Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Midsummer Random Chardonnay Musings.

I found the pigtail running photo!!!! This is from our very early running days, circa 1984...i think. (This is in reference to the How to Run blog post)
Just like back in the Gumbo days. I have no idea what is on my mind, but what's in my glass is some chardonnay left over from my pal Julie's 50th birthday party. It comes in a magnum but is a surprisingly good, for coming out of a big bottle. I just poured a second glass.

I took this photo tonight to add for the blog photo to show my summer look of wild fat hair where i wash it and let it go cause i HATE blowdrying my hair....and after i took it i decided to change it to my template photo instead because it matched the colors. But that proved harder than i was expecting because then i started getting into changing fonts.  Finally after about an hour i gave up and settled on this. So on with it!

1. Do you care about the Royal Baby? I don't. I was hoping because Kate was non-royalty that they might name the baby Joe. George is such a pretentious snooty name for an English baby. OR why not Hugh, or Tony ....?perfectly nice English names?

2. Two things i sort of hate if taken too far: nostalgia and tradition. (not to mention religion and politics).

3. Why do people say 'not to mention' and then go ahead and do that very thing? I hate that kind of stuff too. Like "I'm no racist, but......" you know how it usually ends. something like "Trayvon Martin was a thug looking for trouble but they keep putting up that photo of him when he was younger to make him look sweet."

3. Speaking of names i hate. There are so many trendy names i hate right now that it's not fair to the kid that when i meet them i already think their parents are dolts for naming them these names: Conner, Brandon, Lindsey, Brittany, Riley, Dylan.... Hmmmm. in thinking about #3 i wonder how many Trayvon's will be born now?

4. I like the name Jake. That's my new favorite name.

5. I told you this was random!

6. My niece Kylee/modern hippie...remember her? ...she no longer blogs at all, even on her own blog. Plus she is in love now too with a really nice guy that i like. I couldn't have found a better pick for her really. Anyway she is skydiving on August 3rd. It's something she has always wanted to do so her boyfriend bought her a ticket to do so. I'm going to watch her. She said she wanted Brian and me and her parents to be there most of all. That was nice.

7. She is really living her life these days and doing great. I'm very proud of her.

8. I would only go skydiving if my doctor told me i had only 6 months to live. Then i would try all kinds of things. Like kayaking, and hiking, and flying in airplanes all over, and visiting unfamiliar places, and hot air ballooning, and subjecting myself to a crowd at a rock concert.

9. I never though of how dying could give you lots of freedom to do stuff you wouldn't ordinarily do.

10. Truth is i probably wouldn't do any of those things in #8. It's not even fear so much that keeps me from doing stuff. I just don't want to do it. period.

11. I would probably blog my last days out and write my own obituary so it wasn't a phony one. Then i would choose all the music for my memorial. That could take a lot of time.

12. Does anyone else have this problem that when you try and type an 'a' while texting (or as in my case, on a Kindlefire, it always comes out as an 's' nearly every single time? It drives me crazy how i have to keep going back and making that same correction when replying to emails on my kindle.

13. We have had the best summer that i ever remember. Really amazing weather for us. Last year sucked so much but this year is one great day after another. It reminds me why i love living here. And dare i say it? I almost miss the rain a little bit. The last time i remember feeling this way about the weather was 1992.

So what's on your mind?

Notes to self: 
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Shout Out: susieatl? Where are you? Traveling?
Day 5: of no blood pressure medicine. Doing okay so far.
Need to remember: change dental appointment to August

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ten Fives...Random this issue of Rolling Stone magazine!

While on my way to Lowes to buy basil for planting on my patio i thought of a new blog post: Ten Fives.

It goes like this: I  list 10 different subjects that would include 5 answers. But as i type i honestly don't know what subjects i am getting ready to pick just now. I have not thought this through beyond the subject line idea.

I always like to tell y'all that like it's some magic trick...."Watch the Amazing jojo As She Randomly Chooses 10 Superfragilistic Topics For Her Blog That will Change Your Life!"


Ok.....First off. Let's talk about this:

I have a subscription to this magazine and i cannot wait until it arrives in my mailbox. It probably will tomorrow. So when it does i will be back to add more. I am not exactly sure how i should feel about this, given how i believe in free speech and all that.

