Friday, January 31, 2014

Dear God, please let the Seahawks win.

Dear God.

I don't write you often asking for stuff, You know that. And i hope You didn't take me seriously when i prayed in the past for stupid stuff like being chosen for the News Tribune Guest Columnist or winning that Shun knife in the Thug Kitchen contest. I imagine the cuss words on Thug Kitchen's site might be kind of hard for you to ignore, (though i do need to point out that nowhere does TK use YOUR name in vain).

But this time I really mean it. I am asking for You to please forget for this week those American Idol contestants who pray to You so they can go to Hollywood and instead focus on The Super Bowl, which is this Sunday (just in case You didn't know).

(I am so relieved that the Super Bowl is happening BEFORE the Olympics because i know You will be SUPER busy with trying to answer all the prayers in the weeks coming.)

This is our second chance at winning and it will be heartbreaking to come this far and lose again. I am thinking that You, most of all, must love an underdog.  And while we have played like champions all season, Denver is scary! And Peyton Manning is so revered that it's almost like he's a saint already! And if You don't choose us over Denver I would appreciate knowing why You like Denver more. If it's because of the rain, it's not our fault, it's YOURS, right? (Not that I am complaining, i love it here!)

We do have some very religious guys on our team who really love You, especially our esteemed Quarterback, Russell Wilson. Plus he visits little sick kids in the hospital! And he quotes scripture on Facebook. (And it seems like y'all are buddies already.)

Russell Wilson is so hyper vigilant in his do-goodness that he's very close to being the kind of dude i can't stand. (Ironically he was the one who started me watching. But don't misunderstand me. I love the guy and wish i could marry one of my nieces off with him.)

Doug Baldwin also isn't shy about talking about You. (I'm not sure about Marshawn Lynch since he doesn't talk, but You know what's in his heart and I'm sure he has nothing but love for You and knows You are his real Boss.) I want to believe that You  must have a special affinity for Richard Sherman, (my favorite player),  who tells it like it is and is endearingly narcissistic.

Besides, admit it, don't You get bored sometimes with so many people talking about You all the time? (Only Richard Sherman would love that plus a few people i know in my real life who do not know about this blog.

So please God, if You could bless the Seahawks and let us win you would make so many people that i care about so happy. (I include myself in that group.) And while I don't promise that I will start going to church, i do promise that i will never ask for stupid stuff again ....(even though I am watching American Idol again this year.)

Love, jojo

P.S. You probably already know this, but my husband bought me that Shun knife for Christmas. So maybe You did answer my prayers?

Notes to Self:
Sunset: 5:10 pm
Sunrise: 7:36 am
Extra minutes of daylight since last post: 28 minutes!
Number of cat photos i hid on Facebook: 4
Longest run this week: 58 minutes
Book: Just finished Louise Penny's "Trick of the Light"

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

SuperBowl, Richard Sherman and Other Stuff

Hawks vs SF Playoffs with the Louvrak family at my brother's Rocfish bar

My niece Ashley in middle, her fiance Eddie and my brother Scott after the win

Richard Sherman

Photos:  The top two are taken from my brother Scott's house after the playoff game last Sunday with San Francisco. I loved football  in the 1970's and 1980's because i focused on the personalities of the players as well as the game. But this is my first year for Seahawks. My favorite player is Richard Sherman, not only because he's so good but because he is incredibly interesting. There is more to him than what is being played out in the media and i keep feeling like i want to defend him as if he were in my own family. 

I enjoy people who do not play it careful and are passionate to a fault. I get a kick out of confidence bordering on arrogance as long as the person backs it up with the real talent. And it doesn't hurt that Sherman was an honors student at Stanford (and second in his high school class). Also he is beautiful,  fluid and graceful on the field. He reminds me of Muhammed Ali who i used to love when i was in junior high and high school. 

1. Best Purchase:  iPad Air!  It is worth every penny - $668 total. I can now live blog the Academy Awards next month. I was going to wait but then decided that while i often spend money on the house, i don't on just myself.

2. Looking Forward to: SuperBowl of course. AND Bowling! 

3. Accomplishment: finally got my photos organized and off memory cards. i had 1274 on my Nikon D90; 300+ on my Coolpix. They are now in appropriate files, copied in two places on a Passport drive. I have to do better at getting them off earlier so it's not such a chore.

4.  Other Accomplishment: I felt like such a slug after the holidays and after all the bad eating and drinking i've been on a kick with No Weekday Wine and Brian's de-tox diet cooking. What i've discovered is that it's not difficult, except i  realize how often i would have poured a glass after getting home if not for my resolution. While not an addiction, it can easily become a habit for me. I used to do the same thing, looking for a snack the minute i came in the door. I'm doing this in January to retrain the habit. 

5. Addiction: HOWEVER, the one thing i actually seem to be addicted to is FRESCA. I didn't buy it for about a week but then broke down. I first told myself i wouldn't drink it at night, but i still do. I bought oranges to add to my water hoping that would satisfy. It didn't. 

5. Everything Good is Bad: I recently read on Facebook from louie's son Nick a list of  foods you should toss out of your frig:  mayo, butter, margarine, pickles, diet soda, yogurt, processed meats and cheeses. I have all of those things in the frig.  At least now i have kale, bok choy, broccoli, cauliflower too!

