Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blog Fog

Just need to update it, so i did.I had time before work to at least witness The Kiss on the Balcony. Kate is beautiful. Though she looks like she lost weight since the footage I had recently been watching of her.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Totally Random jojo Musings

Menu of the Day 

Photo: I don't think i've posted this one before. I took it at a restaurant in Sedona (for obvious reasons), which is where we were this time last year. Which is where i want to be right now. I am sick to death of our crappy concrete colored sky, the kind of dampness that withers your bones into the consistency of tofu (and not the firm version), my tofu/mushroom colored skin tone, and that horrible feeling like the clouds that cover our blue skies are also in my head making me forget even the smallest things like... did i take my vitamin this morning? Or was that my antihistamine?

Mood: See above. (Truth is, it should have been a Valium instead of a vitamin.)

iTunes: i bought this Justin and Steve Earle song called "Time You Waste". It's a little country, but i really like the song and the lyrics. 

The Best Thing That Happened: The fact that nothing BAD happened. 

OK.....on with the randomness. Let's see it's 8:23 as i write. I am just going to go for it and not think about what i say. Here we go:

1. Sometimes when i want a glass of wine but don't think i should because it's a school night i will get on the scale. if i am over my 'magic weight' it's easy, i don't pour any. If i'm under, i'm good to go. 

2. Though i don't think it's the wine that affects my weight so much as the carbohydrates, such as my propensity to eat frozen bread right out of the freezer in my carbo desperation. 

3. But i think somewhere i read in an Oprah magazine a long time ago where either she was quoted or it was in an article that alcohol slows down your body's ability to burn fat. (I don't get that magazine anymore.)

4. Today i was running. And ahead of me a ways on Phillips Road was a younger girl and she looked like she was about my pace. So i decided to make it a goal to pass her up. It took me a bit, but i did pass her up, along with a little bit of help from a Foo Fighters song: the fast version of "Times Like These". 

5. The problem with this is that she was behind me for almost the rest of my run ( i know cause i sneaked peaks). And because of that i had to keep up that fast pace because i didn't want to feel like a schmuck to just pass her up and slow down. 

6. And when i got home i had to run around the almost the whole circle of our condo to get my whole 35 minute run in. That run wore me out today. 

7. My husband just came in to interrupt me and talk about his band, which is going through some disorganization or whatever you call it when a band isn't coming together. I told him he should let me manage them and i will only take 10% over what they make. Which is $0. I thought i offered a good deal. But he ain't hiring. But he should.  

8. He interrupted my random chain of thought. I'll try to get back to it, but first let me put my music back on: here comes Joe Purdy's "Just Can't Get it Right Today"...or the Kia commercial song as i like to call it. 

9. Speaking of commercials: Who else thinks the "Mayhem Like Me" Allstate guy is hot? 

10. If i didn't already have the best insurance in the world (Pemco), i would switch on those ads along.

11. I am sucker for good advertising. (I actually think i would have loved to have a career in advertising and my husband actually does, only he is selling one product: education, which right now is sort of like trying to sell nuclear power to the Japanese).  Because of good advertising I researched and ending up buying (and loving) my D90 Nikon camera all because the Ashton Kutcher commercials caught my attention.

12. I've said this before, but if J-Lo was pimping Nikon or Tom Cruise, i wouldn't have given them a second look.

13. Y'all might recall (I like how that sounds, "Y'all might recall") that i collect obituaries. It started a long time ago with pet obituaries because i thought it was so funny that people would spend big bucks for a photo and an obituary for their dog (Do y'all know how expensive an obituary is with a photo? We're talking $500 bucks at least, depending on how many lines.) Anyway it struck me that Fido and Spot can't read, nor do they have texting abilities, so it's not like Fido can call or text Spot and say, "Hey did you know that Marley died?"

Anyway after awhile i started collecting any unique obituary and now have enough to fill more than one scrapbook . (For example, one of them is for a homeless man...and sadly, some are in the scrapbook because i know them.) But it's been a long time since an obituary was 'jocucina scrapbook worthy'. 

But today there was one. And here it is (link below) : Thomas Christopher Hansen was born the same year that i was, which is why i noticed it in the first place.... (I love the ending the best.)

And i think i'm going to post an online tribute after i get off of here, because i remember one of the comments on my nephew Josh's obituary was from someone none of us knew and i remember how much i appreciated that she felt compelled to write  simply because of what Troy had written about his son. And i remember feeling better after i read it. 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Slow News Day...updated with yet another photo....

Menu of the Day:

Definition of Woop Woop

1. Australian term: used to describe the middle of nowhere.
2. similar to the American term for the "boonies".
3. Used to describe a place not usually inhabited and out of one's normal travel. A hole
"yeah, he lives out in woop woop" 
In my glass: Woop Woop Shiraz (it's from Australia) (second glass). LOVE this wine. Love the title!

Listening to: Citizen Cope's "Healing Hands' (LOVE this song so much that i have two copies of it in my iTunes library

Movie Rec: I want eveyone to watch "It's Kind of a Funny Story". I LOVED this movie. It's got the Zac (burly bearded dude carrying the baby from The Hangover) and this wonderful new young actor. Troy recommended this to me. It's such a good movie.

The Best Thing : I'm moving forward and finalizing everything for our remodel. I liked the bid i got for the tiling and sheetrock. I liked the bid I got for the Corian for our kitchen and bathroom. I'm ready to roll. Can't wait.

The Next Best Thing: i got to see my favorite friends in the world this week. Sarah/louie and i had a nice dinner at Marzanos and then to a place that had 'wine on tap'. Then Modern Hippie/Kylee and Julie came over for my famous Marcella Italian lasagne and wine so Kylee could help us out with remodel/interior design stuff. (Julie's remodeling too).

OK, on with the randomness. As usual i have no idea what's on my mind or what i will write.

1. Sometimes you have to splurge on good stuff. Just yesterday i bought a very nice extra virgin olive oil at my favorite H & L Produce place. I usually use my usual Costco Kirkland kind, which is okay, but this Sotte Voce EVO makes dishes pop. 

2. I also bought flowers for myself. Splurging is important. Especially when it has been raining five days in a row. 

3. Yesterday it rained with these misty hard little prickly raindrops. When i went running it almost hurt because it blew right into my face. And when i came back and looked in the mirror my mascara had run down my face and i looked like a barfly who had been crying in her beer all night. 

4. I can only hope that this make-up mishap happened AFTER the cute guy asked me for directions to the Oakbrook Country Club. 

5. The thing about running where i live is that i am not lying when i say i get asked for directions at least once or twice a month. Everyone gets lost in Oakbrook. In fact when i moved here i was lost running for an hour before i found my way home after dark. And ironically when that happened i had a car stop and ask me for directions. 

6. I recently discovered The Decemberists. I love their song, "Down by the Water".  Can't hear it enough. I need to buy more of them, but i just checked and i only have $2.86 in my account. 

7. I have had a great lazy day. I watched the HG channel for most of it. I wish Holmes from Holmes on Home and the Brian guy from DIY Disaster were in my family. 

8. Oh yeah...Wine on tap....i was skeptical ...but it was good!

9. Slow News Days are good. After Japan's disaster i think we can all use the reprieve. 

come and tell us about your slow news. (Or fast news too...that works.) I don't have a photo to put up right now, but maybe later.