Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Open for business.

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Closed for Repairs.

Until i can come up with an idea that is not redundant. 

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sort of a post summer rant.

Truth is i'm kind of sick of everything now that our Five Days of Summer in the Pacific Northwest are over. As i type it's pouring down rain and 61 degrees.

I read a really stupid crime book - it's so bad i am not even going to list the title or author. When when it was over i thought oh lord, i could write better than this. Why didn't i just stop reading it?

Inertia. It's not a good thing.

I was going to make spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight. For two reasons:
#1 I have to open a bottle of red wine because i use it in the sauce. And drink the leftover.
#2 Meatballs always make me happy. (They are probably in my top ten favorite food.)

However, like emptying the dishwasher, washing salad greens and folding clothes, while i might love eating meatballs, but i really don't like making them.

I went for a run today and was a whole minute and a half slower on my route than normal. (I think it was because Natalie Merchant and Cat Stevens showed up on my playlist.)

OH, i started watching The King's Speech last night but we put it on too late and we both started getting tired so we will watch the rest tonight. I can tell that this movie is really good and i didn't want to miss a thing. We are watching it with the English subtitles! I can barely understand the actors.

I'm still kind of pissed off about the murder of my hydrangea bush by this condo board. And i hate that stupid prickly bush they replaced it with. I don't like prickly plants. I don't really even like roses that much because of their thorns. The owner before me had many many rose bushes out front and i took them out because i don't know how to care for roses, nor do i care to learn. (They always attracted aphids anyway, which got into my fuschias.)

OK, i guess that's enough for now. I just wanted to change my previous post about songs because it was dumb and redundant.

See, something is wrong when i don't even number these!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

10 Songs that i never get sick of.

I know that it's only been a couple of days since my last post but i'm still behind with trying to have my goal of one new post a week for the year. So y'all can still go back and post to the previous Menu of the Day and i'll check back with it, but not much is happening here anyway, so i'll work towards that mission of 52 posts in 2011 :

I don't have iTunes hooked up to the new computer so i've been YouTubing music as i write online to hear music. And it's interesting to me who i feel like looking up when i can look up ANYONE. So i thought i would make a  list of the songs i never get sick of, (no matter how many times i've heard them.) 

Disclaimer: over the years i have loved some songs far more than these i have listed only i made the mistake of overplaying them to the point i almost can't listen to them anymore. (For example, Van Morrison would likely show up more often had I not done that.)

1. Friend of the Devil (by Lyle Lovett or Counting Crows especially)

2. California - Joni Mitchell

3. When the Stars Go Blue - Ryan Adams

4. Let it Ride - Ryan Adams (This is a favorite running song!)

5. Above the Bones - Mishka

6. The River - Bruce Springsteen 

7. My Sweet Carolina - Ryan Adams

8. After the Gold Rush - Neil Young

9. The River - Joni Mitchell 

10. Amelia - Joni Mitchell

What songs would YOU list?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Menu of the Day: No specials.

Today i'm going with only the menu...

 Menu of the Day:

In my glass: a rather boring Waterbrook Shiraz. I swear it's almost watery. Very thin. Doesn't even make my teeth purple. I am going to pour it back in the bottle and pour a glass of viognier instead. (Brian will drink it, he drinks anything.) The viognier will go better with the peanut butter sandwich that I am eating for dinner since Brian is not home.

Music: Shawn Mullins "Cabbagetown"

Reading: i just finished a Norwegian crime novel by Jo Nesbo called Redbreast and now i'm reading another Memento like book called Before I go to Sleep. Both are good!

How many books have a i read so far? Hmmm i think this is my 5th one now. I believe last summer i may have read 12. 

Best thing that happened today: It's my handsome nephew's 29th birthday (Troy's son Brian). I dropped off his present today at his dad's house. It's so fun to give him a present because he is always so appreciative and never expects anything. One of the presents was the book The Help because he wants to read it. (Like both of my brothers, my dad and me, he reads a lot.)

