Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Stuff that Scares Me. Both Big and Little.

Autumn sky photo tonight
1. I did correct myself a couple of blogs back by saying ISIS did indeed scare me more than Ferguson after i said i was more scared of what was happening within our country among ourselves. Yes, ISIS does indeed scare me now. But i'm not going to change my life. hahaha... i'll still keep reading within the confines of my abode! They have to knock on my door to get me!

2. Actually, this might surprise some folks who know that i am liberal. I think i want a gun. I would learn how to use it. and when i say that i mean i would practice shooting for hours and hours and weeks and weeks so that i know what i'm doing. And hey, i have the time.

3. I have two brothers and right now both of them are unemployed. One builds houses and the federal funding for his contraction management job that was like Habitat for Humanity is done.

The other has always worked in middle management, by working his way up the top without a college degree and he was let go last April, one of the last to be let go in his company. Getting a similar job without a degree is not easy, especially not when you are past middle age. (No one in my family has a bachelors' college degree.... except my niece Kylee, who used to post here as Modern Hippie before she gave up all blogging.) So, I am afraid they won't get jobs.

4. I am afraid of stepping on slugs. I am afraid of slugs more than spiders.

5. I am afraid that my employer the Washington Education Association, state teachers' union won't be around for the length of my pension as it is now.

6. I've been trying to be more educated about retirement and investments and i keep hearing that we are headed for a new stock market crash. (Have y'all heard this too?)

7. I am afraid of having to give up running because i'm getting older. It's getting harder even as i am trying hard to stick with it.

8. I am afraid my dad is going to die before my mom.

9. I'm afraid my blog is going to die. Then i will be forced to go back and writing long hand in my journals. Which by the way i have to let louie know where those things are in the event of my death. Only right now i think they are in storage and i have no idea where that even is.

10. That something bad is going to happen to my family.

What are y'all afraid of? Big and little.

Notes to Self: 
Word Count: 449
Sunrise: 6:59 am
Sunset: 7:06 pm ( We have lost 24 minutes of daylight in one week.)
Temperature yesterday: 68/55
Books: Now on book 32. Finished reading Coming Clean and Son of a Gun. Both memoirs. Both really good reads.
What I'm procrastinating about: Getting stuff together for my financial planner meeting; organizing photos from my digital camera; cleaning my kitchen cupboards
Longest run this week: 45 minutes again. Still able to do that same route. Hurts, but not as much as before.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Small Irritations ...What are yours?

My Very Old Old Navy Weekend Pants. (I have had these for over 15 years and they are so comfortable that i'm fixing them up too.) 
Sometimes when the world feels crazy, such as with all of the ISIS stuff and the NFL domestic violence, and the fact that it appears we have a bigger race problem since Obama was elected, you have to decide to focus instead on the small dumb ass things that bug you that you might be able to control if you took the time.

Here's mine:

1. The kitchen sink trap filled with gunk. I am obsessive about cleaning it out. My husband never seems to see the crap in that little basket.

2. Bright lights, especially overhead lights with no dimmers in homes. I am all about the low glowy lights in my home. It makes me feel cozy.

3. My car door automatically locks when i get in it and i don't like that. I prefer to lock my own door. It's a control issue thing. It totally freaked me out when i first bought this Honda and it did this because my other Honda was so old and without this feature.

4. Technology upgrades. 'Nuf said.

5. My passive aggressive Comcast remote. I guess it's probably time to upgrade to a Smart TV, maybe it won't give me so much grief. It's not the batteries. It just intermittently decides when it wants to change channels.

6. The political gun control ads in our area are already all over the TV. It is going to be a deluge, worse than the genetically engineered foods initiative last year. I hated all those ads.

7. Apple - they are no longer going to make iPods. What happens if mine breaks or gets lost! i don't have a phone to hold my music. How will i run without out?

8. Our recycle company used to accept glass but quit quite awhile ago. Only paper, cardboard and aluminum. I have more bottles than all that other shit. Not only that they moved the recycle area further away from us so they don't even make it easy as they charge a lot.

9. My hair. It's too long, but i hate it when it's shorter too. At least when it's long i can put it all up and forget about it. But now the ends are bad so i'm going in to get some cut off Friday. I wish it was straighter and not so thick so i could cut it appropriately for my age without having it be a major maintenance issue.

That's actually the best i can do right now, i must be forgetting some things. I think i'm becoming too content to keep up this blog, my goal of once a week is harder now that i'm not working. Why is it when you have more time, you do less?

Notes to self: 
Word Count: 457
Sunrise: 6:49
Sunset: 7:20 (This means we have lost 43 minutes of daylight since my last post! :(
Temp yesterday hi/low: 76/54
Books: Reading #30 now: finished The Weight of Blood, Astonish Me and am now reading We Only Know So Much.
Longest Run: 45 minutes. Ran twice in a row today, haven't done that since July. Plantar faciitis still there, but getting better i think.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Since i don't like lying.

My old New Bohemian jean jacket - resurrected after it fell apart in the wash. 

yeah, my peace sign is crooked. 

I'm changing the blog even though i have no ideas for a topic. Here is what i did today so i can be true to what i said yesterday that i was going to do today :

1. Didn't sleep much at all last night. Finished reading a book call The Mothers... so-so.

2. Took a bath, but didn't wash my hair because i didn't have the energy.

3. Ate leftover cold quinoa out of the pan that Brian made for breakfast. (It was not exciting.)

4. Met with my friend Dick and his elderly parents who are looking at the condo across from me. I hope to have them as new neighbors so i talked up the place. (I should really look into selling real estate!)....though i can't say for sure they are moving in, so maybe not.

5. Checked Facebook about 84,000 times. Posted only a couple of times i think, about Susan T's online dating story.

6. Read California at the pool today when the sun came out. Was there nearly two hours all by myself. It was great!

7. Got too hot so came to my patio and embroidered some more on my jean jacket (as seen above) and my very old Old Navy pants.

8. Made a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner.

9. Helped neighbor Bob close up the pool for the evening.

10. Watched Jimmy Fallon on DVR - the one with Adam Levine.

11. Changed my blog.

What have y'all been doing?

Notes to Self:                                                                             
Sunrise: 6:32 am
Sunset: 7:46 pm
High/low temp: 69/52
Book Count: Since May i have read 28 books (I've been keeping a list). Recently The Mothers and Looking for Alaska, and Reconstructing Amelia.
Longest Run: 41 minutes
What I'm looking forward to: Flyfishing the Metoulis next week!
Word Count: 248