Friday, September 24, 2010

Open for Business

Menu of the Day:

About the photo: One of my first PhotoShop attempts that is why it's not very good. But i just don't have anything to throw up these days.

on iTunes: Friend of the Devil by Counting Crows.

Libation: (I always loved that word!) a nice cabernet i've never had before called "Monogamy".

What i'm looking forward to: watching Grey's Anatomy DVD tomorrow morning. Buying Pete Yorn's new cd on the 28th. Seeing Kylee at her parent's house party tomorrow.

What I'm procrastinating about: Writing my Aunt in Oregon. (this is my favorite part of the Menu because it always makes me do it!)

Book: Pillars of the Earth. This book is almost 1000 pages long. I am 1/3 of the way through it.

What i am proud of this week: I FINALLY completed designing our website at work. I had to do this mostly learning on my own with only 3 hours of training and a book on Joomla and lots of email questions of our techie. But it's all mine and my design and i think it's one of the nicer ones of the council union websites. You can see it at I tried to keep it feng shui and easy to read. I included photos i took of the staff and presidents. (and i came up with the name on my own too!) I like it alot. And you can click on our Facebook link too! (You probably wouldn't want to friend it though. It's union stuff and boring for most folks.) My next mission is Twitter.

Why this is good: i have made a positive turn in my job. I was ready to quit last winter. But we have some new blood and i have a new challenge. When i get bored i get pissy. This was not easy for me and i needed that.

On with the random stuff.


1. I hate crowds but if i lived in Wash. DC i would go to Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity.

2. I couldn't sleep last night. I've been dreaming about that website and Facebook stuff. And then i get ideas at 3 am. It was 3 am that i came up with "mysoundview" which is so much better than the suggested Ugh.

3. I have this Insomniac Diary that my friend Julie gave me. it works! I find that when i actually get up and write in it and go back to bed, i usually fall asleep within the half hour. I have been awake at times for 3 hours in a row.

4. it was two pager last night. Here are just a few of the actual entries i made:
How much was tequila in the margarita anyway?
I wonder if i should link my Over Easy newsletter to Facebook?
I don't like my pillow. I should have bought the down one from Costco.
I better go take an allergy pill.
I didn't even finish that 2nd margarita, so why do i have a headache?

5. I have been watching last season's Grey's Anatomy on netflix. Izzy still bugs me. Maybe even more so. Meredith not so much. I think the union of Meredith and McDreamy didn't mess up the show, it made it better because i was so tired of that drama.

6. Sandra Oh's character is still my favorite. (Why can't i think of her name?) Also Alex Kurev and McSteamy (the one who looks like Leo di caprio) . I forget his name too. all the bad asses. all my favorites.

Ok, that's all i have for now. I'll come back and edit later. it's time to cook some shrimp pasta with jojo's pesto!

Friday, September 17, 2010

It's FRIDAY. Break out the chardonnay!

Menu of the Day

iPodding to: Brandi Carlile

Drinking: Toasted Head Chardonnay (a staple chardonnay i love.)

The Best thing that Happened: I am nearly ready to launch our website that i've been working on for the past weeks for the union office. And i have to say I'm pretty proud of myself because it's looking good and i mostly had to figure this out myself with only 3 hours of training. (It's Joomla.)

What i am procrastinating about: (I like to include this because i have found that it gets me off my ass when i do.) I need to write my friend in Seattle a note because i've been out of touch.

What i'm looking forward to: I have the first DVD of Grey's Anatomy's last season.

About the photo: I put this up on Facebook and Flickr. I think this photo is so funny. That's my brother Scott. That cake was baked by my mother using the recipe in the magazine that my cousin Todd (originally from California and son to my yaya Aunt Connie) is holding up. (I took this photo over a year ago and when i put it up on Facebook just last night it got some immediate hits from my Louisiana cousins who know my mom's cooking skills, or lack thereof.)

About my mom's cooking: This photo explains why no one, not even my dad as he got older, has ever had a weight issue. My mom, even though she is from Louisiana, is a terrible cook. We never wanted seconds, hell, we never wanted firsts!

That's also funny is my mom loves to cook. She will call me at work and tell me about some recipe she made and the recipe is something that has potato chips on the top or is made with a Campbell's soup (you get the idea).

i remember when i was 11 years old before i took a trip on my first airplane ride from Louisiana to California and then to Japan. I remember LOVING the airplane food. That's how bad my mom's cooking was.

I thought i hated cooking until i branched out on my own in my mid-20's.

