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Gumbo YaYa History 2005 .....

Hahaha.... i found this Gumbo YaYa post from 2005 on April Fool's Day. For those of you who don't know about the Gumbo YaYa post i joined it because i had loved the first two Rebecca Wells books about the Gumbo YaYa Sisterhood and did a search on the internet to find out more about the author. Instead i found this Harper Collins message board . I posted on this message board for nearly ten years starting in 2000 along with equeyaya, susieatl, furline, pearl (who has since left this blog), Grits, Mandy, Cat, EoDe, Jaxie, Jennifer, Lynnie, amulbunny, MaryM, Swiss Charrd, T-Sam, ummagumma, oh, i know i'm missing some folks - forgive me if i miss you but so many of you fell away from here.... Anyway here is a post i just found that i had saved in Word on my computer. I used to put what were called the Chardonnay Musings on the message board once a week or so and when the Gumbo board went down (what year was that anyway?) yaya folks asked me to start a blog and i finally did after awhile. I have in no way edited anything below this line.  

I won't leave it up here too long since many folks weren't around then, but i like having it here for history.     - jo

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Posted by jojo cucina cucina (Member # 1967) on 04-01-2005 11:37 PM :
In that I am really drinking chardonnay! I have no idea what i am getting ready to say. I am drinking J. Lohr chardonnay (very yummy) and i had a massage after work today and just took a bath.......here we go.

1. I told my husband what i just said above. "Honey", i said, "I just had a one hour and 30 minute massage, a glass of fine chardonnay, and a hot bath. I swear there is nothing you can tell me right now that could get me riled up. Nothing. I am soooo mellow. So try it. Get me riled up".

He replied, "I don't want to get you riled up. I like you mellow."

I said, "No just do it, try it as an experiment. I swear i can't think of one thing you could say that would make me mad right now."

"How about if i said i was turning Republican." he replied. I just smiled happily and said "April Fool."

2. Seriously, I am really so laid back right now. Why don't heroine addicts get massages instead of doing that crap?. Lots cheaper -but the same result. Great Escape.

9. I just mispelled 'heroin". And it got me to thinking why the word "hero" is in that word anyway.

3. I bought "YaYas in Bloom" yesterday at Barnes & Noble. I figure i saved myself $143.65 by not buying it at Costco.

4. I think there are more than a couple of reasons why i am so obsessed with American Idol. Here are my reasons:

a) Definitely the rocker dudes: Contantine and Bo. I am a sucker for long hair on guys, not to mention their rockability factor.
b) Simon - this man is getting paid millions for something i have been doing all my life, but get in trouble for. He is "spot on", too!
c) I only got to vote for John Kerry ONCE. On Idol i can vote for my contestant 100 times (or more) if i have the patience to keep phoning in.

5. My mom called me at work today and asked if I was praying for the Pope. Ok, I was raised Catholic, and did all the stuff you do during the time, catechism, confirmation, confession, always THREE Hail Marys and Act of Contrition every night before bed. But Mom knows that since I was 19 and moved out I refuse to go to the Catholic Church anymore (except for when i got married in 1978). So I asked her if she was playing an April Fools joke. (She wasn't, but at least she didn't get mad.) I don't pray very much but I would not be praying for the Pope to LIVE either. Like Schiavo, i believe his passing will be a blessing to him, as it was to Schiavo. I love my mom and that she never gives up her faith though!

6. When I was little I loved saying the words: "Hail Marys" Because i thought i was cussing. i.e. Hail = Hell!.

7. I went tutoring this week - my fifth grade girls are learning about wars.

(Isn't that too bad that we have to teach war to little kids?)

Anyway, i digress, because what i really want to say is that they were learning about World War I.

Ok y'all, how many of you can tutor kids on World War I???? I swear i thought what the heck do i know about World War I? Why can't they choose the Civil War? I know NOTHING about WW1! But i don't want THEM to know because then they might have a roadblock to their own learning if they thought their all-knowing (how THEY view me, not how i really am) tutor knew jack about the WWI. So instead i devised a set of questions for what they needed to include in their reports and then showed them how to use the indexes : When years was the war fought? Who was President in our country when it started? What countries fought in it? (When i asked that one, one of my sweet girls excitedly yelled out, "Georgia!" LOL.

8. Seriously, next time you hear someone diss public schools, ask them when was the last time they went and worked in one. Then tell them to do that and then come back and tell you that kids aren't learning. Because they are! Our culture just loves to tear things down instead of build them up. I don't care what test scores say. (Besides, you should see some of those questions. Most of us can't answer them. I bet you money our own President can't either. )

9. For ummagumma.

10. OK, i hope you don't mind if i tell you another Huz story:

One of the things i love to do with my husband is to cook a good dinner together, drink a good bottle of wine while doing so, while listening to Van Morrison, just talking away - which is just what we were doing a couple of weeks ago. In the midst of the conversation, my husband tells me that he will be having a work lunch with a woman the next day - a woman who works at a nearby college so they could compare job descriptions.