But what comes to mind for me is something my husband said when he saw this guy's photo on the news the first time. Paraphrasing: "When girls see this guy's photo they are going to think he is so cute that he couldn't possibly be guilty."

And yes, he does look like that doesn't he?

I want him to look more like Tim McVeigh. Isn't that weird too?

Ok, that aside, let's talk get on with the Random jojo shit that changes all of y'all lives:

Ten Fives:

1. List five traits necessary for being your your friend:

2. What are 5 red flags for any person that makes you get the hell out of their way.

3. Can you give an example of the 5 best compliments you ever received?

4. What are 5 things that you have accomplished that you are proud of?

5. I know this might be redundant, but i don't care. What are 5 songs that you never get tired of?

6. Going off 'The Bomber' above in Rolling Stone, who are the first 5 notorious criminals who come to mind?

7. Who are the first 5 heroes?

8. What 5 movies can you see over and over?  (again this might be redundant but my list often changes so i want to do it again.)

9. What are YOUR 5 vices?

10. What are 5 vices in others that you cannot tolerate?

Ok, here are the rules. YES , i have imposed rules..... do not read the other comments until you add your own. I want to see how many people come up with similar answers. All two of you.... hahahahaha.....

Speaking of...i already know from reading the stats that more than two people are reading, so this is an easy inclusive one. If you are reading you must like opinionations (I can make up words on my own blog) cause if you didn't you wouldn't be reading. So, come here and add yours, okay?  (I will add mine later.)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Run.... for Amanda

Sometimes i think i should be the one giving running clinics to people who want to get started on a running program instead of the elite runners for the simple reason that i don't LOVE running. And yet i started running in 1980 as a New Year's Resolution and with the exception of maybe 6 weeks off here and there for illness i have never really quit running.

Because i don't love it i have to make rules for myself. This might not work for everyone, especially if you don't like goal setting and rules like i do. But i found if i think of it like a job and take the choice out of it i can do it.

So here is a random list of my tips on How to Run:

1. First off, don't try too much too soon. Too many people people do this and then find that it hurts and then they quit. When i started i worked up to one mile and took my time getting there. I did a lot of walk/running first.

My goal was to be running two miles without stopping after two months, three miles after three months etc. And then i stuck to running three miles for a long time before doing more than that.

2. Try to find a short race to run. Like a three mile race. Don't go out and do a 10K right away. Races are actually the only time i think running is kind of fun.

3. Never miss more than two days in a row of running. If you are unable to run Monday and Tuesday for whatever reason, then you MUST run on Wednesday. I have actually been outside running my condo circle at 5 am or 11 pm a few times to not break this rule.

4. The only time i break the rule is when i am sick. Or if i am on vacation and it doesn't feel safe to run. For example, some fly fishing trips just don't work for running for me. I have been known to work out in an exercise room at a hotel if need be, but i really really hate machines.

5. So if you know you have to resort to running on a treadmill and you hate it like i do, try and plan ahead of time by making a new playlist on your iPod.

6. I don't think i need to tell you that you should run with music. The iPod was the best invention ever for running. I have been running so long that i used to run with a transistor radio because even those Sony cassette walkman players weren't around. I can't believe i actually used to run with a personal CD player back in the early 1990's! They were pretty cumbersome.

7. I like running with a partner but not all the time. Sometimes i like being alone because i will often get ideas or remember stuff while running alone. Plus i hear lyrics to songs that i didn't catch before.

8. Don't wash your running clothes all that often. (even your socks) I will run in the same clothes for 4 days in a row and just air them out. There is no need to wash them unless you are running on a treadmill at the gym. Nobody will smell you if they get ripe and you will add years to your running clothes.

9. Change up your shoes according to your running schedule. This is probably the most important thing! For example i change my shoes every 4 months  (I keep it on a calendar). I run 4-5 miles every time i run these days and usually 5 days a week, sometimes 4. But always at least 4. And for the number of miles i do Running World had a formula i read awhile ago that told me i need to change them up. It's true. My knees and hip start to hurt if i go too long with the shoes.

