Friday, January 2, 2015

Random Ridiculousness

I like blurry photos of myself. This is in Florence last June. 
Besides those stupid Facebook tests which tell me what a loser i am, there are other stupid links you can find. Why, i ask, do i need to know these things? Here are just a couple of those link titles along with other random stuff on my mind:

1. 18 Celebrities Who Don't Drink. Why the shit do i care? But you know what?....I almost clicked on it, just so i can feel better about not wanting to meet them.

2. I also almost clicked on 33 Terrible Movies That Had Really Terrible Names. Without even going there i can already tell you that the movie (one of my favorites too!) on that list is going to be Shawshank Redemption. Can y'all think of any more without cheating?

3. Trending on Facebook right now is Donna Douglas -(Elly May from Beverly Hillbillies) died. At the age of 81. HOW can she be that old? Was anyone else shocked to know she was that much older than you?

4. What is even weirder is that Elly May is trending and Mario Cuomo's death is not!

5. My cousin Todd posted a photo of my second ex-husband Don and his son DJ (who was probably 4 or 5 at the time) on my FB newsfeed. Not sure why he posted it since I took the photo. It feels a little bit weird having it on my timeline but i left it because i am friends with DJ (so i shared it with him) and most all of Don's nieces and nephews. DJ's mom just died last month (Don's first wife - he never married after me). She was a year older than i am. No funeral, but i did send cards.

That life seems like a really thick book that i read a long time ago that i can't quite recall the plot but just remember that it was difficult to get into and finish.

6.  I know this is stupid but i have never gotten a flu shot. Not ever. I am not afraid of needles, having been stuck with them for 34 years of allergy shots. I am afraid of how medicine seems to make me sicker sometimes. I have had bad reactions to sulfa drugs, many antibiotics, ambien, vicodin, whatever anesthetic they give you when you get a colonoscopy, etc....

But the biggest reason is that when when i was 2 years old i had to get a typhoid shot because my military father was being stationed in France for two years. The reaction to that shot paralyzed my legs for nearly a year. We thought i might never walk again, there is a name for it but i can't spell it. I'm thinking about getting one though because i babysit Baby Brady often.

Because of me getting sick we never got to go to France and my dad had to go alone. My mother still blames me for that to this day i think and it's probably the main reason we never got along.

7. My dad was movie star handsome in his 20's and 30's but kind of unaware of it which women would love. Because he was only 25 years old when he left for  France for two years without us, my sister Kelly and I use to talk about having a half brother or sister in France.

8. New Year's Resolutions. I am still keeping mine from 1980 about running and i think that is good enough. I am done with trying to be a better person. Like the Facebook tests, it just makes me feel like a failure.

I just want to be healthy, happy, and around good grounded people and help out people when you can. That is what religion is to me.

New Year's Resolutions probably would work better if you made them on your birthday.

9. for ummagumma, wherever she may be.

Notes for myself: 
Sunrise/sunset: 7:57 am; 4:32 pm (YAY! 15 minutes more daylight since last post! )
Hi low temp yesterday: 39 degrees / 23 degrees low. (I love it when it's cold.)
Book: The Bone Clocks and The Secret Place
Project: Picking out new kitchen tile, organizing floors to be refinished, getting rid of popcorn ceiling.
Word Count: Too many i know, but i don't give a shit.
Longest run: 38 minutes (left knee a problem now).
In the News: see #4 and Air Asia plane crash from Singapore