He knows i am not a jealous type, so i said as a joke, 'Hey, No problem unless she is better looking than I am.'

He said, 'No way.'

I then asked, "Is she lots younger?"

He replied, "Well she is probably 30 or so."

I groan and say "Damn i could be her mother!"

My sweet husband, even as he knows i am joking with this, says, "You could never look like her mother."

Then I say, "I get it! You're just saying that because truthfully you are having an affair and you just want to be so blatant about it so if you get caught you look innocent."

He says the funniest thing after that without even really meaning to. He says:

"Now why would I be lying to you, if I am telling you the truth!"

I burst out laughing and said, "Get me a pen, quick!" We had already had the whole bottle of wine and i was afraid i would forget what he said. So I write it down on a post-it note and is still on our refrigerator and every chance we get we say this. i think i will make it my signature line.

11. I don't have anything here.

11. Just because.

12. Please add your own ramblings!

Posted by pearl (Member # 1481) on 04-02-2005 12:38 AM :
Hearty Burgundy here (can only have a short glass now, so make it a robust one...)

1. The only thing better than a massage is a full on pedicure with foot reflexology and leg rub. Yum! Paint them lil piggies bright red and walk around in my business togs like I gotta secret! [Cool]

2. Never could understand drug addiction, but I can understand addiction...I swear I'm addicted to this place. Like the Family -- I try to get out and it keeps pullin me back in.

3. Used to have a Costco Challeng: get in, get what I needed and get out for under $100. Finally gave up and tossed the membership card.
Have saved a freakin fortune since...

4. Would prolly watch AI if they didn't spend endless time on meaningless crap. Sing, get judged and get outta there fercryinoutloud. What's with all this exposition. Of course, I hate the biographical soap opera they feel compelled to stuff Olympic coverage with anymore too. TMI and IDC!

5. Protestant here, praying for the Pope...for his peaceful passing, if that's God's will. I stopped praying for results long ago...I found that what I want is not necessarily what is planned for me. So now I just pray for God's grace in accepting and making the most of the outcome...whatever it is.

6. I tutored math. Fortunately for all concerned. I love the logic and the simplicity of math. I mourn that kids aren't taught to appreciate the beauty of Math to a greater degree. It's just a square to be checked on the way out of the system.

7. Go to Mass with my RC yahoo every Sunday. Cannot bring myself to pray to Mary (Protestant upbringing)...so I pray through her.


Our culture just loves to tear things down instead of build them up.

Truer words were never spoken...in so many respects.

9. okay...

10. Like it.

Posted by ummagumma (Member # 9228) on 04-02-2005 12:50 AM :
1)I was really scared to make my apology because I thought for sure that someone would give me a hard time about it (guess they still could) but everyone has been really nice about it.

2)Britt (DYYP) I only gave you TWO free pairs of underwear, not three. [Big Grin]

3)Is anyone wondering why I would give dyyp free underwear? [Wink]

4)thats for me to know...

5)I am enjoying the hell out of 'yayas in bloom' right now!

6)I have had 2 nice yayas offer to buy me 'yayas in bloom' and 'The purpose driven life' but my pride prevents me from accepting...my pride cost me around $40 today.

7)I scratch my head alot, I think some people think I have lice, but I do it because I am under stress, and just absentmindedly, and because it relaxes me. I LOVE it when my yahoo rubs my head or when he runs his fingers through my hair.

8)Its 1am in the gd morning and my son is still not asleep...his dad had him last night and probably let him sleep in today, hence the reason he is still awake at 1am in the gd morning...

9)For ummagumma [Big Grin]

10)I bought corn on the cob today 4 for $2.00 what a deal! (not)

11)I love 'unsolved mysteries' reruns on lifetime, and i still find myself as deliciously scared this time around as I was when I first saw it on nbc

12) I bought 'the notebook' on dvd today, and my 2 most recently purchased cds were Bruce Springsteens greatest hits, and Meatloaf Bat out of Hell, Back into hell.

13) I am getting tired but I am to superstitious to end it at 13 so...

14)I am 3/4 the way through watching 'shadowlands' with Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger...does anyone notice that she dies of cancer in alot of her movies?

Posted by princesskillemw/kindness (Member # 9583) on 04-02-2005 03:01 AM :
Jojo how mush chardonnay did you have tonight? I cant keep up [laughing]I will need to re-read and respond tomorrow but...
9. for Umma cause she's my new friend. [dopey]I'll be happy to yarcel "The Purpose Driven Life"- I'm too cynical to finish it.

Edited to add my thoughts now that I am ahem...sober enough to think.

