Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Night Ramblings While Drinking a $25 Viognier

Menu of the Day:

My REAL menu:
is a crab cake and stir fried peapods with ham that i bought from Tacoma Boys this afternoon.

Music: This is Pete Yorn week. Right now i'm listening to his version of Elvis's "Suspicious Minds". (I love his song "Rock Crowd")

My last iTunes purchase: Sister Hazel's new cd.

The Best thing that happened this week: shoot, i'm trying to think. It was a very busy week. I've worked late every night except last night. I think the best thing is this viognier i'm drinking.

What i'm looking forward to: Kylee/ms hippie is moving back to Tacoma in about two weeks, 5 minutes away from our place. Saturday walks around Chambers Creek for exercise with Kylee and getting back to our tradition of decorating my Christmas tree and then eating Chinese food while watching a cheesy movie!

OK, enough menu. On with the ramblings.


1. Pete Yorn, if you don't already know is super hot. Having said that i have to admit... he doesn't really do justice to "Suspicious Minds". But i still like it.( I don't really like Elvis Presley AT ALL, but if i had to pick a favorite song, it would be this one. )

2. I am starting to get really irritated with the political system and the culture of the Democrats disorganization and the tenacity and arrogance of the Republican party.

3. Having said that, i still think Patty Murray will still beat Dino Rossi.

4. Not so sure about the candidates i am working for locally. I would bet money that Tami G. will win and that Troy K. will lose to that right wing lawyer. I also think 1098 the state income tax initiative will lose. (I voted yes.) And i hope that folks will be smart enough to turn down the initiatives about privatizing liquor, so i might bet money on that being a NO. ( i just want to be on the record, i know this is boring for those of you outside our state.)

5. Off politics. Let's talk about my possible agoraphobia, which is bound to happen very soon. First we had news that a guy on a bicycle was attacking women walking/running alone in the VERY area that i run. Then it was in the papers that a cougar, yes a wild animal, was running loose somewhere in the area that we live. And tonight i get a newsletter from my condo association that says there have been reports of a peeping Tom in our condo area. I am WTF? I rarely close my drapes when i am home. I'm thinking we need to move. Cause you see, we live in the city where our four police officers were killed in a coffee shop almost a year ago. We live in the area that used to be a favorite of that cable TV show "Cops" .

6. Actually i think i just need to quit watching the news.

7. But just in case, if you don't see me updating my blog for a very long time you might assume i was eaten by a cougar or had acid thrown on me by a wacko dude on a bike. So check with Ms Hippie/Kylee and she'll give you the scoop on my disappearance.

8. I hope the peeping Tom,( if he was looking in our window), got a whole lot of jollies watching ME on the sofa in my man flannel pajamas checking Facebook on my netbook computer!

9. I should mention here that the $25 viognier is well worth the money. But i am too lazy to walk the 32 steps to my kitchen to tell you what it is.

10. This is the year i feel myself getting older. I think i forgot i would get old. I am pissed. I am not ready.
What are your random thoughts?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Over Easy... easy reading for hardworking people

I have been writing an easy news piece off and on for the past 18 years for my job. I made up the name and letterhead, which sports the egg as shown above.

I got the idea actually off the back of Bon Appetit back in the early 1990's, though Vanity Fair would inspire me now, but i wasn't reading it back then.

Anyway, over the years the questions had to change. When i first started i asked the question: Who is your favorite Cartwright from Bonanza? then it became Who is your favorite character on The West Wing. And now I ask Who is your favorite Grey's Anatomy character? Or your favorite American Idol judge?

So here are some of the questions. I hope y'all are ready to play: (Note: because blogger gave me some error message at first & depending on the length of your answers, you might want to answer 1-8 on one comment post and then 8-16 on another.)

