Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Not One Iota....

It’s been over two years since i quit Facebook. I do not miss it one iota. (By the way, did you know that the phrase “not one iota” comes from the New Testament in the Bible? Yep it’s from Matthew. How do i know that? Why Google, of course!)

Anyway, i started thinking about blogging again. I like having a writing outlet and still to this day even though it’s going on two years since I have posted here i am often running and i think of something to blog about. (Yes, i am STILL running - two years past my goal!) The only problem is blogging alone doesn’t give me much of a muse. Aside from the writing outlet, i also like things we used to do, i.e. when technology isn’t always replacing something with the ‘new flavor’ or update. So while blogging is dead to most everyone because of the awful social media, i’m going to bring it back for myself. I still listen to cds, i still own an iPhone 4 (which i believe is ten years old now) and i am driving a ten year old car ....that has a CD player and no navigational gizmo, so now i’ll add blogging to my list of things that would make my kids (if i had any) go ‘Moooooommmmmm!’

I’m going to bring back the format of posting random lists like i did before. (Usually while drinking wine.) I’ll add my favorite new music i’ve discovered and favorite books and a new wine i’ve discovered. I’ll probably post about politics too. But not much about Trump. (There’s not more that can be said about just how very terrible he is and it’s now redundant material.)

Right now as i write it’s the Christmas season and i love my Alpine Noble tree that i found at Harbor Greens. I usually get Fraziers or regular Nobles or Nordmanns, but this is the kind that has the spaces.  I’m still putting on the tinsel. I’ve also already finished my shopping and it’s only Dec. 3rd!

Let’s see if i can post a photo. It’s always a bit tricky posting from my iPad because i can’t tell what it looks like until i hit PUBLISH.
 Yay! It worked. 

Here is another: 

Well, that’s enough for now. I’ll be back.