Sunday, September 23, 2012


1. That new Honey Boo Boo show on TLC. It's disgusting to me that in our country we elevate this type of family to superstardom. And what's that other show? Tiaras and Tots or some damn thing where all the girls look like Jon Benet Ramsey? I believe this show was a spinoff from that show. 

2. Why can't there be a show about a young smart struggling student who does charity work or someone volunteering in the Peace Corps, people saving lives, anything but this? The shit on TV is not helping this generation be wise and honorable. Don't even get me started on the Baby Mamas and those Jersey assholes. 

3. I'm really afraid God is watching TV (I'm sure God gets bored too!) and I'm afraid after watching some of this crap, He might take a hint from the Mayans and just end it all this December. 

4. For God, it would be like changing the channel on the remote. Think about it. And be scared. 

5. Here's an absurdity for you: how come razor blades cost so much money and don't last that long? You just know that they have the technology to make a razor blade that could last all through the summer, (and they should for the money we pay) but nooooooo. I've nicked my legs most when trying to get more life out of my razor blades. 

6. So many drugs for men for their old limp dicks, but nothing to safely help women get through menopause.

7. Eyebrows, nose hair, ear hair that grow out in truly unruly comedic fashion as we get older but hair eyelashes and and the hair on our head gets thinner where we really want more. 

8. Back to Honey Boo Boo for a moment. I've called my husband Boo Boo for many years. (If i ever call him Brian to his face he knows I am getting ready to give him some bad news.) The Boo Boo comes from his initials BBB. Mostly i just call him Boo....but i feel like i need to give him a new nickname now because of this dumbass show. 

9. And aren't they voting for Romney too? I think like McCain had Joe The Plumber, Romney needs Honey BooBoo. Anyone middle class or lower middle class American voting for Romney is an absurdity. 

10. And here's another: Why can i buy a regular physical book in paper form from Costco cheaper than a digital book from Amazon? That makes no sense to me at all. I like to loan out books to friends and it's not as easy if you have an e-book. Seriously, i thought it was going to save money (and trees, right?) but noooo. Greedy bastards, Jeff Bezos who supports charter schools in our state. This is why i am borrowing more from the library. This will dismay my friends as the Jojo Library dries up and closes for economic reasons. 

I have more, but i forgot them. I'll come back. Please add to these! 

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Oh For God's Sakes!

I'm changing this blog but want to say that The Family Louvrak wedding photos are on the previous post, if you are so interested.  (Thank you louie for posting on them.)

Oh For God's Sake refers of course to Romney's secretly video-taped $50,000 a plate dinner fundraiser last May where he did what i think is far far far far far worse than the "Dean Scream" from 2004. (For those who don't know, I was a Howard Dean state delegate for our state. i loved him!)

If you haven't seen it, let me know and i will link it. Oh, hell with it, i will link it anyway.( I like having it for historical purposes, because i think it's a doozy.)

By the way, did y'all know it was $50,000 a plate for that fundraiser when you first saw that video? I did not. I got this news first online from my boss at work where the article linked said that it was from May 2012 and MotherJones put it out.  But it was from Jon Stewart who filled in some of the good stuff.

I love presidential politics normally. But this year i did not have the stomach for the pundit crap even MSNBC and CNN... and all the polarizing and defensive back and forth hypocrisy on the other side so i have purposely not been watching anything but The Daily Show. And Jon Stewart makes it fun. I don't have the energy anymore to debate or defend my liberal Democrat side, because i feel like it is a big waste of time. We are all trapped and wrapped in our ideologies.

That said, I am still working on the election, only it's our local Washington State elections. I won't bore you with the details because you don't all live and work here. But for the next three weeks this political work cuts into many of my evenings.

And if i find when talking to any minorities, gay people, women who don't want to get pregnant every time they have sex, young people, (especially if they are under the age of 26), ANYONE who might be deemed 'entitled to health care or food' and they tell me that they didn't vote, well, i don't know...I guess i better get a lawyer on retainer right now....