1. I like beginning a sentence with your name Jojo- its fun to say- Jojo. See? [Big Grin]

2.I havent had a massage in a while, but a few months ago I went to redeem a facial gift certificate. The esthetician was snotty to me and said I had obviously never had a facial, then she harrassed me about using my gift certificate like it was a fake...so I got up and got dressed right in the middle of it and told her to kiss my grits! This is very uncharacteristic of me..usually I would just grind my teeth and then bit#& about it later. I was very proud of myself. She couldnt believe it! I complained to the manager and got a free makeover. Now I go there all the time to buy make up and shoot her dirty looks and snarl. She deserved it.

3. I'm out of order but we do take things for granted and tear them down here in USA. I like to think that we do it though because we are constantly trying to do better and better. We ahev great teachers and well rounded smart, educated kids. We are very lucky.

4. I'm glad I'm not tutoring anyone about World War II because I'd definitely teach them all the wrong info.

5. I got my copy of YYIB at Super Walmart for about 17$. Its magical. So is Super Walmart. I know its big and corporate and I should loathe it and all- but I am thrilled to be able to purchase my groceries, a book, plants, and craft stuff all in one shopping trip. I have three petites I gotta drag around everywhere..and it blows- so the less I have to load and unload the whole crew the happier I am.

6.Which reminds me yesterday my three year old ran away from me in the party store b/c he couldnt have his way. I didnt have enough arms to grab him , and keep the other two under control. People shooting me those crappy mother looks all over the place. No mercy for a mom of multiple little ones god forbid they should act their age and embarrass their mother. They can kiss my grits too. FOOLS.

7. The same said 3yr old took every shoe off of a display wall and threw them behind the stock boxes. He did it in like 15 seconds flat. The sales people gave me attitude even as I was appologizing profusely and trying to help fix it. People with bratty kids need shoes too. Cut me some slack.

8.I shamelessly flirt if we get a cute server. Yahoo doesnt even notice- I dont think he would care anyway. Wait is this confessions?

9. For Umma again, but why for Umma #9? I dont know. I'm a go with the flow kind of gal.

10. Sad news about the pope. Yahoo is catholic. I was not raised exposed to any religion. I pray to my own cooked up idea of Fred. Dont ask me to explain it cause I am always searching for it to make any sense to me- faith that is. I want to believe, I try to believe, I go through certain motions, but most of the time I cant get myself to believe.

Posted by Elynnx (Member # 2371) on 04-02-2005 05:58 AM :
I wrote a really long post to you, Jojo;
and then I deleted it.

So now I'm back again:
Hey! Pearl!

I'll talk to you both later. In the meantime,
you might want to check my "Pope Thread."

Hey, I never start threads, right?

Posted by equeyaya (Member # 3008) on 04-02-2005 07:58 AM :
Last night I had a couple of glasses of Beringer Merlot. This morning, just orange juice.

1. I've only ever had a massage once. It was wonderful, but I just can't bring myself to spend money on something that self indulgent.

2. I love it when my yahoo massages my legs and feet. But for some reason he always gets aroused by it and cuts the massage part short.

3. Was that TMI?

4. I can't say it better than pearl:

Protestant here, praying for the Pope...for his peaceful passing, if that's God's will. I stopped praying for results long ago...I found that what I want is not necessarily what is planned for me. So now I just pray for God's grace in accepting and making the most of the outcome...whatever it is.

especially about not praying for results. I usually just pray to help me or other people get through tough stuff and to appreciate the good stuff.

5. It's a drenching raining day today. Last spring I fell down the steps and messed up my foot, and I always feel it on rainy days. I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't a riding day. We ride indoors, but my foot will still be feeling the rain and I'll have a hard time flexing through my heel like I need to.

6. I'll be 42 next month, and I think that's too young to feel aches and pains and have things popping and cracking when I get out of bed as much as I do. But I should be thankful I'm getting out of bed (see #4) so I'll shut up.

7. I still haven't picked up "in bloom." It takes me forever to read books anymore, and I have two that I have to read before I get to that one. So don't anyone spoil it for me! [Big Grin]

8. I had a couple of hours to myself last night. Melanie was at a jazz festival at school (didn't get home until 11:30 - I hate staying up that late waiting up for her!). And yahoo and Gracie went to a father-daughter dance at her school. It was a Mexico theme. They had a donkey relay. The dads were the donkeys. Apparently my yahoo really got into the role and was the hit of the dance. Oh, and they won the relay! The prize was a pair of cheesy dollar store maraccas.

9. for ummagumma - who is a class act.

10. So I spent my 2 free hours last night sorting through old photos to get them organized for my scrapbook. It was fun reliving all those memories.

11. I love it that you tutor, jojo. If more people chose not to have children and used their time to help children in need, I wonder what kind of difference it would make in our world. Maybe I will do that when I go into my "empty nest" phase.

