Friday, April 6, 2018

And a 1 and a 2 and a 3.

1. I worked until 7 pm today on this Friday. Course i didn’t go in until 10:30. But still it was a full day. And i liked it! But then again it’s cause i was mostly working alone with no phones ringing (it’s spring break over here). I am fortunate that i get this gig with working my old job where i don’t have to do the stuff i hated to do.

2. I have lately been buying a lot of casual dresses. And here’s why. Jeans are so not comfortable. AND the underpants you need to wear with jeans are also horrible. You are always digging them out of your butt or trying to make sure they don’t show over your waistband. Not to mention sometimes the jeans are just a little bit tighter than other times. Not only that i have started bowling in dresses and folks are cracking up over it.  But the first time i bowled in a dress i rolled a 152, a 142 and then my last game (maybe due to my second Mac N Jack microbrew) i bowled an 89. But those were my highest games in years. I give credit to the dress.

3. If you are over 6o years old and have ever bent over and looked at your knees and how the skin sags it will make you a little depressed. ALSO if you ever do planks with just wearing a sports bra and running tights and get a look at your stomach (even though i don’t have a pot belly), the way it looks is not how i was expecting. Also a bit depressing.

4. Heading into old age is not as fun i think as being there will be. I made a new year’s resolution to not talk too much about getting older and I’m trying to stick with it. But sometimes it’s hard.

5. Hahaha... i was trying to find a photo from my iPad (which is how I’m posting) but somehow it doesn’t allow me to do this. And i found this cause i checked “from my phone” thinking maybe it would allow me to go through and add one of my many photos, but only this one showed up. I don’t even remember this one. Or when it was taken, but my hair is a bit shorter so it must be about two summers ago.)

7. OOps, i can’t tell if I’m on #7 or not, cause the iPad is terrible for posting on blogger and i can’t scroll up. Anyway i watched a great Netflix show about Rajneesh guru back in the 1980’s who settled in Oregon and owned all those Rolls Royces. It was fascincating. I binged watched four of the six episodes earlier this week when i wasn’t working. (I only had about 1,000 steps on my Vivofit that day.) I want to talk to someone about it whoever has seen it. It’s really good. It’s called  “Wild Wild Country”. 

8. (Maybe or maybe it’s #6 or even #9....Where are you ummagumma anyway? I hope you are well. )

9. I just realized i do not recognize those sunglasses i am wearing in this photo. Am i wearing someone else’s?  Actually i think Brian must have put this photo together cause i don’t know how to do a quadruple photo, (Andy Warholish? 

10. “Whiter Shade Than Pale” just came on Pandora. Some songs are so classic that they will never ever go out of style. This is one of those. I love this song. This is making me think of other songs like that. I think i will leave it for a brand new blog post next time i write one though. So i’ll Sign off.