Friday, November 13, 2015

My Favorite Coastal Beach Town: Manzanita!

Me... doing my favorite thing in my favorite house in my favorite beach town. 

Last October my husband and I took a four day trip to Manzanita Oregon, which is just south of Cannon Beach. We've vacationed in Cannon Beach many times but it always felt so crowded which is why we love Manzanita more. It's less touristy but still has everything I want: cute shops, good restaurants, a pub, two grocery stores, including a small Whole Foods, great pizza from Marzano's, a wine bar, even a golf course (though i don't golf). Oh... and the Cloud Leaf bookstore! Don't you just love when vacation towns have a bookstore? I always make a point to buy books while on vacation. On our last day the Bread and Ocean bakery next door to the bookstore served me the best latte I've ever had. Had I known earlier I would have been there every morning!

In Manzanita you come across folks of all ages, locals and tourists alike - cute construction/surfer guys with dreadlocks, families with young children, older couples stopping through on a long road trip. Everyone is so friendly. We had a great time watching the Seahawks/Panthers game (even though we ended up losing) sitting with fellow Washingtonians at the San Dune Pub. We always make it to the San Dune a couple of times when we visit and feel so welcomed.

On this trip we stayed at the Historic Reed House. The house recently went through an extensive remodel that took over a year. (I know because I followed it on Facebook.) It was worth the wait. This house could be on the HG Channel!

We already booked it for a whole week next October to stay with my brothers and their families.  I hope to make it an annual family get together.

I can't quite do justice to the Reed House with words alone or even photos. I did take many photos and here are some of my favorites. Later I can link a website here that show photos of the bedrooms (which are so nice!) too. I know it's cliche to say, but this place really feels like home away from home. (Ha! I say that even though we live in a little two bedroom condo. It's actually better!)
French doors from the main floor go outside to the wraparound deck. My husband is taking a photo of that amazing view.

Love these French doors to the wraparound deck
Moon shot from deck

View from the beach. Oops, just noticed i forgot to turn on one of the bedrooms lights! 

It's a big house! But here's the thing: it's not so big that you feel lost in it if you are just hanging out on the main floor. It's the right size whether you have two couples or eight couples. When you walk in right away you smell the new wood. The maple floors look original and are an important feature in the house. The owner is a designer and she did a fantastic job blending the old with the new, which lends to retaining the history and character and warmth of this home even with all its modern conveniences. At first I focused so much on the view and the main floor that it took me a couple of days before i noticed everything: a vintage phone booth (the phone works too!); schoolhouse lighting; a custom made rolling barn door to the master bathroom; three vintage movie theater seats in the upstairs TV room; farmhouse sinks and so much more.
Vacation Feet! I always take a photo of my feet. 

I love the eclectic furniture and sitting areas. They are comfortable too! 

Living room - you can't quite see how great that ocean view is from this photo. All of those windows open and have screens, the better to hear the ocean.  
I wish i had taken a better photo of this kitchen. I like cooking. This is my favorite vacation kitchen. Two dishwashers! Two ovens! And that fabulous kitchen island. (Can't wait to cook dinner here with my brother next year.) 
There are lost of interesting pieces of furniture and colorful rugs which make this large room feel so cozy and warm. 

My favorite little sitting corner.

The best equipped kitchen ever. Thanksgiving would be great here!

The photo doesn't show how large this master is. Best thing - the mattress was super comfortable and it's a king bed! 

This was taken downstairs where there is a pool table, ping pong table, living area and more bedrooms and a bathroom. I liked the look of this photo and those custom closet doors.

Taken on the walk back down the main street from the San Dune pub

Here are some town shots I took with my other little Coolpix camera when i went for a run. (I wished I had the nerve to ask the one cute dreadlocked guy with the surfboard on the top of his truck and the tools in the bed of it if I could take his photo.)
I'm sure this guy must be from out of state! 

I always get a kick out of folks taking photos with their iPad. With my increasingly bad eyes, i get it! 
Safety first! 
The end of the town's main street leads right to the beach.
There are so many cool houses in the little town. I really liked this red door and planter. 
The beach goes for miles. I ran every day on it while i was there.