12. Just to end on an even number...

Posted by Melissa, PoSC (Member # 2324) on 04-02-2005 11:38 AM :
1. I am pregnant, so I can't have wine. I thought this wouldn't bother me so much, because I'm not a heavy drinker, but sometimes a good meal is great when complimented with the right glass of wine. It's very depressing.

2. Since I've gotten pregnant, I've given up the following
*All Alcohol
*Hot Tubs/Hot Shower
*Hot Dogs
*Deli Meat
*All Forms of caffiene (I even try to limit my chocolate, despite what you might read below)
*Artificial Sweetners
*Any and all "Diet" things that have artificial sweetener in the, except Splenda. As this was 50% of my pre-pregnancy diet, this is hard.
*Uncooked veggies, since I can not longer digest them (which was the other 50% of my pre-pregnancy diet)
*Excessive amounts of sugar (because I'm scared of gestational diabetes)
*Sitting at the bar or anywhere that people smoke.
*Weight lifting, situps, and pushups (though I don't really miss the pushups.)
*Any kind of fish except for shellfish (because of the mercury contents)
*Diet Coke (falls into some of the categories above, but it was such a huge part of my life before I thought it deserved its own category.

9. I really get angry when I see my spouse consuming/doing any of the above.

3. I haven't bought Ya-Yas in bloom yet. I keep meaning to, but I'm SO tired after work. I might pick it up today, if I can get up the energy to leave the house.

4. American Idol bores me. Simon bores me. Who the hell does he think he is, the director of the Atlanta Symphony? I've been told that I suck by some of the most amazing musical talents in this country and, indeed, the world; I hardly need to hear it from a two-bit hack like Simon. Furthermore, he always cuts down the people with actual talent in favor of the ones that will look good on magazine covers or sound good when a machine electronically alters their voice. Then there's no one worth voting for left by the time the finals get around.

I am addicted to LOST, though. If I could could just gorge myself on that show and watch 6 episodes back-to-back on a Saturday night, I would. But the reruns don't interest me. I want new, damnit, and I want it now!

5. The Pope: I'm sorry he's suffering. I was raised Catholic, and I've always had a certain tenderness for the Pope. However, I think his passing will be good for him and good for the world. Fresh blood in a position of such power is usually a good thing. Not that I wish him ill. For all the poor calls I think he's made over the years, I genuinely still believe that he thinks he's making good calls, and you can't fault a person who's genuinely trying to do the right thing, even if you disagree with them. Unless that person is George Bush, but that's another bag of clams.

6. Being raised Catholic, I can still recite the Mass by heart, and I'm a better person to watch than the little old lady in the front pew if you need to know when to sit, stand, or kneel, and I know all the words to all the hymns, all in English, and some in Latin.

7. I now have three private flute students, and even though I'm exhausted by the time they come on Thursdays and always wish it wasn't Thursday before they come, once they're there I can't stand it - I just love teaching. It's amazing that 1 1/2 hours of work on Thursday nights is what keeps me going professionally. I never realized how much I loved teaching until I stopped doing it. That's a shame.

8. I don't understand why people diss public school. Having taught in both public and private schools, I would NEVER put my child in a private school. I think the standards for education are much higher in public schools, I think the teachers are generally more qualified (considering I taught in private schools and have never even taken one education class), and private school students - in my experience - have more discipline problems. I know that private schools take a lot of kids kicked out of public schools. I'm not saying all private schools or private school students are bad, by any means, but my experience has shown me that public wins out over private any day.

9. I heard my baby's heartbeat for the first time on Tuesday. I'm embarrassed to admit this: I was a little disappointed. I mean, sure, it was a good a steady heartbeat at 160 BPM, but I just expected something MORE. The doctor said, "Well, there it is!" He let me listen to it for a while, then put the Doppler away. I think I wanted him to say something like, "Wow! With a heartbeat like that, your baby's got to have an IQ of 155!" or "Wow! That heartbeat signifies that your child will be a musicial/literary/scientific prodigy."

I know that's not what the Doppler is for, but that's what I was hoping for.

I am just glad that little Dude or Dudette has a heartbeat. I think I understand now why mothers get so heartbroken when their child become interested in things other than them: Friends, school, careers, and eventually their own spouse. Though you love them, and you want what's best for them, you can still remember the time when their heart beat only for you.

It's amazing to me that I have something which is a part of me, in that it eats what I eat and it warm or cold when I am warm or cold, yet seperate from me, with its own heartbeat and its own agenda (currently, growing a torso and failing around in it's comfy little home). I'm 13 weeks pregnant now, weeks from feeling those little kicks, but the baby is so busy and I can't even tell. It's very, very odd.

10. Speaking of pregnancy, my best friend (Blonde Goddess of Youth, for those who remember her) told me a story about her co-worker today, who, by the time she realized she was pregnant, figured out she was 3 months along. She went in for an ultrasound and found out she was FIVE months along!!!

My question: HOW could you be so unobservant?

