Saturday, June 11, 2011

Stuff I Don't Like to Do - Edited to add: read Comment #13 on how to post here if you have problems

Menu of the Day: 

What I've been doing: Watching the Casey Anthony Trial. And DVRs of Chelsea Lately. I am so lazy!

Music: Graham Nash "Be Yourself". 

In my Glass: No wine today. Just a smoothie. (It's also dinner because we had a late lunch from House of Pho.)

The Best Thing that Happened This Week: Got a haircut that i like! She cut off about 3 inches.

What I'm Procrastinating about: Sending in those warranty cards on my new dishwasher and stove.

OK, here is my list of stuff that i hate to do. Come and add your own!


1. High Fives. I absolutely hate the high five and i almost wanted to quit bowling because of it. Everyone wants to high five after a strike or spare. Both teams even. This is probably why i don't bowl that many strikes.  

2. Along those lines: The Wave.... OH do i ever hate the wave! Just when i am getting situated in the stadium (stadiums not being a favorite place anyway), i get all settled and damn it i have to stand up and participate and show my team spirit. I HATE standing. It's why i never take a shower. It's why i became a secretary.

3. I do not like shopping. I especially don't like shopping for myself. I buy clothes more and more these days online (sometimes Louie is online and i email her stuff i think i want to buy to get her opinion.... i buy ALL my shoes online because of short fat wide Flintstone feet. Honestly, i think i would rather go to the dentist than go to the mall. 

4. I really do not like washing my hair and if i were 20 years old i would grow dreads. It is so thick and wiry and takes forever to dry (though if you read my last blog post you saw my product endorsement of the Babyliss hairdryer). And it never looks as good when i do my hair as when my stylist does. 

5. I don't like wearing eyeshadow. I do not know how to put it on. 

6. I don't mind washing the clothes, but i hate folding them and putting them away. Same with the dishwasher. 

7. I don't like traveling. I wish i could beam myself places. I do like being someplace away from home. I just don't like getting there. 

8. I hate cooking for vegetarians. This is a well known fact about me if you have been reading here for awhile. 

9. I don't like brainstorming or anything to do with group meetings that involved lots of broad visions. And i especially hate mission statements. 

10. I work for a union but oddly enough, i hate bargaining. I am not a hold back kind of person. I just lay my cards on the table. In negotiating, (i.e. buying a car, buying a house)  i always offer up what i want too quickly. the good thing is that i do walk away if the deal isn't suiting me. It saves A LOT of time.

11. I hate making small talk, another well known fact about me. If you meet me at a party for the first time and we only end up talking about the weather or you ask me if i have kids or where did i go to college (a question i always hate because i never went), I will probably pretend i have to go to the bathroom. Then i will probably head to the kitchen to get more wine.

12. I hate polite talk. The more polite you are, the more i am likely to stick my foot in my mouth and say something inappropriate.

13. I don't like reminiscing about the old days or my childhood.

14. I also don't like hearing too much about other people's favorite childhood memories.

15. I hate going to baby showers. Or wedding showers too. I swear i think i would rather go to a funeral. (as long as it wasn't someone i really liked too much. But then again, why would i be at a funeral of someone i didn't like?

16. I really hate it when people use cute words for cussing. If you are pissed off and say 'oh pickles' you will hear my eyes roll in my head. There is nothing wrong with the 'fuck' word. It's the perfect word, one syllabel, hard "K", easy to enunicate and even if you are hard of hearing you will be able to recognize it. 

Ok, that's all i got for now. Please come add you own. I know you have many!

I hope y'all are able to post. I've had trouble myself, but lately my computer has been behaving. So i don't know what to think. I looked at the settings and they seem okay. Maybe Bill Gates has heard i've been talking smack on him.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Stuff. Family photos from yesterday's Crawfish Boil.

Menu of the Day: 

Music: I love Mission Bell so much i went back and bought Amos Lee's Last Days at the Lodge

Quote: "We're Louvraks, we're great at mediocre" - this comes from my nephew Brian last night (when we were trying to sing around the campfire at his house for the crawfish boil last night.)

Best thing this week: The weather. FINALLY the weather made it here. We had mid-to upper 70's yesterday and sun and blue sky all day long. Days like yesterday make you forget all the other 325 days in the year.Yesterday was the very first day we put on the air conditioner!

The other best thing: Our remodel. I just have some finishing touches and we're done. My car, for the first time in over a month, is back in the garage. 

What's not so cool: The condo board tells us it's against the law to discriminate against kids by having adult hours at the pool. Those little f*≈#cers are in the pool ALL THE TIME now. I now I will get no reprieve from "Marco Polo"  when i am outside on my patio reading. Sometimes i really get sick of how it's always ABOUT THE KIDS. i think kids get enough coddling and all that shit without messing with my adult pool hours too.We're the ones with the stress and we need our quiet time at the pool.

What I'm going to do: Is look up the law. I don't trust this board. 

Photos: We were at my nephew's house last night for the crawfish boil. That is my mom drinking her chardonnay out of a kid's tippy cup. Thankfully, my brother Troy told my dad (usually it's me taking on this fight, which gets old) he couldn't drive home when they were getting ready to leave. So Dad gave the keys to his big giant 1983 Cadillac to Troy and went to get another beer (for the road) and my mom not to be leaving her chardonnay behind asked for a to go cup and my nephew gave her this kids cup. (Someone else took these photos.) 

Edited to add Kylee's photos too. The first one is the group shot.  The second one is my nephew Brian and brother Troy. After that is my mom and niece Ashley (Kylee's sister) - both are true yayas. Then Ashley with my other niece Jessica's daughter Mariana. Ashley is wearing Jessica's glasses to show how Mari and Ashley look alike!

Book: I just read THE BEST BOOK i have read since maybe "Unbroken". After i read the two Chelsea Handley books i read  "Half Broke Horses". It's written by the Glass Castle author. It's a wonderful book about the grandmother of the author. She was an amazing (however flawed) woman.This book would make a beautiful movie. I wanted to be the character and have my granddaughter write this book about me. I highly recommend it. 

What I'm procrastinating about: I need to send in my warranty cards on my new range and dishwasher. 

on with the randomness....

1. I can't believe i didn't buy this Amos Lee cd earlier. It's amazing. 

2. We need to get a new computer and we're going to because we have found we like spending money. So far it's working ok and not crashing, but pretty soon it will probably start revving up. It's intermittent how it works these days.

3. Actually the more i think about the loss of adult hours at the pool the more it pisses me off. Why do we make the world revolve around kids? I swear i'm so glad i never had kids. I would have been a terrible mother. (I am the antithesis of a soccer mom.)

4. Actually Brian's quote above is not totally accurate. We Louvraks aren't always mediocre: Sometimes we fail spectacularly.

5. I will be on vacation in three weeks. Then i will have 6 weeks off. I cannot wait. We won't be flyfishing just yet because we had so much snow that is still in the mountains that the rivers will be too high for awhile.

6. I like to look at my iTunes library sometimes and see which songs i play the most. I just did that and i have many songs that have zero plays (mostly Brian's songs!). But "Let it Ride" by Ryan Adams tops the list at 60 plays. After that it's "Master of Disaster" by John Hiatt. After that it's "Can't Seem to Get it Right" by Joe Purdy. I wasn't surprised by Ryan Adams. But i was at the other two. (I figured it would be a Van Morrison song. )

7. I don't have much to say today really. I just wanted to change the blog cause it was time. So please come and tell us what your week was like.