1. What is the best thing you ever brought to Show and Tell?

2. What is the best present someone ever bought you?

3. If you could change one thing about your appearance (besides your weight) what would you pick?

4. Who do you admire?

5. What three things can always be found in your refrigerator?

6. If you were going to have a dinner party for a few friends, what would you serve/cook?

7. What song makes you want to dance?

8. What song have you ever sang karaoke too?

9. Were you popular in school. Did you win any yearbook Hall of Fame kind of bullshit? What was it?

10. Who was your major celebrity crush when you were in high school?

11. Who is your celebrity crush now?

12. What would you like to have said in your eulogy?

13. What do you avoid?

14. What do you look forward to?

15. When you buy stuff, what do you find yourself buying the most? (Besides regular groceries).

16. What addiction/vice do you wish you could quit?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Closed for Repair

1. RE: my post title: i think that would be a good name for a band. I just wanted a provocative post title today.

2. I am now on Lost Season 4. This is the season where Farady, Miles, Charlotte and Jimmy Buffet pilot were introduced.

3. i like rewatching Lost better than when i saw it the first time. I especially like Jack more and appreciate him in a way i did not in my first viewing.

4. I doorbelled for three hours for house democrat's re-election Troy K. today. He is up against a formidable opponent. He is running against an anti-gay, anti public education, anti labor lawyer who works for a right wing think tank. So my friend Irene and I made feet and knocked doors. It was a beautiful day, so that was a plus.

We had a long list of 80 addresses. I had trepidation at first because the list was long and these were 'persuasion' doorbells where you talk to people. But it was actually fun. She and i decided to split to list so we could get through them. and we did. After you do this for awhile you actually get disappointed when people aren't home.

5. Nobody was mean. A couple of people were semi-rude, but that was it. Most people were really nice.

6. Our next thing to do is easy. Sign waving. I want to make a pool of it: for every person who flips us off somebody has to pay up a quarter. For every honk, somebody has to pay a quarter. We need to divide up what we want to be paid for. I am choosing the honks or thumbs up. (I am negative enough by nature so i have to find the positive somewhere.)

7. Maybe i will wear a short skirt and a low cut blouse. LOL.

8. I will be very glad when Nov. 2 gets here. I got my absentee ballot today and I have already voted. It's a big ballot for us in our state with initiatives. I don't always know about district court judges so i go online for those. A secret is returning your ballot immediately so you won't get all those political phone calls reminding you to vote.

9. i bought the new Sister Hazel cd from iTunes today. i like this band a lot. they are under the radar and not that well known but i have quite a bit of their music. Quite often when i hear a song i like i look at my iPod and it's either a Paste cd song, an equeyaya song, or a Sister Hazel.

10. And surprisingly sometimes a Conor Oberst.

11. I keep thinking that people want to share their opinions and thoughts so i keep trying to engage that with this blog, but it doesn't seem to work. That surprises me. How can people not want to answer a question about their opinion? Especially when they know it can be anonymous? I don't believe i have ever in my life been asked for an opinion and chose not to respond. LOLOL.

12. I hope y'all saw my last post on the other blog about my favorite commercials. I think i will try and find the YouTube for the Allstate commercial and post it here since i don't have a photo to add today.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Menu of the Day & 5 Questions

Menu of the Day:

Weather: Rainy, rainy 60 degree day. I actually welcomed it.

In my glass: a really good $9.99 South African cabernet with a cool name" Arabella".

What's cooking: Bread in my oven. OH, it smells so good!

Music: Big Head Todd & the Monster's acoustic version of "Bittersweet". I never get tired of this song.

What i am procrastinating about: Still haven't sent that sympathy card, but that's only because the former condo board president's wife wouldn't know me at all anyway and sometimes it's nice to still get a card when all the family leaves and you're alone in your grief.

Good thing: Connecting. I like having friends who you don't see very often but when you do, you pick up right where you left off. I don't have lots of friends i see on a regular basis but i do have these friends who i connect with in a real friendship, even if that means we only see each other 4-6 times a year. My friend Karie (who photographed our wedding) was over last night for wine and the 4 hours went by so fast!