In a way, I envy her the months of obession and worry that she did without. I think about the baby all day, every day, except when I'm exercising, when I think about exhaustion and breathlessness.

11. More "since I've been pregnant" stuff: My tolerance for exercise has gone WAY down. Two weeks after finding out that I was pregnant, I jogged a 5k on base. Yesterday, I WALKED a 5k and felt short of breath. Something has genuinely HAPPENED to my body since becoming pregnant. I used to think that was a load of bull, but now I think it's true: The pregnant body is just not the same as the non-pregnant body.

11. My husband is coming home today from his deployment, three weeks before I was expecting him. He was deployed not in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, but an ongoing Air Force Mission. I think that, with the war, people forget about those who are deployed for our on-going missions, but those people are gone none-the-less and deserve our support, too.

12. Since my husband is coming home, I have GOT to get the house cleaned in the next 5 hours. The house isn't DIRTY (since I can't live like that) but it's not up to my husband's standards. Not that he'd go all "Sleeping with the Enemy" on me or anything, but he will clean it himself before going to bed if it isn't clean enough, which means that I won't get to spend time with him. He just can't help it. And I hate to do that to him, since he's been on a plane for hours, so I need to clean it myself. It is, after all, my own mess. Well, and the dog's mess, but she doesn't have opposable thumbs, so what's she going to do?

13. Usually, when one of us is TDY or deployed, the other tries to do something spectacular with the house while the other is gone. We have competitive home upgrade problems. Once, when I was gone from the old house, my husband turned out weed pit of a yard into a gorgeous showplace. When he went away, I had our bathroom remodeled, redesigned, and I repainted it myself. Another time he was gone, I repainted the kitchen, stairwell, and a bedroom. This time. . . I've done nothing. I bought a couple of throw-pillows for the living room, but that's it. I'm just too tired for anything else. I thought about going out front and clearing out the plants so they can re-grow since it's spring, but I haven't got the energy.

14. Since the weather's been nicer, I've been leaving the sliding glass door open for the dog, so she can run in and out as she pleases while it's warm. She really loves that! That way, she can be outside, but can poke her head in every couple of whiles to make sure she's not missing anything. She also brings me offerings from the yard (read: her yard toys), dragging bits of grass with her. She has grass stuck inside the buckle of her collar right now. . . how DID she manage that?

15. I wanted pie last night, so I bought a whole pie from village Inn. I don't know what I did it. . . it's so sweet I can hardly stand it, but yet I did. I'm balming the hormones. . . the baby made me do it.

16. I need to get up right now or this whole day will be a waste.


Posted by Her Royal Fatrness (Member # 4239) on 04-02-2005 12:15 PM :
PoSC, you might want to look into preggie water aerobic classes. Most YMCA's have them. I have friends who swear by them.

Posted by royal grand poobah of dust bunnies (Member # 6574) on 04-02-2005 12:33 PM :
We need to get jojo ripped more often! [laughing]

Posted by Charrdonnay (Member # 3537) on 04-02-2005 05:55 PM :
I want to write more but have to say right off that I thought that about Winger when I saw "Shadowlands" too.

Posted by travelin.sam (Member # 3985) on 04-02-2005 06:02 PM :
1. This past week truly sucked eggs - wish I had some serious liquor here. Hell, wish I was a serious drinker. I really don't like wine much and the one time I found one I loved, yahoo drank it with Sprite while I was out of town. Lucky for him he didn't pull that chit this past week - I would have gotten off with justifiable homicide.

2. I realized this morning that I can't save the world. Why did it take me nearly 50 years to acknowledge that? Because I'm a control freak at heart. I don't think that's going to change a whole lot in the next 50 years, but maybe they'll be a little less stressful (you know, you can't change what you don't acknowledge and all that psychobabble I spent 4 years getting a degree in).

3. I think Daisy is going to be fine with being an only dog. I know I'm fine with only one dog although I'll admit that I sort of miss Jack-dog's quirky little smile. When daisy dies I'm going to be dogless for at least 6 months and then I'm going to get a small, sturdy little dog.

4. I have to admit I really love taking tap dancing lessons. My brain is having to work really hard and my feet tend to get only half the message, but I'm having a blast. My left foot usually takes longer to get the lesson than the right and I've yet to be able to do a dance step all the way through. Doesn't matter, though. I'm getting great joy in wearing my tap shoes and making those tap noises with them (even if I can't keep up with the music).

5. I'm going to take Eli to karate on Saturday mornings more often. The class size is lots smaller and after class we can go out and have lunch before coming home. Today we ended up at Taco Bell even though yahoo and I wanted to go to Red Lobster.

6. There are definite disadvantages to raising grandchildren - one being that Taco Bell thing. We were intending to do more together, alone, after the children were grown and we no sooner got the youngest into high school than we had a baby in the house. 3 years later and another baby and adoption and now we'll be old folks when they're out of the house. Well, okay, Dave will be old. I'll only be 65 [Wink].