(By the way did y'all see Romney try and fix this? I think that is just as bad as this little speech. )

I feel better every day that Obama is going to be just fine. I hope it's not just because i live in Washington State and get a different bent on the political climate. I don't believe it will even be close.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Some Wedding Photos

Menu of the Day:
Book: State of Wonder by Ann Patchett. I am really liking this book. Thank you, Julie/jj... Has anyone here read her other one, Bel Canto?
The Best Thing That Happened this Week: The sun. So many days in a row of sun, sun, sun. I love late summer weather. It's been so nice that they extended our pool closure for the second time.
What I'm looking Forward to: The election being over. Also our flyfishing trip in mid-October.

  • 'Father' Scott (my brother) married our nephew Brian and his wife Adrienne.
  • My brother Troy and his son, the groom.
  • Brian shaking his dad's hand after the ceremony.
  • Me dancing with my niece Ashley (Kylee/Modern Hippie in the foreground.)
  • My Dad with Ashley and Kylee.
  • The Wedding Men. (To the left is my sister's son, Christopher, who was the Best Man.)
  • The Bride.
I have been neglecting this blog but i hope to do better. I might add to this later or not. I might just add a new topic (if i can come up with one!) ....but for now, i knew i had to change it.

P.S. I did not take these photos.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Wedding - Van Morrison song added

I can't stand seeing my picture up there anymore so i have to change this.

I have nothing really to talk about really except to say The Family L o u v r a k wedding went off wonderfully! I didn't take photos with my camera, only with Kylee's, so i have no access to put anything up right now.

My nephew Brian and his wife made me a part of their ceremony and that was very special to me. I'm even mentioned in the program!

I danced with my nephew after she danced with her father. At the rehearsal dinner he and went through his iPod to find one that was appropriate....(equeyaya,  i thought of you, cause originally our song was going to be Chariot by Ryan Montbleau. In fact we even practiced danced to it!)

In the end he chose a Van Morrison song i didn't own (though i do now). Called These are The Days... such a pretty song. And hahaha, they got me a wrist corsage.

My brother Scott performed the ceremony which involved drama because as mentioned in the last post, he stepped up to fill in at the last minute when my nephew Brian's friend who was ordained cancelled the day before. (His baby was sick.) We found another ordained friend to make it legal , and in the end i think it was better than if it had been Brian's friend who cancelled.

And because Troy married my Brian and me 10 years ago, Troy (who is Nephew Brian's dad) introduced my brother Scott by saying "We have a tradition in our family of family members marrying family members"...and the crowd burst out laughing since it sounds like something out of Deliverance families. He hadn't realized what he said.

Scott started it the ceremony and was so at ease, then before the vows had Troy come up again and give a parable that he had said at rehearsal about family and life being a jigsaw puzzle, some pieces are missing (referring to, but not actually mentioning my sister and Nephew Brian's brother), some get lost (Nephew Brian's mom), but you keep building the puzzle and making it bigger. And then it was turned over to Scott again who said some more and got us all participating by having us repeat after him when there was a bit of a break, i.e. a train going by at one point.... Every time he said "God is Good", we responded "All the Time" and then he would say "All the Time" and we repeated "God is Good". Their vows were traditional, and because we were outside at the park, the church bells chimed at the very right moment when he started. And the crowd laughed again on cue.

In the end Scott started to say 'by the power vested in me...' and then stopped and laughed and said, "i have no power, so let's all say it together..." and the whole crowd repeated that part in unison of the power vested....' pronounce you husband and wife'...

It was perfect.

Life is good for the Family L o u v r a k right now.

I'll be back soon to change this blog. Maybe add some pictures. We do have some extremely funny video that my Brian shot of my dad, who is so cute, dancing with Kylee and Ashley, (my nieces)) and he it's the Electric Slide. My Dad NEVER dances. And we have some funny Crawfish kind of moves from my mom on video too.

What did everyone else do on Labor Day????  Welcome back EoDe! I forgot to mention that last post!