Monday, December 28, 2009

Crawfish Woman & Some Chaotic Family Christmas Photos.


Video: thanks to my husband, we have the soon to be famous Crawfish Woman song on YouTube now. That is my brother Scott on vocals (who made up the words as he was singing) my nephew Brian, (who cracks me up because he is so serious throughout the song while we're all busting up) and my mom is dancing showing her signature sultry moves (with a full glass of wine that i can't believe she didn't spill) and Ashley stars in it too on the sidelines. I shot this video, believe it or not, with my Nikon D90 camera (on Christmas Eve).

In my glass: nothing, because there is no glass.

What I'm wearing: my new Nike sweatpants.

Reading: Dangerously Funny, the new book about the Smothers Brothers show. I LOVE this book. And i want to marry Tom Smothers he really stood up for what he believed. I had no idea how ahead of their time Tom Smothers was. We lived in Japan for most of their three seasons so I missed much of the show as a kid. I also finished the fourth Louise Penny mystery today.

Presents: I received great presents, one of them is a new Netbook computer from my husband, which i am going to love. I don't have to return anything!

iTunes: i just got another iTunes card in time since i only have five cents left which i was just reminded about when i tried to buy Donovan's Atlantis song. (Do any of y'all remember that song?) i got the idea of wanting it from the Smothers Brothers book i'm reading. My last iTunes purchase was Behind Blue Eyes by The Who, another great old song. (I guess i'm on a retro kick right now. )

Quote: "Reading good books ruin you for enjoying bad books". Isola to Juliet in The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society.

Photos: Until I can come up with another idea for a blog post here are a few photos from Christmas Eve. The real blurry one is my dad which i thought was kind of artsy. Also Ashley (Modern Hippie's sister) appears wearing her Dad's Ugly Christmas sweater that she and Kylee/Hippie made for him.

Also appearing, are my mom, and in these following shots, Scott and Troy (my brothers) and Troy's son, Brian. They are laughing because they were microwaving beer, insisting it tasted pretty good. Yep, some families serve eggnog or mulled wine, but not us.

This photo cracks me up because they stopped posing but i took one more shot as they both looked away from each other.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve Eve musings. And Mandolin Cafe photos

on the iPod: John Butler Trio (but i can't think of the song title and i am too lazy to walk the 32 steps into the other room to look.)
Book: At Barnes and Noble today i picked up the paperback Up in the Air which is a recent movie starring George Clooney. The book is pretty good so far!
Photos: I took these at The Mandolin Cafe, which is a hip, urban bohemian coffee/wine bar. Ms. hippie/kylee, Brian and i went there Sunday night for open mic, which is so fun. Included is a photo of Kylee/ms hippie wearing my glasses (I love this photo of her).
Christmas Moment: See the photo of the dad in the Santa hat and the little girl playing violin? that's the Christmas moment. They played an instrumental Christmas song (Kylee, maybe you remember which one because i don't) and the father was so proud beaming at his daugher, who was only 9 years old. they got the most applause of the night and i went over to tell her what a good job she did.
Mandolin Cafe Music: the best band is actually professional and they do this for exposure. They are a funky band out of California called Champagne Sunday. They travel from gig to gig in an RV (and i think they live in it too). They are amazing! The lead blonde woman (see photo playing guitar) has the most amazing jazz voice. They play all kinds of music and have their own cds and this is really their job. Their version of Ray LaMontagne's Jolene nearly brought me to tears. their lead guitarist just played the piano and she sang. It was amazing. The guy in the yellow shirt is an exchange student from Ecuador named Juan. In Spanish he sang a beautiful song in a beautiful voice. when i showed him the photos (I had a couple) his host dad asked me to email them because he was upset that he hadn't thought to bring his own camera. So i did. He was so thankful. He is only 19. and was so nervous. He also got lots of applause.

1. I wish i had musical talent. But i already know that i don't want to take the time to learn. (I would love to know how to play guitar.)

2. I can't help but feel some musical talent has to be in your DNA at birth. i already know that the Louvraks (my maiden name) don't have that DNA.

3. I don't mind trying to learn everything i can about flyfishing, because i think flyfishing CAN be learned, you don't have to be born to it. It's not like they give out Grammys for flyfishing.