7. I don't watch AI. Never watched it and don't have any desire to watch it, but I sure love reading jojo's comments on it. Now Lost - there's a show yahoo and I hope goes to dvd as soon as this season is over. I think we have a clue about what's going on, but both of us would love to sit and watch every episode from first to last without a break. I like Desperate Housewives just as much.

8.I should be in the basement doing some sewing. I don't know what I want to sew, but I was thinking about making some gifts for everyone who wants to come to my 50th birthday party. It's not looking so good for a great party, but I may host a gathering someplace and see who loves me enough to attend. Anyone want to come to the prairie for a gathering?

9. I think it was classy of you, ummagumma, to apologize publicly. You were the only one I've seen to say sorry for that particular snap judgement and there were several YaYas who held that view. Very classy....

9. I think I bought too much hay. A month ago I had run out so I bought another 8 tons (one bale a week until the grass grows again). The horses don't like this as much as the first 16 bales - they're not eating it very fast at all and I think I'm going to be left with 4 tons. And I want to move before fall - Oh well, guess it won't hurt to bless the neighbors with hay when I go.

10. My healthy eating plan has gone to hell in a handbasket. Emotional eating is soothing to the soul but wreaks havoc with the scale. Too bad - I needed those cookies and I'm not apologizing for them. I'll take the couple of pounds they cost me off next week when I'm walking my 4 miles.

11. I'm grateful jojo had a chardonnay thread going when I got home this afternoon. It's kept me busy and (mostly) out of the cookies [Big Grin]

Posted by Queen Crystalbeach (Member # 3759) on 04-02-2005 06:11 PM :
1.I am somewhat saddened by the death of the Pope but OMG I am so angry about tv coverage of everything these days..all those talking heads!

2.It would be absolutely amazing to have a massage..I wonder if I ever will..

3.Haven't bought Ya Yas In Bloom yet..was going to look for it in the USA yesterday and forgot..

4.I cannot abide American Idol...they are all so "no talent"..really looking forward to watching Canadian Idol in my trailer come soon!

5.I can totally understand Jo-Jo's thing about Catholics...I won't go there cause I get too many people riled up..

6. So glad that Athena is back from St. Vincent...getting used to having her around again.. [Big Grin]

7. There are ya yas that I worry about here every day..No lie...

8. Wish that more people would post/respond on the recipe forum..guess not that many people like to cook?

9. ok so this one is for ummagumma???

10.. I love it when people post pictures here...wish we could still do "name that tune"...

11. Shout outs are awesome..wish I had some [Big Grin]

Posted by Queen Crystalbeach (Member # 3759) on 04-02-2005 06:56 PM :
Did I acutally bring this thread to a close...?

Posted by Charrdonnay (Member # 3537) on 04-02-2005 07:07 PM :
Of course not. AND I will get my self back to the recipe forum.

Posted by Tacha (Member # 4731) on 04-02-2005 07:49 PM :
I am not a big drinker anymore but man could sure use something tonight as I feel totally crappy with this dang cold that has attacked me.

1-Nothing like a massage to make you feel good. It is my every 3 week treat to me. I can't live without my massages any more. I book the next one before leaving each time and look so forward to it. I used to feel guily about them but I gave it up when i found out how much better I feel after and now the insurance company totally covers it

2-I love my Costco card-I just ordered my new glasses there yesterday and I can actually afford them! Everywhere else is just way too high

3-I have a drug addiction-It is my horses! They are the best drug around!

4-Not into AI or CI at all. Not into listening the the crap they feed ya

5-I am sad about the passing of the Pope but at least he is at peace now. Parkinsons is not a fun disease-I am watching my father fade away with it

6-I hear T Sam on the emotional eating-been doing some of it myself this week after my row with mil

7-My copy of yayas in bloom should be arriving soon. Okay I cheated cause I am getting it free from another board and all I have to do it read it-not a hardship at all!

8-I so did not need this cold but will accept it as a hint from my body that I need to slow down

9- I am pissed I am getting old! I found out yesterday that I have to start wearing bifocals again-wore them for a couple of years when i was a teen. Seems my eyes have gone down enough uneveningly to need them. Also means I have to wear my glasses all the time not just as needed cause once again my eye sight has gone down far enough to warrant this-I hate my glasses

10-I just don't want to end on an odd number


Posted by cutiepatootie (Member # 3655) on 04-02-2005 08:50 PM :
Hey y'all!

1. I got 2 copies of "YYIB" yesterday for my birthday. One from my parents, the other from a very good friend of mine. I have been friends with her since 7th grade. And until recently, I never knew she loved to read as much as I do. [Cool]

2. I hate sucking the snot out of Sonya's nose with that blue bulb thingie. But she can't breathe otherwise. Parenting is pretty gross sometimes, and I've only just started. I guess it doesn't get any less-gross.

