Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's Saturday and time to change the blog. Whether I have anything to say or not

Menu you of the Day

Music: Amos Lee's El Camino

Book: Ahab's Wife. Still loving it. I've just had a busy week and not much time to read.

In my glass: Some Penguin chardonnay. Cheap, but good.

Photos: (If you are on Facebook these will be redundant....) Troy's girlfriend Pam's mom had a 70th birthday party last night and it was a lot of fun. #1 This is my sister's daughter Jessica.(I love this photo of her!)  #2 Jessica's brother Christopher (who is something like 6'7" tall), me, Brian and my nephew Brian. #3, the knuckleheads with Brian (Troy's son) ; #4 Kylee and Brian; #5 (Kylee actually took this one) I liked it so i bumped it in PhotoShop; #6 Troy; #7 My dad with brother Scott; #8 and Mom and Dad (or as i like to call them, Bruce and Elodie)


1. It's been a nice lazy rainy day. I watched Valentine's Day this morning. then it took nearly two hours to load up and resize these photos (over 275 in all that i had to edit) for Facebook.

2. I'm still in my snowflake pajamas. Is it wrong to be drinking wine while still wearing your pajamas all day? I feel like a bad mom in a Made-for-TV movie!

3. I have not watched Anderson Cooper for over a week now. I haven't heard one pundit talk about Libya or Elizabeth Taylor's death or Linday Lohan's father or Charlie Sheen. It's been nice. And i have slept well all week long.

4. Maybe there is something to this apathy stuff.

5. Not only that. I took my blood pressure yesterday and it was 115/80. That's the lowest it's been since i've been checking it. (I'm also on new medication though too.)

6. Last week was the first time i could have worn shorts while running. I love when we start to emerge from the winter doldrums!

7. I don't have much to say today really but i wanted to change the blog. I'm counting on y'all to come up with some ideas to talk about.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Steve Martin isn't funny anymore....and other things that have changed.


iTunes: Lay Me Down by Forest Sun. If you don't know Forest Sun. Check him out on his release For the Story . . . every song is so good. 

Book: I am loving Ahab's Wife and have abandoned the other three books that i was reading at the same time. (My brother Troy and I always like the same kinds of books and he wasn't wrong about this one either.)

The Best Thing that Happened:  I think Brian and and I are coming to a solid agreement about where we are going to live in our future. 

The Other Best Thing: i had to work today at a big training for nearly 200 educators. It was so awesomely organized i was proud to be a part of it.  And then the good folks i work with afterwards went out to a cool new wine bar. (I always love finding a new wine bar!) What was also cool was that when we left the bar after 7:00 pm. it was still light outside.
What I am envious about: louielouie/sarah this week called me on what was probably THE VERY worst rainy day these past few months. She called to remind me she was leaving for Hawaii the next day (her son Nick lives there - he's an officer in the Navy). What's notable about this is the last two times louie went to Hawaii, BOTH times it was snowing (and rather late in the wintertime too) the day before she left. 

Ok, on to the list of the Stuff That Has Changed....


1. Excuuuusssseee Me! .... The reason i even thought of this subject was the other day Brian and I turned on David Letterman. Steve Martin was on that night and it was the most boring of interviews i have seen on Dave's show in a very long time.  This is not the first time i've seen that Steve Martin has lost his edge and zip. I used to love him so much back in the day. (Did anyone else see how bad this Letterman show was?)

2. so it got me thinking ...what do we all observe about what's going on today that has changed? I think i've mentioned this before because it's so unsettling to me!....I forgot that i was going to get old. For so long and in every single job i have ever held, i was THE YOUNGEST person in the department. And now i am the oldest person in my office. So yeah, i forgot that i was getting older. (But i am reminded every day when i look in the mirror.)

3. Some things have changed for the better. 

4. I just wrote that above and a full minute later i am still thinking about what to write. If i don't come back to it at the end, remind me later. Or at least come up with your own.

5. Music and bookstores. iPods. Pandora. No more going to the music store.  I CANNOT believe that one of my favorite stores  has closed its doors here.  Borders Books & Music is gone in Tacoma. When Kylee/modern hippie was a little girl I used to take her to Borders. It was fairly new then and such a hot spot when it opened up. I used to buy all my books and music there. 

6. I am partly to blame. I quit going to Borders when I got my iTunes account.
7. My eyebrows. My eyebrows have changed. In a really freaky funky wild hair out of this world way. They would take over my whole face if i let them, like a caterpillar on steroids.

