needed to vent.
He works for Northwest Housing Development which is cool in that they are like a Habitat for Humanity and they build houses for low income folks where the families have good credit and have to put in so many hours a week to help. He's the construction manager. Since the market slowed down they started going into rehab homes instead for now.

Apparently on Friday he was putting in a floor for a couple who had Fox News on ALL DAY LONG really loud and he said not only that they were the kind of assholes who shout at the TV and they did that alot ranting against Obama. On his way home he called me, it was a beautiful rare sunny day and he said this couple just ruined his day. I asked him if he ever said anything and he said no he just kept his head down and worked.

This couple doesn't get that it's Obama who is provided the funding for this assistance. And it's the Republicans who are likely to take it away. I wish Troy could have shown him the photo on his Facebook page where he is holding a giant million dollar check signed by Obama.

I think my torture under those circumstances would be keeping my mouth shut. Anyway i cracked up that he called me to vent. But that's likely because my other brother is a Republican, though he is moderate (and voted Obama last election) and doesn't watch Fox News.

Today my covered patio thermometer says 88 degrees! We cannot believe this weather.

I ran 10 miles this morning with my young girl Katie. We started at 10: 15 and it was 81 when we got back 1 hour 44 minutes later. I LOVE this!

susieatl, what have you been reading lately? I'll probably bring this up again in my next blog post, but i went back to " Life of Pi" and LOVED it. I just had to get to the part when the boat sank. I rarely give a book 100 pages but i was glad i did. Course i do love a good survival story!

jojo cucina cucina said...

OK, coming tomorrow a new post. I have an idea written down somewhere. I hope i can find it.

jojo cucina cucina said...

i really hated my job today, dealing with irrational disgruntled teachers and i realize how much i need to get away from this district. I kept my cool but it took a toll and now i'm in too bad of a bad mood and so i'm not going to change this just yet.

louielouie said...

I predict changing it will improve your mood

louielouie said...

I'm counting on a shower to improve mine.

jojo cucina cucina said...

Youre right! I changed it without even thinking about menytioning them again as i was randomly writing.