I joined Flickr - I need some way to organize my photos other than Facebook. You can see some of my photos at My flickr account . Some y'all have seen here or on Facebook, but i hope to keep updating as i take new ones. I needed a way to put the photos i take in a place where i can look at them or share them right away. Otherwise i load them all up on my external passport and never look at them again.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I 'm no longer in a bad mood. But i still don't have anything to say. (edited to add: i lied ... i actually DO have stuff to say. Add YOUR stuff!

So let me just add this photo. (I forgot where i found this but i knew i wanted it for my blog for days like this when i have nothing else.)

I did not make this pizza, nor did i take the photo.
I just want to eat it.

It's a pizza in a pizza. Isn't it cool? Doesn't it look great?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm in a bad mood and i've got nothing to say.

So come here and tell me about your bad mood.

(Disclaimer: the photo is not flipping off any of y'all.)

Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm just going to say this just once. Because i don't even know what i'm going to say.

Menu of the Day:

In my glass: Now it's Sierra Mist. But earlier it was a very fab chardonnay Ferrari Carano.

Music: "Pistol" by Dustin Kensrue, with more Kensrue to follow.

Photo: I took this tonight. I did not PhotoShop out my wrinkles as you can see. But i did bump up the contrast. (It doesn't really help.)

Book: I loved the book "The Corrections". Now i am reading Jonathan Franzen's new one called "Freedom". I love his style.

Product Pimp: I cannot rave enough about these sheets i bought at Costco. Spalena sheets. They are microfiber and boast of comparing to 600 thread count. I was skeptical when i spoke with the rep at Costco. But they aren't lying. Being the sheet snob that i am (and a weirdo who actually travels with her own sheets if i go on a week long fishing trip), I have those very expensive Hotel Collection ones from Macy's and trust me, these are better. Plus, the Spalena sheets are half the price at $99 ! I bought two more sets online today. The best thing is if you are menopausal and have night sweats as i do, these are the best because they don't soak it all up. They are amazing.

What i keep procrastinating about:
Going to the mall and buying some new foundation now that my tan is fading. (A fading tan is not a pretty thing when you're over 50, but i really really hate going to the mall.)


1. Gawddamn passwords. how many passwords are we expected to remember? i have one for the work database (that i have to change every 6 weeks because of security reasons); my Facebook password, my work email password, my Sony Vaio laptop, my netbook laptop, my garage door opener password, my Outlook work email login password, My work computer log in, my blog password, my Sonitrol at work password, my online banking password. And i think i have more i am forgetting. It's making me crazy. ESPECIALLY the ones that make me change it up every few weeks.

2. Oh that Arizona Governer. Have you seen the latest on her?

I am sure that Fox News will give her a pass just like they do with Palin. Good God.

3. Seriously, someone has got to get Katy Perry and Lady Gaga off the Internet. I mean it.

4. I think i need to feng shui my Facebook. I have been hiding people more and more because i friended anyone who asked me and that includes lots of people from work i don't really know and some family members too who i have since found out are uber-religious. Not to mention a few Drama Queens who inappropriately post personal shit. (ESPECIALLY those in my family.)

5. i think that means i will be left without about 8 friends. LOL.

6. Cause i really don't have that many real friends in real life when you get down to it.

7. There is all this freaking media talk about how everyone is going to vote out the Democrats and i think it was Eugene Robinson who wrote the column about Americans being brats. What is our problem that we are so freaking impatient that we want results overnight when actually we Americans (well not ME, specifically, but you know who you are , only it is no one who is reading here...) are partially responsible for the fuckup in the first place.

8. I like how i start out being polite with writing 'freaking' and then just come out with fuckup.

9. the F-word being one of my favorites in the language. That one...and the word "home".

10. My brother Troy just called me this second to tell me it's been three days since he has smoked. That is cool. HE has quit for years before. He'll do it. (He has a woman he loves who wants him to be healthy. )

11. Pete Yorn keeps Facebooking me to get his free downloads. I think i have done this three times but i have yet to find out where they are.

12. Speaking of Facebook. If you see my profile photo which i recently changed and you see me with TWO glasses of wine in the photo, they are not both mine. One of them is equeyaya's wineglass. If you look closely you will see her right shoulder in the photo.

13. I accidentally used my husband's bathroom just now. (I rarely go into his bathroom) and i counted 7 towels. Three on the floor. This is the same man whose socks will appear on the floor, inches from his clothes hamper. (I am going to take a photo one day and prove it.)

14. His band is playing a casino in Auburn tonight about 45 min. from here. I am not going because he didn't want to ask anyone to come out and see them and i didn't want to hang out in a casino all alone watching them. Casinos are totally NOT my thing. But they do The Hunger Walk next week and i can catch them there.

I may come back here and think of more random shit to say. But in the meantime....add your own.

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I'm still working on getting inspired.