Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let's Talk Oscars in Realtime!

I once did this on the Gumbo yaya board and it was fun. Blogging about the Oscars as you watch gives you something to do in betweem commercials and those super boring Oscar awards where the documentary of short films director makes the longest and most boring speech.

I am coming in to this alittle bit late, but not much.

1. So far the Best Actress award went to someone i don't know in a movie i haven't seen. I think her name was melissa? I liked her.

2. I don't expect too much from James Franco as a host. I saw him host SNL and he wasn't that great. I did like him on Freaks and Geeks years back though. And i actually did see his movie 127 hours.

3. Ann Hathaway's dress is gorgeous!

I'll be back.

4. Oops one more thing. Javier Bardem looks alittle bit fleshy.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Don't even get me started.

1. I do not want to hear from Sarah Palin one iota about what is happening in Wisconsin. Her kind of leadership is why unions were born.

2. And yeah, that Governor in Wisconsin..... . I commented on this in my previous blog post (in response to amulbunny) about this. 

Here's how i view this, in my simplistic black and white way:

George W. & Co. used Sept. 11th to go into Iraq and do what they wanted to do. And Walker is doing the same. Busting unions and using the budget deficit as an excuse. 

3. I think the Wisconsin governor's leadership is a perfect example of why we still need unions. And i believe what he is doing may backfire. Unions have always done their best work when they are under fire.
4. And i say that, knowing i do not always agree with our positions.

5. And dammit....what the hell is happening when peaceful protesters are being shot in Egypt and Libya? Is this true?  I say all this knowing i don't know all that is going on. Does anyone? The news doesn't quite get out there in the same way as it does in America.

6. And did i read somewhere that Donald Trump might be a hopeful candidate for the Republicans in 2012? Oh please, tell me this is true! I would so love that. He may even be worse than Sarah Palin!

7. Re: the House Drama: We made a third counter offer on the house i wanted. The owner countered back with adding a lousy $2500. this makes me think he's in it for the joy of bargaining and winning. We already know he is 80 years old and has lots of money and lives in a retirement home while he pays for fees on this one since last August. We already know that his house is listed as the highest of all for sale in that same area, by about $20,000. And here come in, prequalified without asking him to fix anything, no contingency, and we pay all our closing costs and still offer $15,000 more than the one that sold there last month that we liked even more because it was bigger. And he we walks. (But we still look.)

8. I think we are firing our real estate agent. She knew Brian had some misgivings about moving there and she didn't close the deal over a lousy $2500. It was enough of a blink for us to take a step back. My brother Troy met her too and when i said i think she might be too timid to be able to work with us, he said 'timid' was the word he would use. I just know i would have closed that deal if i could sit across the table from the owner. But it's okay. Brian and i keep looking. And we'll find something we both get excited about.

9. There is a lot of stuff happening in the world right now besides Egypt and Libya and natural disasters that makes me wonder if the end is coming. 

10. If that's the case. well then,  i want to go out and spend all my money on something frivulous because i have never in my life done that.

11. 'Frivilous' has that dreaded red line under it. (Even when i changed the spelling, it's still there!) But i am too lazy to look up the correct spelling.I knew the minute i wrote it it did not look correct. But i still don't know what it should be.

12. I could say i have never been stupid with spending money. and that takes care of the spelling. Cause i know how to spell 'stupid'. 

13. This disappoints me because i did once win a spelling contest in the fifth grade. But it was within my own class, not the whole school. Isn't that funny that i still remember that and want to hang my hat on the glory of winning a fifth grade class spelling contest? 

14. Still not doing the Facebook thing that much these days, so please forgive me if i miss a comment or post or a birthday. I only check every once in awhile to catch up and be sure there is no spam virus thing attached to my name. And i do need to use it to comment on our own Facebook page at work.

15. Back to unions for a second.....why do we get the blame for everything wrong these days? Unions didn't get a government bailout like the damn banks. Unions didn't start a war that we had no business going in to that added to the deficit. We weren't the cause of the all of the bank foreclosures on the housing industry. We didn't cause Katrina, the Gulf Spill,

....and we didn't bring about the existence of Lady Gaga. 

So there. 

Come in and tell us your own elementary grade stories where you shined. And what else is going on that makes you want to rant (or rave). I never mean to make any blog post a totally negative one. 

Friday, February 4, 2011

jojo's Friday Night Rambling Randoms w/ brand new e-Trade Baby commercial

In my Glass: first sip of a glass of Wente Brothers chardonnay.

On iTunes: Friend of the Devil by Counting Crows.

Book: I'm reading about four of them. Can't remember any of the titles. One is Ken Follett's about the World end or something.

Shocker: I am thinking about finally breaking down and getting a Kindle.

Another Shocker: jojo the Status Quoquo Queen and Brian are making an offer on a home!(We have lived here in our little 1000 sq foot condo for 19 years!)

Looking forward to : Moving to a bit bigger place in a jazzier area of town.

Not looking forward to: Selling our little place. It's not a seller's market.

What worries me: aside from buying a house, the anti abortion legislation (don't know enough about it to debate, just know enough to be scared); Egypt, (again same disclaimer) and also that Anderson Cooper is going to get hurt again!

On with the randomness....


1. Pray for Anderson to be safe! (I love him almost as much as Jon Stewart.)

2. Who do you think would win in a wrestling contest? Anderson or John Stewart?

3. I'm thinking it's a draw. They aren't the manliest of men. Sort of in an equally unmanly way.

4. Who do you think would win between Sarah Palin and Barbara Bush? (I put my money on Barbara.)

5. I might watch the Superbowl. At least i will make bloody marys and low fat chili for it. But i haven't really cared about football since Roman Gabriel and Joe Namath played. That's how old i am.

6. Speaking of old. This week i had to get a different blood pressure medicine (the other one hasn't been bringing it down) and this time i will take a diuretic because of edema. I've never taken a water pill before. I hear it means you go to the bathroom A LOT!.

7. This means i will be in the bathroom approximately 7.25 hours per day now, since i'm always in there anyway with my bladder since it is about the size of a raisin. ....or Sarah Palin's brain.

8. I just hope it allows me to not want to rip off my jeans immediately after eating anything. I was getting ready to carrying a pair of sweats in my purse everytime i went out for Mexican or Chinese food.

9. Next week i go get bifocals. I don't think i will ever mind being old. I just hate GETTING older.

10. Speaking of Sarah Palin's brain. Why is it that the folks with the very largest egos have the smallest brains?I bet y'all can come up with more examples!

11. I wish there was a surgery to operate on egos. I know about 4 people i would love to schedule.

12. Course they are the same ones who probably want to schedule ME for a lobotomy.

13.I think i might have chosen to have a kid if i could have given birth to the E-Trade baby.

14. Welcome any yaya-ers who might be lurking. I heard this blog was linked on Facebook for a short while. I wouldn't have a problem with that if i was active on Facebook, but i'm not and i think we all know i have control issues. So i didn't want to keep it up. But if you came here because of that. I hope you post and introduce yourself. 

15. Y'all know the rules: come here with your own randomness!