Thursday, October 25, 2012

In My Humble Opinion

My friend Julie (jj here) gave me this little journal. I put the whole subtitle on the previous blog post in my last comment so i won't type out the whole thing except this part:

"A journal to vent about why people are like that and why all the stupid things they do are so obvious to me...."

So i'm going to keep this close to me and write down stuff as i feel irritated. I have been a longtime journal writer, starting around the age of 9 with those little diaries that had that stupid little key that really never locked your thoughts away. But that key was so cute!

In this little book there are tips on journaling and i like this one by Anais Nin: "What feels vivid, warm, or near to you at the moment?"

So let's get on with my humble opinion. . . not sure it's all that humble, since it's me writing, but hell, it's part of the book here we go!

1. In my humble opinion  - i think that the presidential race is not that close at all!  Those cable news channels are full of shit, but i'm glad they are saying it's neck and neck, because then more people vote. And when more people vote, Democrats win! I think Obama will handily win. (I want to predict a landslide, but i can't because of the Republican money, and for that reason i am afraid we are going to get a bad Governor. )

2. In my humble opinion - You can never have too many pairs of jeans. I just bought another pair of Christopher Blues. Here's my bitch: I had to buy them in 34 inseam. I have something like a 28 inseam. They are supposed to be boot cut but by the time i cut them off and hem them they will be skinny jeans.

3. In my humble opinion - nearly every time i leave H&L produce i have to turn on to a busy street that feeds off the freeway. There is a left turn lane and a separate lane for people, like me, turning right. Seriously, about every other time i am there i get behind a giant SUV turning left who blocks BOTH lanes and so now i totally understand road rage.

4. In my humble opinion - Verbosity is not a bad thing. I was thinking about how i posted earlier that i was going to make these shorter and so far i have done exactly the opposite, starting with live blogging the debates!... For some reason it's a challenge for me to keep things short. I have no idea how to rein myself in. I do the same with voice mails. It's my wiring. I would be a Terrible Twitterer. 

5. And in my humble opinion - Contradicting oneself is not so bad either! It means you are always evolving.

6. One last humble opinion...probably my most important one me, anyway... People who don't vote should leave the country, or at the very least, leave whatever room i am in. I can almost say, without apology, that i hate people who don't vote. Or to be more accurate, i can't imagine that i could ever be friends with you if you didn't.

What are YOUR humble opinions?

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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Menu of the Day:

Last song purchased from iTunes: Don't laugh, but it was Wichita Lineman by Glen Campbell. (Brian had something to do with this.)

Shout Out : Swiss Charrd, where you be?

Book: The Magician's Wife by Ann Patchett. So far, so good.

Photo: Goes with my celebrity crush (below). I heard that Brad Pitt was the new ad campaign face for Chanel, here's a still shot from that.

I haven't done Threes in awhile. So here we go!

Three things I could live without: 

  • a phone
  • Facebook
  • birthday parties

Three things i would hate to give up: 

  • coffee
  • wine
  • books

Three celebrity crushes:

  • Johnny Depp
  • Brad Pitt
  • John Corbett (back in his Northern Exposure days, BEFORE he started up with Bo Derek!)

Three things without fail, that are ALWAYS in my refrigerator:

  • parmesan cheese
  • old butter 
  • soy sauce 

Three lies I keep telling myself: 

  • I'm going to stop complaining about people i work with.
  • I'm going to not open that second bottle of wine on Friday night.
  • I'm going to start dressing my age.

Three things i hate about home decor when i see it:

  • fake plants
  • vertical blinds
  •  family picture collages hung on walls all over the place

Three things i hope will happen:

  • Obama gets re-elected in a landslide!
  • All of my local election issues on the ballot get passed: Our Democrat Governor and my other legislative picks, NO on Charter Schools, Yes on Same Sex Marriage.
  • My new raincoat that i bought for doorbelling this Saturday arrives tomorrow!

Three Best Things about the 2nd Obama/Romney Debate
  • The now infamous Romney quote about the Binder of Women 
  • Obama not throwing Hillary under the bus over the Libya attacks.
  • Obama's "Proceed Governor

OK, what do y'all have for threes?

Notes to Self: 
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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

For Gawd's Sake...No Big Bird, PLEASE ! Live Blogging Debate #2!

Ok, I was actually planning on switching out my summer clothes for winter clothes while watching the debate, but louie called me at work. So here I am. And I'm sure she will be soon. And it's too depressing switching out the summer clothes if Obama is a pussy again. So i'm going to open up a porter, eat some leftover Chinese food and blog away!

I think Candy Crowley is going to be so much better than Jim Lehrer!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another Sunday Night Blog About Stuff

Menu of the Day: 

All Menu Today: 

What i'm doing: i'm listening to my new Mark Knopfler cd Privateering and i'm matching a humongous batch of chili. However, the best music i've bought all month was Van Morrison's new one: Plan B. I rarely like a cd on a first listen, but this one is great!