4. Though i wouldn't have minded one bit if Norman Maclean was my father.

5. You know what i really hate about Christmas commercials right now? (I believe i might have ranted about this on Gumbo years ago.) I HATE HATE HATE those BMW and Lexus commercials as if most people can afford to buy one of those for someone for Christmas. I do not want to know people who buy these kinds of gifts for Christmas. Even if they want to buy ME one!

6. So Ms hippie's older sister, Ashley, is stressed out about buying her new boyfriend a Christmas present and i can understand that. They both agreed earlier to not do that since it's a new relationship. But now he is getting ready to break the rules because he has been checking in with Kylee for what to get Ashley and hippie/Kylee told her. So she asks me for an idea what to get him. I jokingly write back, make him a CD mix. And here is Ashley's reply which totally cracked me up (written in caps just as she did: )

7. LOL.... I think Christmas can be pretty stressful on new relationships!

8. I just thought of something. Since he broke the rules, it might be pretty funny to get him back my making a joke cd mix but not letting him know right away that she meant it as a joke. She could include the Wind Beneath my Wings (my new funeral song) . Maybe we could even get louielouie to record it for us!

9. The problem would be she would have to pay 99 cents for them (unless we can commission louielouie). Maybe she could just buy one crappy song and repeat it over and over.

10. If y'all have ideas about a joke cd mix for Ashley for her boyfriend, let us know! I'll pass them on to her.

11. It's really a pretty ironic to love your friends but to approach your mailbox with dread during the holiday season that you are going to actually receive a Christmas card from them. Because then it means you are going to feel guilty for not returning the gesture. I am terrible about cards. Because for one thing, they take me too long because i have to write in them. Every season i buy a box of 8 cards and i usually have about 2 left over. And i hope the following year a couple of those folks don't notice that they got the same card twice in a row! consider yourself super honored if you got one from me. (But if you didn't, don't think that means i don't care about you.)

Merry Christmas everyone!
Thanks for making this blog fun. And to the rest of y'all who just read, please join in. (Make it your New Year's Resolution!)
  • Come visit and let me know of your ideas for a cheesy song for Ashley's new boyfriend's cd mix.
  • Tell us all what your latest Christmas Moment was.
  • And also i would like to know what your favorite Christmas carol is. (I already mentioned mine is o come o come emmanuel.
  • and anything else you want to talk about. Grammar? punctuation? show-offy new words that nobody else knows about?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Please come tell your best Christmas story. . . Here's mine.

Menu of the Day:

What' i've been doing: Making Italian Wedding Soup with about 80 homemade meatballs.

Song playing: Diamonds and Rust by Baez. This song slays me.

What else I've done today: took a nap. went for a run with Mrs. Modern Hippie, you know?...i think that's it.

Public Service Announcement: If you still get the newspaper delivered to your home, (and i hope you do) please remember to write a check for your carrier. the way i figure it, you tip a waitress more than $10 or more sometimes for an hour of service to deliver your food. A poor paper carrier is braving the weather, dark, cold, (depending on where you live) dogs, and maybe even muggers (also depending on where you live).
Re: Photos: the saddest photo to ever put in my tree is the one of my nephew Joshua, added this year. (My tradition is to put photos of lost loved ones in the tree. The good years are the ones when you never have to add a new one.) The other photos are my tree this year, (which looks like every year). The rest are just random photos of my house taken today.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Here is one of my favorite Christmas stories. (I have told this on Gumbo before, so it will be a repeat for some of you. )

I do love the little condo community where i live. We have made some very good friends, like Dorothy (who was like family to Brian and me and when she died two years ago we grieved like family and who also sadly adorns our tree with a photo) and other folks like Bob and Lois and Cas, who hang out with us at the pool, many who are older, as more older folks live here than not. I have some good friends. But there are some people who live here i don't like very well at all because of their attitudes towards others.

One of the NON-older folks who lived here named Kathy had rented a condo for about 20 years. And she had teenage kids who sometimes got in trouble for stupid stuff, like trying to swim in the pool during non-adult hours, that sort of thing. Plus Kathy dated African American guys occasionally. This bothered some of the more conservative folks who lived here. Plus the fact that she rented didn't help her status. I liked her just fine. She wasn't a friend. But i liked her. I didn't like her teen daughter so much, but i did like her son.

