Friday, March 18, 2016

I'm Baaaack. And Old Fashioned Random Blog Posting.

Numbered of course!

1. Well, this is disconcerting. Back in the day when i would go to log into my blog i only needed to type the L (for Letmetellyouwhatithink) and it would go to my blog. Today when i started to type in my blog name it popped up 'Lamps Plus".

2. Best thing happening: Brian and i discovered Blue Apron meals a month ago and we love it so much i feel like it's changed our life! No more calling each other "whaddya want for dinner" ; "I dunno, maybe Pho?"; "Yeah, i don't want to go to the grocery store"; Now it's delivered to our door. I am going to do a post about this on Facebook because i want other people to know because i wish someone had told me sooner. The food is amazing. We cook it, but the quality of the ingredients is so good and the recipes are perfect for us. I did do a lot of research online before i chose them.

3. Best books I've read all year: A Man Called Ove. Now i'm reading his other book My Grandmother Told Me To Tell You She's Sorry. The other is Home is Burning by Dan Marshall, which is a memoir written by a young guy who dropped everything to go home and help take care of his dad who had ALS. I would like to be friends with Dan Marshall and recently clicked to follow him on Facebook. He's hilarious.

4. Oh for Fuck's sake.... I was so so so very wrong about this election! I said Bernie had no chance and wouldn't go far. I said no way would Trump be the nominee, that it would be between Mark Rubio and Jeb Bush, maybe even Chris Christie. I am going to the Democratic caucus this month and gathering with friends afterwards. I almost want to go in uncommitted because i want to see how the Bernie folks sell me.

5. I will be turning 59 years old pretty soon, but i wish i was turning 60 so i could just get it over with. When i turned 39 i told everyone i was turning 40 for the same reason. When the folks at the office where i work gave me a 40th bday party and i never told them i was only 39.

5. For me, turning 40 and 60 are very similar feeling birthdays.  Turning 40 makes you officially middle age, which isn't a good feeling when you are still feeling like you are 28. And turning 60 is BEYOND middle age. Nobody lives to 120. So yeah....60 is undeniably ....not youthful.

6. Holy shit. Just to make an example of how shitty it is to get old ... i just now went in to the kitchen to pour myself a glass of wine. And while doing so i thought of what to put up for #6 Random Thought. And in the 32 steps (since we live in a small condo) back to the computer room i forgot what i was going to say.

7. I do this running very often too. I think of lots of stuff while running. But since i am not running with a paper and pen i forget what they are when i get back. Brian says it happens to him often too and we laugh and talk about how we might get alzheimers at the same time and maybe it would be nice in our old age because we would feel like we are always just meeting each other again and that newborn fragile madness of falling in love could be fun when you are 80 years old.

8.  My favorite musical artist these days is a guy i've mentioned before on here. Jason Isbell is amazing. I bought his new cd and have to stop myself from overplaying it. I forget the title but my favorite song on there is How to Forget. Another artist i love right now is Andrew Duhon. His song Evelyn slays me. My favorite nephew Brian and his wife Adrienne (Brady's parents) are going to have a little girl this summer and it's fun coming up with girl names. I told him Clementine as a joke but he actually likes the name and on his phone he is keeping a list of girl names and Clementine is at the top of his list. I was totally joking. But then i told him Evelyn, because i do like that name - in part because i don't think it's trendy. So i told him to listen to the song by Andrew Duhon. It will be fun to see what they come up with.

9. I'm going to look for the YouTube of Evelyn by Andrew Duhon and call it a night. Hope i remember how to do that on blogger! It's been awhile.