Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Owe Life of Pi to Pho... & Other Random Stuff

edited because i found a photo i like better!
1. If i were only 25 years old....I would be totally in love with this guy. (Don't you believe too that he is a really good guy in real life?) I finally saw Silver Linings Playbook and i loved Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence so much in the movie. I didn't even mind that they changed the movie from the book. (I don't think the author did either.)  Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence would replace my young crushes of Al Pacino (as Serpico) and Ali MacGraw (Love Story).

2. I finally finished Life of Pi. Almost didn't. But here's what happened: I think it was about 100 pages in....and it still wasn't grabbing me so i put it in my car to give back to louielouie. And one day i went to get some take-out Pho for lunch and i had no other book to read while waiting except for Life of Pi. And it just so happened while waiting for my order i got to the part where the ship sinks. And that is when i got interested. I loved this book!

3. Loving Life of Pi goes along with what i have mentioned here before on the blog. So often it's the book i keep picking up and putting down over and over again that ends up being on my Top List. This happened with Cutting for Stone, The Art of Fielding, A Prayer for Owen Meaney, and many others that i forget titles too.

4. If you haven't ever heard John Butler Trio, you should check out Betterman but listen to the version from their Three album. I saw these guys in concert with Julie, (jj here) and it was the best concert i've ever been to. (They just came on my iTunes which made me post this.)

5. I don't care about the story of Amanda Knox. I saw that CNN interview in part and first off who is that asshole interviewing her? What a jackfuck he was. But she wasn't cool either. If a legitimate writer publishes a book about her story i will read it. But it has to be by someone like Vincent Bugliosi. (I don't think Anne Rule is as good as she used to be.)

6. The story about the 3 kidnapped women for a decade is amazing however. And i do care more about that story. I hope the media doesn't make those poor women and child's lives miserable.  I haven't watched anything today about it so i don't know if there is something new. I sort of hope this doesn't hang in the news too long even as the story is compelling.

7.  It's Mother's Day Sunday. I'm hosting at my house. I hate Mother's Day for its obligatory-ness. My mom always feels so entitled to something big. Brian's mother, who is much sweeter does not. I would rather do for her. But at least my brothers and Kylee and Ashley will be here so i am looking forward to it.

8. One reason being that it motivated me to get my patio cleaned and plants hanging and my windows washed and just all around spring cleaning. Not that anyone in my family cares since they are used to my mom's hoarder-like home.

9. Anyway, aside from how much i hate Mother's Day, i want to wish all of you here who are mothers because i think you took on the bravest job in the world. And i am happy to know that there are good folks out there like you procreating.


MaryAnn Mosso said...

1. If I were 25 years old I would totally be in love with Ryan Gosling. I've crushed on him for about 10 years now, if I was 25 I'd have a Not such a huge fan of Bradley Cooper. Love his acting skills but have seen too many interviews where he comes off douchebagish. And then the oscars or emmys or whatever it was this year came along and he and his mother were interviewed on the red carpet. BOTH of them came across like assholes. Just sayin...

2. John Butler Trio...will grudgingly admit these guys sound good. Just went to check them out on Youtube as I had never heard of them. Initially, I didnt want to like them. Not sure when it became cool to love bands with the purposely unkempt look and mismatched clothes and funky eyeglasses trying to be bohemian thing but Im kinda all set with it. Still, these guys are good and the end of the second song I played is on right now as I type.

3. Amanda Knox...sigh...dont care...blah

4. The 3 women that were rescued is such an awesome story. Nver ever give up hope people!! And how about Charles Ramsey! LOVE him! The most real thing on television, IMO! I want to have a beer and a Big Mac with him and I dont even eat McDs!

5. Mother's Day. I'll be working the diner in the am and bartending in the pm. My son is in Los Angeles so the day means nothing to me but dollar signs.

6. Life of Pi: I have no interest at all in reading this. Dont know what it's about. Saw some trailer for the movie and there was a canoe, a tiger and other weird stuff, can totally see myself not being able to get into it.