8. Politics and Hope have changed:  I thought Obama could get our country back on a more even keel after Bush and stop the polarization of the two right wing/left wing attitudes. But i was wrong because i underestimated the tenacity of the right wing to amp it up BECAUSE Obama was President. And now we have the Tea Party and worse.

9. I still have hope. And i hope Obama doesn't decide to say, 'f*ck it, i will not seek or accept the nomination for re-election." (but if Obama was/were (still don't know the proper word there)  my brother, i might give him the advice to do this very thing, even as i wouldn't want him to really follow it...)

9. For ummagumma. 

10. The country is going to hell in a handbasket when it comes to public schools and unions. And i worry about the future of how this country will change without unions and collective bargaining.

And i am most worried about is how the media has adopted this conception that public workers are the evils about who is to blame for our economy and i am incredulous that they would go after public workers in a way that bankers and corporate CEOS were never attacked. Including oil companies who have destroyed our environment. how did we come to a place where teachers are bigger villians and get more negative media attention from Fox News than the BP oil company who nearly destroyed Lousiana's coast?

Who will be left to tell the truth in the news?   How long before Rachel Maddow is gone?

11. Thank-yous. I have mentioned this before too. It's a huge pet peeve.

Nobody thanks anyone anymore. Last summer I gave a $100 check (which was indeed cashed) for a wedding present to the daughter of Troy's best friend. I never got a thank you. ( Kylee's mom also said she didn't get one .) This bride is both our Facebook friends. How hard could it be to drop an email thankyou? This kind of thing seems to happening more often even as technology has made it easier to do so.
That's all i have for now. I'll be back with more later.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A random jojo chardonnay post... like in the old days....sorta...

I just added the Amos Lee video after making this post. It's the song, track #3 Violin song that I am talking about. This is from his appearance on David Letterman.

1. took these photos today. I've posted similar ones before. But today  I took down some of the pictures on the living room wall because I am feng shuing even the walls. I've already done knickknacks, closets, cupboards and drawers. It feels good.

2. However I did realize recently that i packed up all but one of my salad bowls AND my book journal, (the one where i write the good stuff from books i am reading.)

3. Uh oh, in that second photo,  I just realized the framed photograph on the far end is a little crooked and my OCD is starting to kick in and makes me want to fix it, only i can't unless i take a new photo and upload it. 

4. That photograph is the one i took of all the paint colors in their cans when I was doing my painting project last year between February through June.

5. The Japan news is very scary. I thought Wisconsin was scary. And now this. What is weird about the Japan earthquake is i got my news about it in the old fashioned way. Neither Brian nor I had been on the computer Thursday night and we didn't watch TV. So the first i heard this news was on Friday morning when it was HUGE headlines in the News Tribune. 

6. I wonder what this means for us all globally too. 

7. I want to blame all of this on Charlie Sheen.

8. I am reading three books: Ahab's Wife, Youth in Revolt,, make that four books.... World Without End and Townsie. Yep, I am reading four books right now.

9. My hair is too long right now. So i french braid it everyday. I am thinking that if i turned into a bohemian, i might save over $1500 a year by not cutting and dyeing my hair. I'm getting it cut this week.

10. I don't think we are going to buy a house now. Brian said tonight that as he has been looking he realizes he appreciates the charm of our place more now and also the one in Point Defiance that we didn't buy. I'm fine with not moving now that we've fixed our roof and mold issues. 

11. I might re-upholster our sofa now. Spend some money on decorating. Maybe redo bathroom floors and vanities.

12. Oh my lord, this is a really boring random post. When did this happen that i got this way? i blame it on SAD...(Season Affective Disorder).

13. I has rained everyday for a week now. With another week of rain forecast.

14. Would i be a more fun person if i lived where the sun is not constantly the color of of semen?

15. Two cool things: A really good movie : "On a Clear Day" about a guy who at the age of 55 makes a goal to swim the English Channel with the help of good and fun friends. Another: Amos Lee's new cd "Mission Bell". Best song on the cd is track #3. Only i forget the name of it. 

Ok, i'm going to end this right now because #1 either i have not had enough wine to make this an riveting random musing or #2 I am just not into blogging these days and probably should take a hiatus.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

God is mad; lies we tell ourselves; & 10 things i wish would happen

Topics I'm considering:

1. What Pisses off God

2. Lies I tell Myself

3. What God Would Say in my Evaluation

4. Ten Best Things Right Now

5. Ten Things I Wish Would Happen