Friday, January 28, 2011

Why i hate Facebook. Edited

1. It took people away from blogging. 

2. I have friended people i would never in my life have lunch with. ONLY because i was afraid of offending people. 

3. This bothers me too because usually i am not worried about offending people that much.

4. I do NOT ever want to hear about these things on Facebook, yet people always seem to talk about:
* their sniffles and sore throats
*their kids sniffles and sore throats
*the person who works next to them who have sniffles and sore throats who might make them sick
*their cancer. Really do we need to talk about such seriousness on something as banal as a social network?
*anyone in their family who died. Again, too serious of a topic IMO.
*union stuff. over and over and over. (because of my work 'friends') I work for school unions. I do not want to read about all of this stuff right now on Facebook too, because i already get it at work, especially since unions are so vilified and the root of all the economic problems.(Disclaimer: I do NOT agree with this, i'm just saying what i'm reading. It pisses me off. But that's another post.)

5. I looked at Facebook way too much when it was easy to click in. Once i logged myself out and had to type a password to get in it was easy to leave it alone.

6. I have only checked it now about 3 times in the past 4 days. (I did not deactivate it.) Disclaimer: I just logged in Saturday to load a video of Eddie Vedder and Johnny Depp performing together. Watching Vedder and Depp on a stage together is porn to me. (Check it out if you have Facebook. They are doing "Society" from the "Into the Wild" movie.)

7. You see, I am too lazy to even type in a few letters to get to it. That's how much Facebook doesn't inspire me. 

8. I know my blog might not inspire others either. But i like that if it does, it attracts folks who might have more to say than the stuff that i just mentioned in #4. And thank you all for that who post. 

9. I got curious about how many other people post about hating Facebook and it turns out that quite a lot of the cyber population have similar posts:  here's a quote by Andy Ostroy that i thought was funny: (He posted this on Huffington Post.)
I think I've figured out Facebook's major appeal. It offers uber-narcissists an opportunity to have their proverbial 15 minutes every five fucking minutes!. The site is overcrowded with attention-starved grown-ups essentially screaming "look at me... look at me!" all day long. They change their profile photos as often as I change my underwear, and they've somehow convinced themselves that their lives are infinitely interesting all the time. The "audience factor" is just way too attractive to these folks. It's drunken karaoke without the booze and the bad singing, but with all the requisite self-indulgence.
 10. In regards to the quote above, I would like to point out to all that equeyaya and I never change our Facebook photo. In face we've both had the same one since last July. (Photos that happen to be taken on our trip together on Vashon Island.)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

If Jesus was a blogger...updated to add: What would Justin Bieber Blog?

I got to thinking while running the other day. What would Jesus say if He was a blogger? I know this image is a God- like one, but it was the best i can do.

Anyway, here is what i think Jesus would say:


1. My Mom Mary is a really sweet woman. But i really would never want to party with my mom.

2. And here is why: MY very best talent is turning water into wine. But my Mamma always has to bitch to me: "Baby" she says, "I think that is enough water turning for now."....JUST when the party is getting started.

3. (I hate it so much when she calls me 'Baby'.) And yeah i know, it's hard to imagine Mary being a bitch.

4. What REALLY bugs me most is she and my 'Semi-Dad-Joseph' are always asking me who is my girlfriend.

5. The reason it bugs me is i think they are worried that i might be gay.

6. And so what if i am? I think they knew before I did that Judas was a Bad Boy and you know how everyone, gay or hetero, goes for the Bad Boy/Girl. I think they were afraid i had a crush on Judas.

7. And the truth is i sort of did. However, I was on to Judas from the start, attractive as he might be he still creeped me out a little, sort of like that one Baldwin brother living in your world. (I think his name is Stephen.)

8. I know what you are thinking. How could i even say 'i think his name is Stephen'? Shouldn't Jesus be ALL KNOWING?

9. The truth is that's my Dad, not me.

8. And back to Judas for a moment: it doesn't matter to me how hot I may have thought Judas was. I still have a good work ethic. And I knew what I was supposed to do.

9. And though i may have forgiven Judas. And i know i should forgive the same time I wouldn't mind kicking some Pontius Pilate ass.

10. Here's another thing. I am NOT the narcisisst that some folks need to make me out to be. You don't have to capitalize the "H" when you say 'he' or 'him'.

11. But most of all, i don't give a fuck if you say "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" or whatever. Don't blame me for that mess.

12. If it were my choice i would choose "Hey Ya" as the appropriate greeting. leave ME out of it.

13. OOps, i didn't really mean to capitalize the "m" in "me" above. It just happened.