Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's about time.

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It's about time i changed my blog. I'm not sure what i am going to do about Facebook. It seems difficult to do both. And i realized i made it more difficult on myself by friending everyone who asked to be my friend. I have people on there related to my work that i don't even know and have never spoken to. Why did they want to be my friend anyway? Normally i am not even worried about protocol or politeness but i just couldn't turn them down. One of them is even my boss!

And if i had to choose between Facebook and the blog, i will choose the blog. Even if Facebook does make it easier to share photos.

anyway, here are some photos of last week with Barbara/equeyaya who posts here. We had a great time and we just settled right away into an easy time like we have been vacationing together for years. We talked about big stuff and we talked about little stuff. What we didn't run out of was stuff to say. Kylee joined us in Seattle for one day and we went to a somewhat disappointing lunch at Wild Ginger. That's a photo of us in a wine bar. (Kylee finally turned 21 years old!) I like the guy in the background.

We made the lovely risotto one night. And we drank a lot of wine. Mostly all Washington wines. In fact, i still haven't wanted any wine since so i'm blogging with Fresca! It was a very very good trip.

Oh yeah, the first photo is from Brian cooking and smoking up the whole house a couple of nights ago. It never even set off the fire alarm, so i went out and bought a new battery.

Random thoughts .

1. You know those ziplock bags? I have the HARDEST time ever getting them zipped and unzipped. It makes me worried for when i get to be an old lady. If Brian wasn't around to open up stuff i will starve. I am famous for tearing up cereal boxes like a rabid pit bull might. I think it's called patience. Or lack thereof.

2. Have y'all seen the Old Spice commercials. OMG, let me know if you haven't and i'll come back with the YouTube. They are the BEST.

3. My ex husband wore Old Spice so i would never buy it for Brian.

4. Isn't it weird how a smell can take you back to that time and place and be a reminder of someone, even if you don't want to remember them?

5. Where is louielouie? Are you still in Cannon Beach?

6. I read a whole book yesterday from beginning to end and may finish one today too. Much of my summer escape reading is thriller turn pager kind of stuff.

7. I am having a great summer. I took a nap today and yesterday. I love naps. I love watching the HG channel. I love getting my run done early in the morning. I love sitting on the patio drinking my french press coffee with the paper.

8. I bought Tom Petty's Mojo cd yesterday on iTunes. My favorite song is Candy. I love it when an artist i have loved for years and years is still doing what they do best.

OK, that's all i got. I hope some of y'all come and post about your summer vacation too. I'll keep blogging even if no one is reading because i just like the writing and randomness of it. It's my outlet. And Facebook is limiting.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

How I am spending my summer vacation.... Thoughts on "Lost" & an added YouTube on my patio!

I just added this YouTube that Brian made when he and Troy rebuilt our patio. It's in fast motion and pretty funny. We laughed at how it looks like when Brian is measuring he is doing so in real time because it takes him longer than Troy, who does this stuff for a living! Obviously you won't want to check out the whole building of it, but near the end at about 6:07 i appear and you can see how it all turned out.

Menu of the Day:

on the iPod: Neil Young's Last Time I Saw Elvis.

Reading: the third book in the trilogy of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I think it's the Hornet's Nest one. (Has anyone been reading these books?)

The best thing that happened this week: Went to a very fun wedding last night of our artist friend Duncan, who at the age of 56, got married for the first time. (We like his wife too!) Great people to meet and dancing to a live band, wine and a beautiful day for their outside wedding.

What i keep procrastinating about: Nothing much really. Because i'm on vacation and i have lots of time to do things.

What i've been doing: I'm nearly done with watching Season 2 of Kylee's Lost DVDs. My plan is to rewatch all of them. I am also watching Glee and loving it! I had no idea how good this show was. My other niece loaned me her DVD set. I just love that chick who plays the cheerleader coach. I forget her name but she was great in Best in Show and the 40 Year Old Virgin.