Anyway, one of the older women Betty, who lived in my building was very crafty and went around decorating our lampposts which are outside everyone's condo. She wrapped them with greenery and red ribbon. It was beautiful. And in addition to our building she always did the condo adjacent to ours too because she was friends with our friend Dorothy and some other neighbors.

Kathy's condo unit happened to be on the very end. And so Betty would decorate every single lamp post in our building and every single lamp post in the condo next to us, EXCEPT for Kathy's condo.
So when you drove in you would see these uniformly happy lampposts, except for the lone one on the end.

This bugged me. But it REALLY bugged my husband, so much he went to the store. He bought (as close as he could get it) the exact same greenery and ribbon. And he said he wanted to go out and decorate that lamppost for them. So one night, very close to Christmas, (it was nearly 1 o' clock in the morning, and very cold too!) he and i bundled up and went out and decorated Kathy's lamppost so that when they woke up the next morning it looked like the others.

We never told anyone. Not even Kathy. And not to Betty either. And since then Betty and Kathy have both moved away and no one has done any lamppost decorating for a few years. But i still think about that Christmas feeling i had decorating that lamppost.

OK, come tell us your feel good Christmas story. It doesn't have to be the BEST memory, just a good memory.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Photo: I took this photo on our T-Day Island trip but forgot to include it in my last post which is weird because it was one of my favorites. I think my favorite photos are ones that are simple and unencumbered. Feng shui.

OK, here's what i'm thinking:

1. Tiger Woods should send a thank you card to Amanda Knox.

2. Tiger should also be glad that he isn't a pro-bowler.

3. I am not sure if Amanda Knox is guilty or not because i've not kept up with the story in a big way (as i did in the OJ days), but if a book comes out i would likely read it and then make up my mind.

4. When did it happen that we were made to feel that we are WAY behind on Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. I remember a time when it was weird to hear Christmas carols on Dec. 1st or to put up a Christmas tree before Dec. 10th.

5. I want to be green. I really do, but have you seen those LED lights? They remind me of the terrible unflattering fluorescent lighting in grocery stores.

6. I have a thing against folks in our Evergreen State getting fake Christmas trees. We have the best Christmas trees in the world! Getting a fake tree, to me, is the same as having fake flowers in your house. I get shots and have terrible allergies to trees but i just take antihistamine because it's always been my thing....the Christmas tree.

7. My favorite Christmas Carol is o come o come emmanuel. My least favorite is either Jingle Bells or I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. (My favorite Christmas cd lately is Sarah McLachan's Wintersong. (I love how she does Joni's River.

8. Ok. let's talk about the four police officers who were killed in our state. These officers come from the town where we live. I didn't know them, but i do remember the woman officer driving around. and she was in some of our schools. This is a tragic shocking story. We were coming back from the island (where you never lock your doors) and on the ferry back Mrs. Modern Hippie (Kylee's mom) told me what happened. Lakewood isn't that big, about 65,000 people. It only became a city about 11 years ago. But we get so much bad press that I believe Brian's mom (who lives on the other side of the state) must think we risk our lives every time we venture out to the grocery store. (We even used to be featured on the TV show "Cops".)

We knew this would be national news when we heard it, but i was not thinking that someone as huge as Anderson Cooper would actually be doing the story. But he did. I feel bad for the Lakewood Police who lost their comrades. I feel bad for the families. I do. And every business in our town has some sort of message on their signs or windows. The support is absolutely amazing. The police station is piled with flowers and letters and cards and candles. People are putting blue lights in their windows.

But i wondered about this ....because we also live close to Fort Lewis where many of the soldiers are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan. They get a story in our News Tribune. Usually front page too. But the story is over in a day. There is nothing that comes close to the outpouring of support for our own soldiers as there is for these police officers. No listing of names on signs. No flags at half mast. So i'm thinking....if i were the mother of a soldier who died. How would i feel ?

9. And I can't help it, i was not sorry when i found out that a Seattle police officer killed the guy who did it.

10. Back to Amanda Knox for a minute... Why is this story so bigtime anyway? 'cause she's cute? 'cause sex is involved? Here is what is funny to me: Do you think that if Susan Boyle looked like Amanda Knox and sang just like Susan Boyle on that show, would she have been the YouTube sensation? AND if Amanda Knox looked like Susan Boyle, would the media care about the story of one American on trial for murder in Italy this much?

Ok, that's all i got. You don't have to post only about what i'm thinking. What are you thinking too that others might be thinking?