Secret Ingredient in my Chili: 2 squares of Bakers cooking chocolate and about 10-12 oz of a Chocolate Stout beer. Oh yeah, and some brown sugar. (I recently read a recipe in my Cooks  Illustrated magazine where they put crushed walnuts in their vegetarian chili recipe. I will try that sometime.)

The Best Thing That Happened this Week: We had a family deal at Rollie's tavern last night for my Dad's 78th birthday (his neighborhood tavern) and it was pretty fun. It's a funky bar with decent bar food, like sliders and wings and chicken tenders and a really great juke box. Everybody there knows my Dad and he's very happy when he gets to show off his family and look important. My nephew Brian and his wife showed up to celebrate too among other relatives we don't usually see.They brought their really cool wedding book that Kylee made them on Shutterfly and they gave me a print from the wedding of me hugging my nephew Brian. It's a cute shot and sweet that they made me a print. )

Another Best Thing: It hit 74 degrees today! BEAUTIFUL DAY! i cannot remember the last time i was rained on while running. It's been something 2 months. Maybe more!

The Worst Thing That Happened: Well according to the media, it was Obama doing very poorly in the debate. I didn't think he did THAT bad. I think Romney did SO much better.

What I've recently Discovered: OMG, Project Runway. i LOVE this! louie/sarah i think you told me awhile back you watched this show. I saw Tim on Jon Stewart weeks back and decided to DVR it. But i forgot to watch until this morning. I watched 3 episodes in a row and got hooked on the first one. What's funny is Brian was looking at his computer but kept watching too and then he started jumping in with his own opinions about the designers. And he often got it right! I have two more left on my queue. Does anyone else here watch? I want to talk about it!

The Reason This is Hilarious: louie and i recently talked about this - our husbands are not what you call fashion forward in any way whatsoever. But it's endearing to me when Brian comes to me in the morning and asks me if he looks okay.... (does this shirt go with this tie? Are these pants okay with this shirt?.... That sort of thing. This week he came in to ask for advice before he left for work because he was meeting the chancellor of the college. I look him up and down, He has a nice shirt and jacket, but i say to him.... "I think you need to iron your pants." His reply: "I already did."

That's what i'm talking about.

What I'm Tired of: I have volunteered now 5 times phone banking for our governor race.And  I have two more this week. Plus a Saturday of doorbelling with louie. I think doorbelling works. I'm not so sure that a voice mail from me calling an independent woman voter is going to make much difference, so i'm not crazy about what I'm doing. I would so much rather be registering young voters at the colleges and in front of Safeway like i did in the last two elections.  And this governor candidate is not even a candidate i am in love with. But the other guy is too scary. Especially for unions. So i have to do this.

What I'm reading: It's a new book ... I have to go look it up on my kindle and get back to you. It's a memoir by a man writing about his mom who is dying of cancer and they start up their own little book club. "Book Club" is in the title. I'll add the title later when i fire up the Kindle.  It's not maudlin. That's why i think i'll like it. And his mom is fiesty and a true liberal activist, someone i would like. It probably will get sad at the end though.

My Last Book: thank you julie/jj for turning me on to Ann Patchett. I liked Bel Canto. I liked State of Wonder better, but this was good too. My next book by her is The Magician's Assistant.

Revelation: Back to the debate for a moment. Brian (The Huz) and i were talking about the debate and i said i wish Obama had hammered on the 47% stuff that Romney said. And Brian said something that made total sense to me about why Obama DID NOT do that. He said that it's still on voters' minds and if Obama had brought it up, it gave Romney the opportunity to sort of explain it away better once more (since he did such a poor job the first time). Obama didn't give him that chance. And i'm pretty sure the ads will be coming out very soon that will hammer on that message. SuperPacs!

Shout Out : to susieatl!  Where you be?

Ok, what's on your menu....?

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Top Viewed Blog Post This Week: Once again....the Bad Boyfriend story from 4/3/09. It's the all time top viewed post! And nearly every month the most popular. That one and the Velvet Sledgehammer wine one are usually up there. (And High School Favorites is a Close 2nd with the Velvet)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Live Blogging the ORom Debate. Who knew Big Bird was a Democrat!

I got my wine.
I got one of my many Obama t-shirts on.
I got comfortable sweats.
I love that Jim Lehrer is moderating.

here we go!
Happy 20th wedding anniversary, Barack and Michelle!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coming Tomorrow: Live Blogging during the Obama/Romney debate!

The shiraz i will be drinking is one of my favorites and SO apppropriately named:  'VELVET SLEDGEHAMMER'. Which is how i picture Obama tomorrow! 

I've done this before during the Academy Awards and it was fun. i hope some of y'all want to join me! (louie, if you are at your mom's house i guess you won't be able to do this!)

See y'all tomorrow!  

Go O! Go O! Go O!