Bad thing: My friend Toni's (who worked with me for 22+ years) husband is in the hospital very sick with staph infection. What's amazing is to find out that my friend i've known for so long is such a rock at work and falls apart in a crisis when it comes to her family. (He's going to be okay, but will be sick for a long time.)

What i don't like right now: Someone once told me (was it you louielouie?) that when you turn 50 you become surrounded with sickness and death. We are at the age where our parent's health is failing and we find ourselves going to more funerals than weddings. And to top it off you are menopausal and not in the very best shape to deal with all this shit in the first place.

About my Obama image: I hope this link works if you want to read part of the article. It's a great article. Obama kicks ass. (You Facebookers will know that i have this quote linked. )

"It is inexcusable for any Democrat or progressive to stand on the sidelines in this midterm election...People need to shake off this lethargy, people need to buck up. Bringing about change is hard and we've got some lumps to show for it. But if people want to take their ball and go home, that tells me folks weren't serious in the first place."

Ok, that's the Menu: how about we all add our own Menu & answer 5 questions?


1. What would like someone to say about you in your eulogy?

2. What are you looking forward to?

3. Think about a fictional character you really liked. If you could make them a real person, which one would you choose?

4. What TV show is your guilty pleasure?

5. What book are you most likely to read a second time?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Circling the Drain

I don't know why i even came up with that subject line. Except that when i watch the media pundits i worry about the Democrats. And when i read everything that surrounds the new Waiting for Superman documentary by Guggenheim (who did Inconvenient Truth) i worry about the future of unions. And i worry about Obama and i still support him.

You know who should be circling the drain? Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich. Christine O'Donnell. the list goes one and on.

I don't really have much on my mind, so i'll just do a menu and appease louielouie with getting the scary angel photo off.


iPodding to: "Red Umbrella" by Forest Sun

The Best thing that Happened this week: hmmm. i have been sitting here trying to think of something. It's been a crazy week. I'll come back to this.

What i keep procrastinating about: I need to send a sympathy card to the wife of our former condo president. The one president i actually really liked alot.

My favorite commercial this week:It's the Subura commercial with the married couple who go camping on their honeymoon. and a storm comes in and pulls down their white tent. I think the couple is adorable. (And i just now went and found it on YouTube and put it up here since i still don't have a photo. )

Stupid commercial i hate right now: Those bear commercials with the Charmin toilet paper. I guess you remember it's Charmin because of the whole 'bear shit in the woods' saying, but those ads drive me crazy.

In my glass: i know summer is over but i am drinking a glass of South Austrailian viognier. It's very nice because it's not too sweet. It's a 2009 Yalumba.

About that wine: i was at Tacoma Boys and they had two different Yalumba viogniers. One had a price on it of $18 and the other was advertised at $10. But then i noticed that the $10 one was a 2009. the $18 was a 2008. However, this is a pet peeve of mine: the 2009 $10 bottle had a card on it that boasted 92 points on Wine Spectator. Only the vintage was the 2008 (which is the $18 bottle). So i told the girl they needed to put the card on the other vintage instead. And she did.

But secretly i was hoping she would sell me the 92 point $18 viognier for $10 but she didn't offer that. LOL.

so i bought the $10 one instead. And it's actually so good that i'm not sure i would have noticed the difference. I am a sucker for those little cards that talk about the wine. And i wish i had that job.

Book: it's still Pillars of the Earth. Did i mention this book was nearly 1000 pages long? So i've been reading it in between finishing Grey's Anatomy's last season on netflix. Today was my last DVD. That show is still really good. I think i have mentioned before that Christine, Sandra Oh's character is one of my favorites. I also love Alex Kurev, and Torres. But if i had to pick a #1 favorite, i might choose Bailey. I liked this season more because Katherine Heigel/Izzy is barely in it. Anyway, within 3 weeks i finished all of the season on DVD and will tear through Pillars in between working on Lost.

Where is everyone? I am not naming names because i always leave some off. But where are y'all? I wish i could check and see how many people look and don't post. It's that damn Facebook, isn't it?

OK, that's all i got. I'm outta here.