7. I should be doing homework but Im not. Started and stopped about 6 times this afternoon. How do peole get their entire degree online?? This is one damn class!! Thankfully, my other class is in person and only 6 of us in it. I cant exactly show up with homework not done without everyone looking at me like Im a loser. Sigh, going to take another stab at it when Im done procrastinating here.

8. Heading to the library this week. Think Im going to get myself a fluffy read and plan a do nothing beach day. Planning it and actually doing it are 2 different things, tho. pretty sure I'll manage to find something that HAS to be done instead of going to the beach!

9. Got a fishing pole today from someone's junk sale. Has the line and hook already on it. It's ready to go. got it home and realized I probably wont ever use it. But hey, for $4 how could I NOT buy it?

10. A man almost died Tuesday. Death penalty case. He won a reprieve. Made me miss Hot Topics, (even though I generally stayed away from hated that there was no where "to go" to talk about it

louielouie said...

1. If I were 25 . . . who knows, I can barely remember being 25, had been married for 5 years; don’t know who I had a crush on them. My daughter is 25; my daughter in-law (heehee) is 26. The world is their oyster, but I’m not sure they know it. I’m glad I’m not 25 again.

2. I couldn’t finish the Life of Pi. Went to the move when I was about 5 chapters into it. Move was OK, never went back to the book.

5. Amanda Knox: haven’t watched the recent stuff. My daughter was in Italy around that same time. Glad she had enough sense to stay out of that kind of trouble. Don’t know about Amanda’s guilt or innocence. Do know we take our justice system for granted AND someone killed that girl. Just sayin’.

6. Cannot even fathom the kidnap story. Those women were GIRLS when they were taken, the grief and worry must have been overwhelming for the families, not to mention what they went through. I do not understand that kind of depravity.

7. Mothers’ Day – going to the ballgame on Saturday to celebrate then will have a simple bbq with my mom, husband and daughter on Sunday. Next weekend is my mom’s birthday so will do the whole family thing then. Love my family but once a month is enough.

8. Spring Cleaning – love the concept- hate the actual work.

9. Being a mother is the best thing I have ever done. I was/am a better mother than I was/am wife, daughter, employee. . . . Made plenty of mistakes but my kids are fantastic and I cannot imagine life without them.

jojo cucina cucina said...

It was a nice Mother's Day. I made Cooking Light's Seafood lasagne with fresh pasta and real crab and big shrimp. It has a sort of mushroom pate layer in it and it was so good! 12 people were at my tiny little condo. it was a loud, raucous Family Louvrak affair.

I can't believe our weather has been so great. We had three sunny and warm Fridays in a row! It's changing now, but i'm happy to have had so many unseasonable days. It even got in the 80's!

Notes to self .....I have only 3 more easy runs before my race this Sunday. I hope it goes well. I've certainly trained for it. I've done more this year than last year and ran about 6 extra long runs (Long runs = over 6 miles) according to my spreadsheet.

Yes! hahaha.....i do have a spreadsheet. And it's been great for reminding me how to do this and how bad some days are and to not freak out.

My young 18 year old running partner has not trained nearly as hard so we will be running our own race on Sunday, though she could still potentially beat me since she is young. she hasn't been able to keep up on our long training runs and i do not want to double back for her when she walks because i can't get re-started if i walk without my muscles seizing up.

I'm going for 2 hours this time. Last year i didn't know about the hills and never trained for them. This year i did. So i could potentially do it. We'll see. Either way, it was a good winter goal for me. Put all that bad habit gray day carbo eating to good.

I will be glad when this is over. If for no other reason than not having to be so aware of hydrating! I have to MAKE myself drink water. I don't like it.

MaryAnn, does your fishing pole (hahaha, if you are a flyfisher, you MUST refer to them as a 'rod' or else someone will correct you!) ...anyway, does you pole have a reel? is it a flyrod?

louie, you ARE indeed a good mom. Maybe it is the best thing you've done, though i would still believe that you are a good daughter too. Much better than i am. Though I am probably the best non-mom aunt i know.