My new sofa with new Pottery Barn pillows

Notes to Self: 
Temp: 47/32 
Sunrise: 7:49 am
Sunset: 4:55 pm (This is 16 minutes MORE daylight since last week!)
Word Count: 498 words

Monday, January 13, 2014

Boring Blog Post.

i took this photo Friday of Brian before he headed out for his debut as a jazz drummer in his new band.

Best thing that happened: Our Seattle Seahawks won their playoff game against the Saints. It would be so surprising if they don't win the SuperBowl this year because they are so amazing that i have only missed watching two games all season.

Book: Still reading Goldfinch and The Reason I Jump. I've not been reading that much lately. 

Bitch of the Week: no secret for Facebookers. My Kindle Fire is busted after only 2 years. I've been all over Amazon about it with the help of some yaya friends.... to no avail. I know why i think: Though i shop often on Amazon for all kinds of things (I even bought an AllClad saute pan from Amazon) i didn't buy very many e-books. And so they don't make money from me since they were only breaking even when they sold those Kindle Fires. At least that's what i remember reading.  

Golden Globes: I watched last night and they were fairly boring. Though i rarely miss the Academy Awards i've never watched the Globes. If i were African American i would be pissed too. Everybody got passed up except for Steve McQueen's 12 Years a Slave. And when the actor's name's were called it seemed like a half mile trek to the stage unless you were Meryl Streep (who had a front row table.) None of the actors were as drunk as i wanted them to be, though i have to say Jacqueline Bisset probably woke up embarrassed this morning. Glad i didn't live blog them. But i DO plan on live blogging the Academy Awards here again. 

What i'm looking forward to: BOWLING! in a few more weeks. I think i want our names to be You Mad Bro? or the SuperBowlers -  in honor of the Seahawks. (Right now we're called Average White Bowlers.)

What i wouldn't mind doing, but i probably won't: Going to see the movie American Hustle.

My latest favorite Celebrity: Jimmy Fallon. I have NEVER liked Leno even before he screwed over Conan O'Brien. I'm looking forward to Fallon taking over. 

Excited about: Breaking Bad! We're on episode 7 of Season 1.  We love this show! 

Ambivalent: The State Legislative session (starts today);  going to the YMCA;  Facebook;  cooking (since my husband is doing his weird de-tox diet), and because of that diet, i will also add eating. And last but not least.... this blog. 

I wish it would: ....SNOW! It's been two years (over MLK weekend) since we had a good snow. 

I love: Flowers in winter! louie/Sarah bought these as a hostess gift for my game night party with the galpals. I am going to replace them immediately when these die. Tulips are my favorite. 

Notes to myself: 
Sunrise: 7:54 am
Sunset: 4:44 pm 
Longest run this week: 43 minutes
Word Count: 453

Friday, January 3, 2014

People Whose Asses I Would Kick and Other Random List Topics from 2013

These heart shaped rocks are on the windowsill at our favorite vacation spot on Vashon Island. Rita, the owner collects them.  

Looking back at 2013:          

Notable books read: Big Brother by Lionel Shriver and We are Water by Wally Lamb and Where'd You Go Bernadette? and Life of Pi

Funniest blog post i wrote this year: (i didn't have very many funny ones, but i do think this one is good... it's another religious theme, like my favorite from last year ...or the year before.) Click here for jo's funniest blog post 2013

Accomplishment: Half marathon for the second year in a row.  (I have no plans so far to run another this year. I'm lucky to still be able to run.) It was my 4th time and my best time running (I think): 1:58).  My other amazing feat for 2013 was that i actually cataloged every single recipe that i have saved over years and years into organized and tidy files. It took me 9 hours, but it was worth it.  When i go looking for my spring risotto recipe i can now find it in less than 2 minutes !

Favorite movies: Django Unchained, Silver Linings Playbook, Life of Pi

New Vacation Spot: Manzanita, Oregon! Can't wait to go back this summer.

Discoveries: Nick Waterhouse (Musician, similar sound to The Black Keys); Thug Kitchen click here for Thug Kitchen's website. Warning: language!

People Whose Asses I Would Kick if it Were Not a Crime: Miley Cyrus. And Christina Aguilar and many folks in Congress - (too many to name because i'm trying to keep this blog shorter!), and anyone driving those huge SUVs who try to turn left (when i want to turn right) on a busy street but take up both the lanes for turning left AND right.

Best Celebrities of 2013:  Jennifer Lawrence, Russell Wilson (Seahawks), Richard Sherman, Bradley Cooper.

Best Commercials: i LOVE commercials and think it would have been great to work for advertising agency. In the past years it was the E-Trade Baby. Then the All State Insurance Mayhem ads with Dean Winters. Now it's AT&T's "It's Not Complicated" ones with the little kids sitting around the the table answering the questions from the spokesman.

Best Purchase: It actually overlaps both 2013 and 2014 since it won't be completed until next week. But i think it's going to be my newly reupholstered sofa, which is being done in a dark cranberry-ish red.

Notes to Self:                                                            
Sunset: 4:32
Sunrise: 7:57 am
Temp: 54/40
Longest Run: 63 minutes
Word Count: 388

If anybody is reading, y'all should come and add your own lists for 2013!