Friday, September 30, 2016

Friday Happy Hour Posting!

My great nephew Brady and great niece Kendall 

I just poured a glass of Bogel Essential Red and i'm listening to the new Van Morrison cd, "Keep Me Singing".  Don't really have any ideas about what to write and this may end up in my Draft file along with many others but i'll see what happens. "Going Down to Bangor" is my favorite song on it so far!

1. What's going on: I'm back working at my old job for the past few weeks because of the election. This is my 5th working gig since i retired 2-1/2 years ago. I will probably be done Nov. 8. It's been fun being there. I am working part-time. Because i always tell myself i won't put the money in savings i am going to buy a new iPad Pro the small one like my Air. AND i am designing more furniture to be custom made - this time an end table for my living room and maybe a coffee table.

2. I bought a Hillary t-shirt and i donated $50 to her campaign after watching her at the debate. Didn't expect i would want to do that, but this is history and i have t-shirts from other presidential elections and don't want to miss out. I think she did a great job against the other guy. I just wish people gave her a break. For me she's one tough cookie. I don't need to love her or want to meet her for chardonnay or have her join my book club, but i can trust her to lead our country. And i do admire her ability to stand strong in the face of so much shit thrown at her. I feel sometimes people just hate her because the media sort of drives that message. Kind of like how they painted Jimmy Carter and George HW Bush as weak. I don't love her. But i've had bosses in my life i haven't loved either but who did a good job and i can respect that.

3. I also bought my little baby niece (Brady's red-headed sister) Lauren a long sleeve Hillary onesie. (Her parents were in full approval of me doing this.) I check these days because i bought cute little t-shirt that said Baby's First President  with Obama's sun logo for a baby nephew on Brian's side of the family years ago and the mom (who is a public school teacher and who i assumed, incorrectly, was a Democrat)  didn't like it and gave it back.

4. Here is photo of my  little niece Kendall and little nephew Brady who are best friends (partly because my nephews - their dads are). Disclaimer: she already ate her popsicle - that scowl -  is because we told her not to pick the geraniums. (We did it nicely but apparently she doesn't like being told what not to do! It's a Louvrak  thing- Louvrak is my maiden name!)

Kendall is my sister's granddaughter. Brady is my brother Troy's grandson. Look how different they look! I believe this generation of kids is going to be the generation who will make better strides with eradicating racism (and also with gay and transgender people) because of the blended ethnicities in families and as more younger people are out about their sexual orientation. This is such a good thing
I have high hopes for this generation. America is already great. (Fuck you T****!)

5. YES! I make the Republican Candidate (who shall go unnamed here) as the cuss word that needs the asterisks and the fuck word gets spelled out!

6. This Bogel Essential Red is really good! I can't remember what i paid for it but it can't be more than $12. I am making note of it by highlighting it a different color!

7. I like Rachel Maddow but her staccato way of talking kind of makes me crazy.

8. If i am being honest, i get most of my news from Facebook these days (though i still have the paper delivered and read that too) but i don't get it from the cable network 24 hour news channels.  However, if something really bad happens, (for example the New Jersey train crash) CNN is where i will look first on TV, even as i don't like CNN and always loved when Jon Stewart skewered them.

9. I do like Anderson Cooper still though.

10. I watched the Netflix documentary about Amanda Knox. I didn't feel strongly about her one way or another. I didn't like her but i didn't dislike her either. She was young and kind of a punk, but the older Amanda who served four years in prison might be someone i could like better. Either way it was interesting and in the end i think she was innocent. I also believe the Italian prosecutor was an an asshat who loved the media attention.

11. I also watched the JonBenet Ramsey two part series. I believed during the time it happened and said that i thought the brother did it. And this series implies it too. The mom and dad always seemed guilty of something and i believe they were covering for their son and reputation in the community. The interview they show in the documentary with the brother shortly after the murder is really chilling. I did really liked that bald retired FBI guy. But like my nephew Brian says, if that brother didn't do it, what a horrible thing for him that this documentary came out. I agree, but in truth, i think he did it.

12. Back to the debate for a second:  i thought Lester Holt was a namby pamby with the debate. Who was that one woman, the one with the long blonde hair who moderated the VP debates between Biden and Ryan? She was good. Get her! Or Jon Stewart! Or like the meme on FB says, Samuel L. Jackson.

Oops, just noticed how long this has gotten, so i'm signing off.

Notes to Self: 
Sunset: 6:50 pm
Best thing that happened this week: Oddly enough, going to work at my old job!
Latest book: "Home" by Harlan Coben, but it's a weak book, that dude has lost it , in the same way that John Grisham, Jodi Picoult and that James Patterson guy.... and i don't think i will finish.
Stupid thing that bugs me: This is really stupid when you think about what people are dealing with: My hair. I quit cutting it. I saw Grace and Frankie and decided i'm going to go Lily Tomlin with my hair because i can't stand how it looks short. At least long i can pull it back. But it's a lot of hair and hard to manage no matter what.
What I'm looking forward to: My husband has to go to Walla Walla (WINE COUNTRY) for work and i'm going with him to hang out while he goes to do whatever work thing he has to do. Guess where i will be?
Word Count: I don't give a shit. I WAS trying to keep it under 500 words cause people don't like reading too much, but that was when more people were here. So if you are reading this far! Thank you! ;)