3. I am very sad by the Pope's passing. I cried and will probably cry when they show the funeral. I am not Catholic, I am not even Christian. I think he was more than just pope. He was a great man and I respect him.

4. And as much as I love him, I am fed up with the "talking heads", as Crystalbeach so aptly described them, that I hope they don't ruin the funeral for me.

5. Jojo, I bet all your kids aced their WWI tests!

6. Mel, I am so excited for you and I think you will be a GREAT mother. You seem very aware and concious and I have faith in your ability to raise a wonderful child.

7. I am tired. My mom's school had a carnival today and we went. I got 3 books from a booth. One was Curious George, another kids book and a book about the gender differences in parenting styles. They were 4 "tickets" (or $1) altogether.

8. I have started YYIB and love it already.

9. for ummagumma. [Wink]

Posted by The_Jammie_Queen (Member # 5664) on 04-02-2005 09:25 PM :
You crack me up. I swear. I'm cutting and pasting this into my palm pilot to read when I get pissy.

The Ya Ya book costs $13.67 or something like that at Costco but I bet you would have filled your cart and not just gone in to buy the one book huh? I was in there today JUST TO GET COFFEE cuz it saves me $23.00

Again......you are so funny jojo.

I so appreciate you!!!!!!!

Posted by Queen of Divine Rainbows (Member # 9803) on 04-02-2005 09:47 PM :
- chocolate ice cream and coffee b/c I am underage;

1) for chcoolate

2) for ice cream

3)for chocolate icecream

4) for coffee

5)for coffee icecream

6) for Ya-Yas

7)for this Gumbo site

8)for Ms. Wells

9) for Vi-Vis

10)for angel-food-cake flavored lipgloss

11)for parler francais!

12) becuase I said so. [Big Grin]

Posted by MissCleo (Member # 4810) on 04-02-2005 10:18 PM :
Since I am still on the 'Sideways' bandwagon, I drank some fabulous Pinot Noir tonight (La Crema).
I will buy the movie when it comes out on Tuesday.

Today has been crappy and I don't even want to type about it.

I used to get chair massages at work until I realized that as soon as I get back to normal life, work, family, etc., I was right back where I started from.

I am Catholic and don't really understand all the sobbing going on about the Pope. He was very old and sick. May he rest in peace.

I sincerely hope my parents approve of the new Pope or I'll never hear the end of it.

Most of my friends are teachers. I admire them. They are amazing and I could not/would not, do what they do.

We did not get to take son and his main squeeze/future wife to be - to dinner tonight - she is under the weather, maybe next weekend.

I have some weird-azz neighbors, at least I'm normal. [Razz]

I don't number my ramblings.

Posted by Princess Dia (Member # 8504) on 04-03-2005 11:38 AM :
Hi, jojo cucina cucina. Love your name. Love this thread!

About this:

9. I just mispelled 'heroin". And it got me to thinking why the word "hero" is in that word anyway.

* I may be able to help with you with that. I don't know the validity of this story but one of my professors told this to us. He said that a German pharmacy was conducting experiments on two different strains of drugs. After using one, the testees (!) said it made them feel like heroes (hence, Heroin) and the other group claimed it made them aspire for more (Hence, Aspirin).

* Its been so long since I watched truly good movie and I miss it. I hope this year churns out some new ones to make up for 2004.

* Melissa, PoSC I loved reading your post. I actually can't wait to get pregnant and see those changes in my own body. I find it amazing that a baby grows inside of you and you carry it everywhere! Is there such a thing as alone time when you're pregnant?

* I loved Ya-Yas in Bloom. I devoured in one night even as I tried to ration it out. I'm on my second re-read now.

* I can't wait for the new week in a new month. I love the idea of a new start.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

Big Brother... and other stuff... like Tilda Swinton and David Bowie.

About this book: 
I just read this book and wish i didn't buy it for my Kindlefire so i could loan it out. The author of this book wrote "We Need To Talk About Kevin" which was quite a book. It was the one written from a mother's perspective after her son shot up schoolmates Columbine style. (They made a good movie about it that starred that actress who is kind of beautiful and kind of homely, you know what i mean when i say that?.... Tilda Swinton....i think she is so unusual looking aside from being a really terrific actress. I also think that Tilda Swinton and David Bowie could be twins!)

In case y'all don't know who i'm talking about I'm going to go find a photo and post it at the bottom. ..... see what i mean? 

So anyway, back to the book....Big Brother is not about the latest NSA scandal or anything to do with losing our civil liberties as you can see from the book cover.... it's about family and it's about food issues. (But wouldn't that be kind of cool though if this blog was on the NSA radar?)

Big Brother is a story told from a sister's point of view about her jazz musician brother who hits rock bottom, and though he has lost everything, what he has gained is about 200 extra pounds of weight. Where he once weighed 163 pounds shows up to visit his sister after not seeing her for awhile and she is shocked that he has gained over 200 lbs. And it goes from there.