10. Of course buy good socks. I like Wright socks. or Wigwam i think they are called.

11. I run in a neighborhood that is not so busy that i can run more towards the middle of the road, just to the left of the center line, so that my feet are not always hitting the pavement at a cant. I found that my knees liked me a lot more for this. Always try to find that sweet spot where the road is most level. Sometimes it's on the very end of the shoulder. But pay attention to how your feet heat pavement.

12. Buy a good running bra. Buy two of them. I like the Moving Comfort ones, plus they come in really cute colors.

11. Recently i started running in a skort. I thought it was going to be stupid and cheerleader-y but i actually love it. For one thing it's a bit longer than my regular running shorts. (Too long of shorts are a hassle with the fabric on the inside of your legs and so if you don't want short shorts then a skort is good for that, plus very comfortable. and it doesn't flip up either like i was worried about. I got mine at Title Nine.

12. Back to racing for a bit: Try to find a friend to enter the race with you. it will make you less apprehensive about the race. And remember that you need to pace yourself and not start off too fast. You will be able to run faster and longer in a race. It's just like that, probably something to do with adrenaline. For example if you train for a 10 K race (6.2 miles) you only really need to train up to 5 miles. If you comfortably run 5 miles you will be able to run 6 miles.

13. Find the time that you like running the best and do it then. I do not like running in the mornings because i like to take my time around the house. But on the times i have run, i do love getting it out of the way but  just know if running had to be done every morning i would have given it up a long time ago. After work or lunchtime just works better for me. Find your favorite time.

14.  Keep a running diary/spreadsheet if you like that sort of thing. I don't actually measure miles as much as time and i never measure speed. Those running aps on the iPhone are cool but i would maybe discourage them so you don't feel bad if you aren't running better than a 10 or 11 minute mile. I just like seeing my progress so i keep a spreadsheet but i only enter the minutes i have run. (And sometimes the music i listed to on my iPod. Don't ask me why, i just do.)

15. Back to music for a bit: Don't try to run to music by Ray LaMontagne or Joni Mitchell, or other acoustical stuff. Slow music will slow you down! I run a lot to The Black Keys.

16. Don't expect to experience those runner's highs. I don't really know what that means anyway. It's sort of like trying to explain an orgasm to someone who has never had one. I do know that when i have run long distances there is a feeling that i get that it feels like i could keep going. But that only happens if i have run a long time, like over an hour so i imagine that must be the endorphins they talk about. But it's not often in all my running days that i have ever felt like that. Mostly i just want to get it over with.

17. Run in the rain. You can't avoid it. I even have run in the snow. Don't run in lightning though or if it looks like it's going to storm.

18. This is what i tell myself and others about running:  (It's a good reminder why you do it too.)
I hate dieting and i love carbs. This puts some of those carbs to good. I don't like flossing my teeth either, but i still do it. I don't like getting up to go to work in the morning but off i go. I really really hate folding laundry and emptying the silverware basket from the dishwasher but it's a necessary chore. So think of running that way. Only with even more benefits than having an orderly house and healthy teeth and not having to buy new clothes because you put on weight. You will add time to your life. Unless of course you get hit by a car.

19. Speaking of safety.... don't have your volume turned up too high on your iPod so you can hear outside noise. And wear a reflector banner if you're out near dusk. (I only run around my condo circle if it's dark out but i still wear a banner.) Always carry pepper spray. I have never had to use it ever but i like having it for possibly stray dogs. Also, i just found out that you should buy a new spray once a year so it works properly in case you do need it.

20. Once you've been doing it for awhile and stick to it you will find that it will be easier to keep it up even as you don't love it. It becomes a habit. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's an addiction but it is something i miss as i surprisingly found out when i couldn't for a few weeks.

21. Think of yourself as a runner and not just someone who runs for exercise. It's always nice to be able to identify yourself with a positive like that.

22. And i don't care if you run a 13 minute mile. Never call it jogging.

Have i forgotten anything? i may have to come back and edit these. Or i might think of more.

If i were/was drinking wine i would write these out as Thug Kitchen would. That could be fun!