My new obsession: I have finally moved on from the Casey Anthony trial but now i'm watching the Tabatha Salon lady on Bravo. She's that tough looking Brit with the short blonde hair who goes in to salons that are failing because of their terrible employees and she whips them into shape. It's fascinating watching her work with arrogant lazy employees to make the company better. She's intimidating but soooo right. I LOVE Tabatha. Sarah/louie are you watching this? I could see you and Amanda thinking this is good stuff. Does anyone watch this?

What SHOULD be my obsession: Finding out what the fu*k is going on with the debt ceiling. 

What i plan to do in the near future: Get an unlisted phone number. I am quite sure because of past work in the Democratic party that the Jay Inslee people are the ones who keep trying to get ahold of me. Only they never leave a message or they simply say they are looking for Jo. It's either than or it could be the Planned Parenthood people. It's usually a Seattle area code or a 888 number. If you try to call me someday and the number is changed be sure to email me. I'll try and get the word out.  

What bugs me about this: i actually believe it's the Planned Parenthood people because they have my name as two names my old married name and new married name because that's what i did when i got married and continued to donate. But every time i send a check, they ask for another one almost immediately. 

What pissed me off this week: Bush murder: let me explain: I have a beautiful hydrangea bush outside my door. It usually blooms late September and the flowers are so huge. The bush in bloom gets pretty big and covers part of my pathway to the door. I can have flowers in my house from this bush for a month. They are a vibrant purple/blue. People commented often if they saw them in bloom. I prune this myself each year. This year i noticed it was not bouncing back and the leaves were coming in but slowly. I came home after running errands two days ago and went outside and the condo folks had taken it out and replaced it with a prickly short bush. I hate this new plant. I used to leave notes on this hydrangea: DO NOT CUT! when i knew they were pruning.  I was on this condo board for four years because i hated what they did. And i hate this new board too but i can't see myself running again right now because i will be fighting all the time with them. I decided to let this one go because i know there will be bigger battles later and i can't be spending my energy on a bush. 

Book Recommendation: The Girls (about conjoined twins) includes characters that you wish you were your family or friends. I miss those characters already. 

Product endorsement: Do i need to say it? ....the iMac desktop computer!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Jojo's Thoughts on the Casey Anthony Trial

1. First of all, they have to quit calling it Breaking News on the Headline News CNN channel. The words Breaking News mean the opposite to me. Just like Fox News Fair and Balanced means the opposite.

2. Nancy Grace needs to quit calling Casey Anthony 'Tot Mom'. It sounds so stupid. Plus i don't like the word 'tot' anyway. Just as i don't like the word 'hubby'.

3. I think i have never seen a female prosecutor with good hair. (Burdick is the prosecutor with the long blonde hair)... And remember of Marcia Clark.  (OJ trial)

4. Though i saw Marcia give her two cents on the trial and her hair looked a hell of a lot better. And i think she had some work done.

5. I did feel very sorry for Casey's mom Cindy. However i think if i were in Casey's shoes (but with my own personality) and she coveted my daughter the way that Cindy seemed to, i might have some mom issues too.

6. I don't believe that Casey was molested by her dad or there would be more to say on that story. Pathological liars tell huge lies with lots of details and elaboration for drama and i think that was what that was all about. Otherwise why would she subject her daughter to living in their home?

7.  I still wonder why the subject of Caylee's father never came up in a big way. That seems most weird to me.

8. I think it's funny how Casey wore baggy ruffly, even puffed sleeve, sensible cotton blouses for the jury with her hair all pulled back tight against her skull and on the last day wore her own clothes with her hair down. (which she kept fidgeting with).

9. I thought Casey's brother was kind of hot.

10. I never believed the woman with the two names when she said she had an affair with George. I think she was seeking money from tv interviews.

11. Having said that, i think George is not telling the truth about everything either and i remember thinking something was off about him three years ago when i first watched some of this story on Nancy Grace.

12. Nancy Grace is also a former prosecutor. I just wanted to add that to my evidence of #3. She lookes like she is wearing a football helmet. And what's with that black leather jacket?