The novel (and it is a novel, though i have read the author did have a brother who was extremely obese) is about addiction, dysfunctional families, control issues and marriage. (Stuff i identify with. except for the food issues). The book also educated me about some food issues in a way i hadn't thought of before, and at the same time gave me enough knowledge to know that i can't ever really understand. Also the characters were really well defined.

I liked this book a lot, even  as i didn't like some of the characters! But then you weren't supposed to.  I like a book that can make me get angry at a character so much that i wish i could jump in the page and give them a piece of my mind. Lionel Shriver is a really good writer.

Shriver also has an amazing vocabulary and for that reason i was glad that i had the Kindlefire because i had to look up quite a few words. (Though it didn't take away from the story for me.) Sometimes writers get too esoteric or lyrical and i lose interest in all the prose. But not with this book.

For example, here are some of those words from Lionel Shriver's writing:

  • apocryphal 
  • parvenus
  • penumbra
  • asceticism
  • clafoutis

I do love the Kindle for that. I am merrily reading away and the word "garrulous" shows up and I  pretty much, kinda, sorta know what that word means in relation to the story but if someone were to ask me what the word means i would be stumped. (Though i would know how to spell it.)

So i love the Kindle for that.

By the way, can anyone use those 5 words above in a sentence? I cannot.

Tilda. Actually this is one of her better photos.
David Bowie

Thursday, June 13, 2013

HGTV Stupid BrouHaHa

HAHA is right!

I am sick to death of outrage over stupid ass stuff. (You know what i mean. The stuff that Jon Stewart lambasts Fox News about.)

I am writing about this now because it has hit my favorite TV channel. Now some Fox News loving American type assfucks are going after my HGTV Channel! 

Y'all have heard me talk about HGTV Channel being one of my favorite channels. You already know I LOVE those Property Brothers!.... (wish i could get my nieces to marry one of those twins....preferably the construction dude twin who wears the toolbelt of course.) And I love Property Virgins and i love the House Hunters , and I especially love watch the international House Hunters because i love to hate on assholes....

The international dickwad buyers go looking for a vacation home outside of the country...but something is wrong with all three homes the realtor shows them..it doesn't have fancy travertine tile  in the bathroom... or granite in the kitchen...or stainless steel appliances.... or it's only 1000 square feet. YOU ASSHOLES...it's a vacation home in BoraBora or Costa Rica, your second home....so shut the fuck up!  I especially get irritated with the couples who make their home buying decisions on whether or not their beloved dog will have a special yard to run and poop in.)

Disclaimer: since i started thinking i don't really want a post-retirement job in the schools i am starting to cuss more. (I think Thug Kitchen is getting to me. I think i need to be de-Thugged!) 

So yes....I love to hate those people! 

So back to my story...what happened was this: on HGTV's Facebook page they recently posted this photo, shown above. It's an American flag used as a table runner. (I think to be used for a 4th of July celebration or maybe it's in celebration of Flag Day, which just happens to be tomorrow.)

So let me ask you this...what was your first impression when you saw this photo? Did it piss you off? Cause if it did then you should probably stop reading right now.... OR we can talk about it, but only if we do in a civil manner and not like in a Fox News manner. Cause i actually would welcome a civil discussion on this.

Because the people on Facebook went ballistic. So HG Channel, realizing that they underestimated Americans and their stupid ass extreme patriotism, apologized on Facebook yesterday. But that still wasn't enough. People are still crazed over the fact that an American flag would be used in such a way.

I refuse to get my butt tangled up in a knot because someone decided to use the flag as a table runner.  As a culture we are so often misguided about what to be outraged about in our country.

So let me ask this... Where is/was the outrage over these things?.....

1. a fake war, (which has inciting outrage, but probably not from these flag nutbutts),
2. bankers getting off scot-free as they contributed to the collapse of our economy,
3. little kids going hungry,
4. mentally ill folks roaming the streets, homeless,
4. teachers and unions being vilified as the problem in our economy,
5. polarizing politicians not owning up to their responsibility to our state and country,
6. veterans coming back from the war without the proper support,
7. the Kardashians invading our cable tv,(Though they would actually likley garnish as much attention on Facebook as the American flag),
8. that the Fifty Shades of Grey author is a millionaire now,
9. that the tv show Freaks and Geeks was cancelled before it should have been,
10. that Donald Trump is seen or heard ANYWHERE,
11. that Chris Daughtry didn't win American Idol in 2006.

I could go on, but i want y'all to add what YOU think should be on the list. 

So please come and add to this list! Also add what you think are stupid brouhahas!

Notes to self: 
All time blog views: 44,658
Page views last month: 994
Most popular blog post this month: AGAIN....Bad Boyfriend with 100 page views this month. And this is from years ago. I don't get the appeal.
Page views yesterday: 42...