Friday, July 5, 2013

I can't think of that many fun things i was wrong about. So we're just going to do the random shit. Now with Gnocchi!

I'm adding our homemade ricotta gnocchi photos. We made this on Thursday! 
You need a special little tool to make these ridges. It's fun to do! 
Final homemade gnocchi dish with proscuitto and homemade pesto. 
My subject title is in reference to my previous blog post. I was going to choose the topic "Things i Was Wrong About" .... But i could only come up with a few, so i'm ditching it.

I'm not saying i've not been wrong about stuff, of course i have been wrong....many times... example: I am a woman who was divorced TWICE by the age of 35.... but i just couldn't come up with any fun ones. 

However, I did think of this one: I remember when the show Friends came on that it was going to be a hit, and i told my sister back around 1995 when the show was new than i thought David Schwimmer (Ross) was going to be as big a hit as Tom Hanks who came off of Bosom Buddies. And of course i was wrong....I was trying to think more along those lines. 

So let's just so the random stuff. And as usual, I have no idea what i'm getting ready to post about. 

1. My disclaimer about not having an idea is maybe why only 2 people post on this blog anymore. I was better at this when other people posted because i fed off them. It's not easy writing to yourself. Know what i mean? I don't want to keep blogging only to have a conversation with myself.

2. Stuff on my mind this week: How am i supposed to be feeling about this Snowden guy anyway? I do NOT want to watch the news channels on my vacation and i can't tell from the headlines what is really happening.

3. The same with Egypt. Again. I wrote about this some on other time here about Egypt and what the f*ck was going on.

4. I put that asterick in as an attempt to De-Thug myself from cussing. (You have to to read earlier posts about Thug Kitchen to know what i'm talking about.)

5.  This has been my first week of vacation and the weather so far through June and this week has been more great summer weather than all of last year through the end of August. 

6. Facebook is boring me again. It was this time last year that i quit for three months. So why do i keep checking it 20 times a day? 

7. Facebook is like a bad boyfriend. You keep wanting them to call you even though you don't really have that much fun with them anyway. And the reason you don't is because you know they aren't that into you. 

8. Yesterday was the 4th of July. I do not like the 4th. I feel the same way about the 4th that i do about Halloween. I do it. but i wish i didn't have to.  I don't like giving out candy and i don't care shit about fireworks. I just want to get it over with. 

9. However, like a good little military brat, i hang the flag. 

10. I don't know exactly why i feel this way about holidays. It's a problem sometimes with my good natured husband who likes most every holiday. I think it probably means i need therapy

11. If i was/were (what the f*ck is the correct way to say this anyway?...were....was.... ..forever more i am going to make it one word: 'was/were'...... ) If i was/were in therapy i would say this: 

  • I had a mother who didn't like me even as a baby because my dad liked me too much and she was jealous. (She actually admitted this to me this not that long ago.)
  • I knew i couldn't rely on my parents pretty early on, but in retrospect, that may the be one gift they gave me. 
  • I was the oldest of four kids and worried enough about everything for all of us. (And maybe the Hail Mary's that i said as a 10 year old really saved us. My brother Troy says i worry too much. But i think he doesn't worry enough and my life is more what i want than his is. ) 
  • And i think i may have lived in a different life before this one that had me so totally encumbered by people needing me that i would go crazy in this life if i had too many people needing me now. Hence, hating anything obligatory. Like holidays. 
I don't have a photo to put up yet, but i might add it later cause i have having a naked blog post. 

So come and tell us: 

1. How was your 4th of July and what does it mean to you?

2. If you were to have therapy, what are the buzz points you would likely bring up to get through it? 

3. How's your Facebook life going? 

4. And how to you feel about Snowden and Egypt? I am too lazy to know what i should be feeling so i trust y'all to get me there.

Notes to Self: 
All time blog posts: 45,453
Last Month: 1,036
Remember July bdays: Kylee, Pat S., Brian

Monday, July 1, 2013

Too hot for Gumbo....Later today.... a new post.

It's my first day of vacation! It's supposed to be 92 degrees.
I just read about those 19 firefighters killed fighting an Arizona wildfire. This must be the worst fire tragedy ever.

I'll be back later in the day.