13.  I also think if Jeff Ashton lost just a few pounds (and i think he did by the end of the trial) he would be super hot. I liked how one of the lurers outside the courthouse held a sign that said "Jeff Ashton for President".

14. And speaking of those folks who hang around outside courthouses for cases like these, they are nut cases themselves i think. Can't they find something better to do?

15. ... like watch hour after hour of Nancy Grace in the privacy of their own home for days during their vacation so that you can at least hide from the public that you are a nut? ;)

16. I wonder if the Anthonys will stay married.

17. I give Casey less than two years before she gets in some kind of trouble again. It might be a much publicized DUI or it will be another pregnancy. Or some fight with a girl or guy in a bar.

18. And of course it will be Breaking News.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer vacation at cucina abode

Menu of the Day:

Music: YouTube of Amos Lee. I don't have iTunes hooked up to our new iMac yet.

The Best Thing that Happened this week: The new iMac! I cannot believe how much faster this computer is! I am so excited. And the resolution on this monitor and the sound is so fabulous. Why did we wait so long?

The worst thing that happened: Casey Anthony should have at least gotten Murder in the Second or child abuse - isn't it child abuse to not report her missing? I watched the trial when i first started and i do feel strongly about her guilt. Though i don't think they proved 1st Degree. I think she fits the profile totally of Diane Downs. She may wish she was still in jail after she gets out in the real world with some of those wackos who protest the verdict. I won't read a book if she writes it, but i would love to read one written by a reputable author. Oh hell, what am i saying, i'd probably read one by Nancy Grace even. And she's a nut too.

OK, short menu. The only thing i don't like is this teeny Little Mac keyboard that feels like my netbook. I need a real one. On with the randomness...


1. I washed windows on 4th of July. I have a small place - 4 windows and a slider and a big mirror, but it took me over two hours. That's the last time i do that. Usually i hire it out. But they look great. i think i'm going to reward myself by buying a very expensive bottle of wine that would equal what i would pay.

2. I just read a GREAT book in two days. It's a novel about conjoined twins called The Girls. Very poignant book and i highly recommend it. This one and Half Broke Horses are my new favorite books.

3. I've been watching on DVD the first season of Arrested Development. Does anyone else love this show? It's full of people you are not supposed to like but somehow you do. Except maybe for the mom.

4. Brian put Edward Hopper's famous painting of the Nighthawks diner on our wallpaper on this computer. I love it. Edward Hopper is one of my favorite painters. I have one of his coffee table books and i liked finding out he was married to a woman named Jo and he died on my birthday.

5. I am on vacation until Aug. 8th. But if my union decides to go on strike (over a loss in our pension), i will retire on Aug. 31. If not, i will pull my letter and go to work.

6. There is a part of me that wishes this decision was made for me by having my union strike.

7. I LOVE being alone on vacation. I love sitting out on my patio and reading for hours. I love the mornings best when i watch TV (Arrested Development) while drinking coffee in bed for an hour or two before going out for a run. And i like taking naps. But i am not sure i can make a whole life out of this so maybe i better stop thinking about retirement.

8. There is only so much YouTubing a person can do in their leisure time.

9. I'm going to end on 9. I could probably go find a photo off the Internet to add, because i can't upload anything just yet on this iMac until we get it hooked up to our stuff. (And we need to load PhotoShop.) i might just keep this naked for the time being. 

Hope y'all are all having a great summer! What's going on? 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I am posting this from our new iMac desktop! Testing 1-2-3

I have been AWOL because i could not bring myself to turn on our desktop pc and i do not like changing this blog on my netbook. Plus even my netbook is giving me fits. That evil Bill Gates is all behind it i know.

I know that i will get frustrated with this new Apple computer at some time....for example this keyboard seems a little too tiny for a desktop and i keep making typing errors. I can only imagine if i was drinking wine. But maybe i will get used to it. But i love already how quickly it fires up. Amazing!

we still don't have iTunes hooked up yet so we have a ways to go, plus i need to find a workstation because our monitor is too big to fit in our old computer table.

I'll be back to add more later. I just wanted to check this out.