Sunday, March 23, 2014

Things That Make Me Want to Punch a Bird

My famous floor dusting slippers... This relates to #4
I was going to make a blog post about Simple Pleasures. But i don't feel like being sweet so I came up with this subject instead.

This comes from Ray Romano's character on last week's episode of Parenthood.  In frustration talking to Sarah (an endearingly ditzy and incessant talker, played by Lauren Graham)  he says:

 "If you start rambling, i'm going to want to punch a bird."

It cracked me up. (So much more original than the overused 'kicking ass'.) Here we go:

1. When i buy a new bottle of lotion with that pump thingie it takes me forever to get it started. I twist and twist and it always takes me about 10 minutes to get that stupid Costco size bottle of Lupriderm working.

2. Sometimes when am opening a bottle of wine i use a knife to get that foil thingie off. (I have a foil cutter but i can never find it in my drawers.) And sometimes when i rip that foil off  it slices right into that part of my finger where it bends and hurts the most.

And if you take baby aspirin for health reasons like I do it bleeds and bleeds as if you were stabbed with a hunting knife by your worse enemy.  (I am starting to like screw caps more these days.) Seriously, i am not kidding when i say i have to bandage it up with duct tape.

3. I quit tipping my newspaper gal. Our previous carrier put it right in our Tribune box . This girl throws it on the run. And sometimes it's not even close to our porch at all. One time i didn't think it was delivered because it was thrown so far from our porch.

4. The reason i hate this is because my green floor dust mopping slippers are not outside slippers.

5. Last night i was out with my friend julie (jj) and Sarah (louie) at a wine bar and across the table from us were two women and each one were glued to their smart phones most of the time. And if they talked to each other at all it was to show the other what she was reading on her smart phone. I really wanted to take a photo of them but it would be hard to do that discreetly.

6. Sometimes when i watch the news i am afraid there are more bad people in the world than good people.

7. So I am going to stop watching the news. When they find the  Malaysian airplane - let me know. Already i get my political news only from Jon Stewart and Leonard Pitts articles.

Please come add your own. And i promise i won't REALLY punch a bird. I love birds. (Except for crows. I really hate crows. they creep me out as much as cats. ) I have more things but I'm already at 490 word count!

Notes to Self:                                                               
Word Count: 490
Sunrise: 7:09 am
Sunset: 7:26 pm
Temp: 57/26
Longest Run: 40 minutes
Book: The Goldfinch
Favorite song this week: Me and You by Jake Bugg

Friday, March 14, 2014

Random Ramblings. Plus "Let Me Tell You What YOU Think" (I came up with 5.)

Starfish in Pacific Beach cottage
On with the random ramblings:                                                                                        
I was going to do a whole blog post of Let Me Tell You What YOU Think, ( directed to ALL people who know me, not just here)  but i can only think of 5 things: 

1. Give it up jojo, blogging is dead. And your mojo is too.
2. Quit talking about your retirement, I am jealous and i hate you for it. 
3. Get a F*cking cell phone already.
4. You drink more wine than you should. And you have a propensity to brag about shit when you're buzzed. 
5. If i want your advice i will ask for it.                                                                                            

1. In the news: That vanishing Malaysia flight. Makes me think of Lost. But seriously could a plane actually land somewhere and not be noticed? How it must feel to have family on that flight. All that hope now that they may be alive, but then again maybe for nothing. How horrible if they never find the truth.

2. Lent: Once again I am giving up Lent for Lent. As a good young Catholic girl i used to make a big announcement that i was giving up chocolate for Lent. Truth is, i was not a huge chocolate fan anyway and that is still true today. (Potato chips or Cheetos would have been more of a sacrifice.) But i will say it did impress people!

3. And even then I knew that God must have known I was scamming on my Lent sacrifices.

4.  The Best Thing That Happened This Week: i was on the interview team to hire my replacement. And we hired the young woman I've been mentoring for over two years since she was hired and who actually became a friend. (It was a unanimous vote too.) She's a special person, a mother of young twins, a 4 year old daughter and is married to a nice man. She's energetic and calm under fire. I'm so proud of her and feel so good about leaving my job to her.

5. Speaking of local news: It's like that movie Groundhog Day. It's the same Seattle news every damn day:   1) Shooting in Seattle or Tacoma   2) Fatality accident on I-5 or 405   3) Rain and clouds for the next 5 days   4) Traffic congestion on the commute.  5) Some Health Link news that tells you that something that used to be good for you now is all bad.

6. I am going to quit watching the news.

7.  I have room for one more (in order to stay under 500 words): Here's one:  That flight that blew out a tire and had a hard landing was on TV today. (Shit those bad plane stories come out just as i am getting ready to go on a long flight!) That chick that took the selfie of herself running got on The Today show. Did you see it? I would be so embarrassed if that were my daughter.

Notes: to Self:                                                              
Word Count: 498 (not counting notes)
Sunset: (LOVE Daylight Savings Time!) 7:13 pm
Sunrise: 7:13 am
Pollen Count: Extremely high for trees - first really bad day yesterday (my first spring in 34 years without allergy shots)
Temp: 57/31
iTune Purchase: John Gorka's album "Bright Side of Down" and Jason Isbell single"Cover Me Up"
Book: Atonement and The Goldfinch
Longest Run: 43 minutes

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Thanks y'all for joining me on the Oscar post! I think we broke blogger temporarily.

Ellen's selfie broke Twitter and my Oscar post broke blogger!
I have no idea what the rules are on blogger but i posted MANY times after the 8:33 comment only to see it not be there, so i imagine that we broke some parameter on blogger.

I am happy with how it all turned out, though the show was boring if you were not here with me.... but i don't mind who won really... especially since i never saw the movies. i just know i get tired of Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep even as i like them.

Ellen ordering pizza is still my favorite moment. Followed by Lupita's speech, (or maybe it was vice-versa). Then Jared Leto and Matt Mc's too and Ellen's selfie shot, which is the photo above.

Notes to Self:

Sunrise: 6:50 pm
Sunset: 5:56 pm (29 MORE minutes of sunshine since last post!)
Hi/Low temp: 45/36
Number of cat photos i hid this week: 5
Longest Run this week: 42 minutes
Latest iTunes Purchase: Jake Bugg.

What are you wearing?

Looking forward to Ellen hosting! 
I am wearing my Reebok charcoal grey capri workout pants and my Seattle Seahawks NFC Championship long sleeve gray t-shirt. I was wearing coordinating Seahawks- green flip flops from Title Nine, but i took them off.

I am drinking a really fab red wine from Italy. I can't pronounce it or remember how to spell it and right now i'm too comfortable  to go look. But when i need to refill i'll take a look. Though I am likely to forget what it was by the time i make those 15 steps back to the sofa. (Italian and French wines are always hard for me to remember.)

The Academy Awards start in less than a half hour . Shoot i better Google to find out what Channel they are on. (OK, i just did and it's ABC. Now i have to Google to find out what channel that means on my TV.)

This is what my shirt looks like: (except mine is v-neck, which i think is much more sexy!)

I have only seen one nominated movie this year but that doesn't stop me from having opinions. I believe American Hustle will win. But it might be 12 Years a Slave instead.