What i'm also doing: Reading alot, washing windows, putting the patio together after they just rebuilt it (photos above), running, napping, watering plants, checking my mail, reading the newspaper. I think i've taken a nap at least every other day! I have been at the pool for a bit too.

What i haven't been doing: keeping up on the political world or the newest stuff about the Gulf Gush. For some reason i can't get CNN on my new tv to quit pixelating Anderson Cooper. the other channels are bad too but watchable except for CNN. (I think it's a right wing plot against me because Fox News comes in just great!)

Also i have not been blogging because i have been Losting instead.

Here are random observations about Lost.


1. I think Lost is better the second time around when you watch it. I remember so many things that didn't seem right about it when i watched it once a week with the break in between seasons. This will be boring for those of you who don't watch but not too many folks are reading anyway.

2. It makes better sense about Sayid loving Shannon than it did before. I felt like they didn't have enough connection before, but in watching many episodes in a row, i see that it works. I didn't buy it the first time because i thought he should be with Danielle, the French Chick. But when you think about the opposites and the yin and yang and the whole island black and white, good and bad story, it makes perfect sense to me now. Everyone who hooked up was an opposite of each other almost. Just as Jack vs. Sawyer was a yin and yang.

3. Jack is so obviously the whole reason for Lost and i didn't see him as the main character. I like him a lot better rewatching it. He used to bug me so much because of his control issues and intenseness and propensity for crying and pouting. I used to watch Party of Five and in some ways he plays a similar character. Also he is way cuter to me this go round too. Not sure why.

4. i like Kate somewhat better too.

5. I had forgotten what a cool character Mr. Eko was. I love his tattered shirt which showed his fab strong chest muscles and i loved his Jesus stick too. I would feel very safe with Mr. Eko.

6. Still love Sayid and Sawyer as always.

7. I love how throughout the first two seasons the minor characters Scott and Steve names are constantly mixed up. One of them died and they still played up the mix up in Season 2. The actors playing them maybe had one line at the most, which made the ongoing joke about their names even more funny.

8. Everyone has such incredibly buff arms (except of course for Hurley and Charley)! I think Kate has been my inspiration for trying to keep up with my free weights. She has the best arms of any woman i've seen!

9. Sawyer is the only guy who can be so incredibly dirty but is still so sexy.

10. I recently saw a YouTube of Josh Holloway on an interview ( think it was with Jimmy Kimmel) and I thought he was kind of goofy and not maybe all that smart, though he may have just been nervous. I like him better as Sawyer and don't think i would want to date him in real life. Good acting!

11. The story of Sun and Jin is much better the second time around too. I don't even know why. But i love their characters. Also Rose and Bernard.

12. I still don't love Michael all that much, just as i never did. Though i felt sorry for him in his backstory.

13. I keep wondering how they get all those great clothes on the island. And i wonder still, as i did before, what do the women do when the tampons and Kotex run out.

14. And every time someone kisses i wonder about their breath.

15. I think i would liked to be kissed by Sawyer. He looks like a good kisser.

16. Boone was also a character i liked so much better this time around. I think i wrote him off the first season because he was too good looking. In a scoobier way than Sawyer was. Boone was actually more beautiful than a woman.

17. Sawyer smoked when they first crashed and obviously would have finally run out of cigarettes. (It's so cliche, isn't it?.... that the way to establish your bad person up front is to have them smoke!) Yet they never wrote anything about his withdrawals in the show when he ran out, and that could have been a pretty funny episode too, like his eyeglasses.

18. I loved the music in the Hatch. But they should have at least had some Bob Dylan you would think. Or Jackson Browne or Jimi Hendrix. Desmond seems like that's more the music he would listen to than the Mamas and the Papas. (Maybe they couldn't get the music rites, though if that's the reason i think Dylan and Browne are stupid for not doing that.)

I'll think of some more. But if any of you Lost fans are reading you might add your own. Just don't do spoilers for the last season since it's not yet out on DVD and Kylee/Ms Hippie hasn't seen it.