Sunday, October 30, 2016

This is not going to be a political post.

OK, i lied. Just like a politician does. But not too many are reading here anyway so i can lie all i want on my own blog! Right? 

I bought this abstract Hillary Clinton shirt, so i don't get in any fights
I have to write something about this unprecedented, crazy, voodoo, zombie, Presidential election. I am almost 60 years old and have been voting faithfully in every election since Jimmy Carter (even in the primaries!)  but there will never be an election like this one. It is one for the history books. I envision someone writing a Broadway musical about this election. (The idea for song titles can be a whole different post though some of it might have to be rated R! )

I have always loved Presidential politics more than local politics - mainly because i was directed by work on what had to be done locally. But this election is getting too much...even for me.

Of course, i am voting for Hillary. I don't love Hillary like i did Obama. When Obama first ran i bought an Obama t-shirt at Cafe Press BEFORE he even announced he was running.  I once added up that i spent nearly $1000 contributing to his first campaign (aside from donations, including giving money for Kylee's admission to see him in person, t-shirts etc.)

With Hillary i only donated $50 and bought a $50 t-shirt with a Diane Von Furstenburg design that is so abstract you have to look really close to even notice it's a Hillary t-shirt. (I do not wish to get into it with anti-Hillary folks. ) This 2016 election might be the cheapest election for me since before Al Gore. I am also the laziest since then. I haven't done one thing to volunteer, even as i have lots more time than i used to (though i am working at my old job again until the election is over.)

People can say what they want about her but that woman is f*&king tougher than any man who ever ran for President in my lifetime. She's been attacked since 1992 and she is still standing. i like that quality in a President.  She deflects nasty ass shit pretty well.... instead of Tr#@mp who can't even stand one little criticism without needing vindication. Good Lord, can you imagine if Obama had done even one-tenth of the crap he has done? For starters ...the juvenile tweeting.

Any one of us under the same kind of scrutiny that Hillary has been under for 30 years would have cracked i believe.Which brings me to part of the reason i don't love about her. I am tired of the Clintons. I wish we had somebody new (like we did when Obama ran) though I don't know who that is. And i have to wonder what kind of person wants to be President soooo badly that they are willing to have themselves beat up every day for so long.

Having said that, I think she IS going to be a good president. I really do. What I am not ready for is the backlash when she wins. And i have no doubt that she is going to win and win YUUUUGE! And I am also not ready for her first four years in office with more Congress gridlock, probably worse than Obama years. I might be posting A LOT of music videos on Facebook to keep sane (which i have been doing in lieu of wanting to rant about the election, which is fruitless at this point.) 

We will be watching election night in the safety of our home. Yes i said 'safety'. Honestly the way things are going and what i read from Tr#%mp supporters on social media makes me more afraid of them (when he loses) than any terrorist.

11 Ways: 
 I Am More Afraid of  Tr*#p supporters Than i Am Of...

 1. Seeing a bear while fly fishing.
 2. Cougars too.
 3. Logging on to my bank account and finding someone cleaned it out.
 4. My mom coming to live with me.
 5. Hearing a knock on my door at 1:00 a.m.
 6. Having the phone ring at 3:00 a.m.
 7. Clowns coming out of the woods while I am out running alone.
 8. Losing my eyesight.
 9. Driving I-5 North.
10. My iPod breaking.
11. Having absolutely nothing to read.