Saturday, March 17, 2018

The Reasons I Quit Facebook

I quit Facebook at the end of February when i was called back to work at my old job again. (I think this is my 6th gig working post-retirement now, which will be 5 years this August. Wow. those 5 years went by very quickly, but maybe because i was working?....)

Hahahaha I'm on my third glass of Foris Chardonnay (VERY good!) and i remembered to close the parenthesis that time. Normally my signature on this blog is i don't remember to do that.

The reason i quit Facebook:

1. ) I am still mad that FB contributed to president Cuckfunt because of how “news” was passed around with no controls. I also was flabbergasted and crazed by the comments from the pro-CF folks who had no problem using their real names when they posted such awful racist things and it made me mad and sad for our country.

2. ) I checked it way way way too much after retirement, even as i was bored with my newsfeed because it got pretty redundant with my FB friends who felt like i did politically. Some stuff i liked, and many people helped me over there, but lately my newsfeed was mostly CF news and advertisements.

3. ) A few days after the Parkland Florida school shooting I had a falling out with a FB friend who  posted a video on her feed from this wacko gun-nut job  S e a n   W h a l e n (edited to spread his name so that it doesn’t pop up in a search as i just saw that it did)  ranting about the shooting and how the students need to speak up more - to me,  it felt like he was blaming the other students ....(look him up if you want to see something crazy, that dude posted photos of his own kids posing with smug smiles holding semi automatic weapons. I would link his video here but i believe it’s only on his Facebook page.)

I was surprised to see that of all the news about that horrible school shooting, THAT was the video she chose to share. And all is said was that i might agree with his rant on the Parkland shooting if only he didn't have these kinds of photos on his page. And i posted two of the many he had with his young three kids ) posing with guns.  I thought maybe she didn't know and would want to know and take it down. I had never received a message from her before but i got one after my comment, reaming me for 'shaming' . I was so surprised. I thought i was doing her a favor by letting her know. Looking back now i think i should have messaged her instead but i had never done that before and i actually did want people to know that the dude was nut case. (He makes Ted Nugent look like Ghandi!)

 I tried to tell her that was not my intent. I explained how when I see someone now posting Fake News on Facebook I try to follow with a link that shows it’s fake and i felt his video deserved a similar comment.  I just thought maybe she didn't know how crazy that guy was. She did take the video down,  but not because of him - because of me posting the photos. And not once did she take issue with his message. So it occurred to me that maybe her politics might be a bit more extreme than I knew.

This latest school shooting put me over for tolerating any rabid pro-gun shit. So i unfriended her after i couldn't make her understand that i was trying to say there are better stories out there to share that that nut job.  When i unfriended her she got really mad so she in turn blocked me. (Damn, we were like middle school kids ourselves.) But i'm okay finding out where people stand and steering clear. And i am really tired of the political playground on Facebook. So that was one of the reasons that made it easier to do what i've been thinking about doing for awhile now.

4. ) Honestly, I don’t want to be friends with any Trump supporter (or anyone who thinks that dude Whalen is an okay guy). It's a line i draw now. Truth is, i don't need or want THAT many friends anyway. I'm enough of an introvert and only have time for so many people in my life before i need a day to decompress. Cutting off folks is not an issue for me when my values are crossed.

5. ) I think maybe because i was a military brat and had to move around a lot it made it easier for me to leave people. Probably made it easier to get divorced twice before i got it right.

6. ) And Facebook also had way too many ads that i spent so much time hiding. It creeped me out when i would look online to buy something and next thing i know that advertisement showed up in my newsfeed and other places . Also i unfollowed a lot of folks but they popped up because someone i didn’t unfollow shared their post. (I don't think that unfollow and hide works that great on Facebook.). If i came back i would like to keep it to only people i would like to have lunch or coffee or wine with.  But i didn't know how to not accept a friendship without feeling like a douche. I hardly ever sent out the request myself, some folks here might remember i resisted FB a long time (just as i did with digital cameras and cell phones).

7).  My time away from Facebook has been a nice reprieve. It would be great to add that i am sleeping better, but that's another story. I am surprised that i can honestly can say i don't miss it. I really thought i would cheat but haven't wanted to at all. I did make sure i had email addresses from a few of the people i want to stay connected with and the rest of FB folks i really want to stay in touch with i see in real life anyway. The family members in Louisiana didn't really connect with me much on FB anyway (I suspect they may have steered away because of politics) so i'm not missing much there.  I might come back with election Nov. 2018 because i have super high hopes for us. And i want to be a part of a community when we celebrate. But if that goes badly i think i might just step away forever.

 Other Stuff: 
Longest run this week: 40 minutes, also 40 minutes of Pilates On Demand. Still running every other day. Some days better than others. My new goal since i surpassed my old one of running at least until i was 60 is to make it to 62.

Books: I am reading FOUR right now. 1 Dead In the Attic about Katrina; Lincoln in the Bardos (it's kind of a weird one!) ;  a book about Introverts, (it think Quiet is in the title); and the one from embedded journalist from NBC Katy Tur on the Trump campaign called Unbelievable .

Best thing that happened: Sunshine, light until 7 pm. And last week i bowled a 152, a 142 and third game ended up being an 89. (My average so far has only been about 113).


jojo cucina cucina said...

Wow, i have never been ahead of the news but with the latest Facebook breach and a trend of folks deleting Facebook I am thinking i may never return. I just need to get some stuff off. I am finding out there is a difference between deactivating and taking it down all together. I’ll give it some time and decide if i want to take it down all the way, but in the meantime, here are the instructions so i can find out more info and take it down if i need to. DAMMIT!....why can’t this be Twitter????

jojo cucina cucina said...

One day ago this appeared in the New York Times. The Cambridge Analytica scandal is what it is called. And it’s in part to blame for President Idiot today.

I like the one guy that said it wasn’t that hard and it is not the end of the world. Seriously. It isn’t. I’ve been bitching about the ads for a long time anyway. And i don’t want to see shit in my newsfeed like that Sean Whalen guy and truthfully even the news i need about how Trump is fucking America was getting too much for me. I don’t miss it now. I don’t think i ever will. I’m thankful for how it helped me in many ways i.e. traveling, etc., technical advice, books etc. I’m probably going to log in and get the stuff off my page i want, for example i have some IOS photos that are not anywhere else since I posted them there and deleted them from my iPad or phone. Also i would like to copy my book lists. I can start keeping it here instead. As i’m Reading new books now i’m Adding them to iPad notes.

AGAIN....why can’t this be Twitter!!!! Why can’t something be done about Cuckfunt and Twitter? If any of us posted on social media during our jobs as much as he has we would be written up and / or fired!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I forgot to add what i’ve Been doing..... I quit Facebook at the end of February and i was already starting Pilates at home. Ironically it was from Facebook that i learned from my FB friend Alycia that i could find many YouTubes on different videos. I’ve continue to keep with Pilates at minimum three days a week, for about 40 minutes each time in addition to my running about four miles every other day. I’ve never stretched before knowing I should but this has kept me doing it and the benefits i feel in the morning are great incentive to keep this going.

I’ve also stepped up my reading so it’s back to what it was before this past winter when i realized i was spending too much time scrolling out of boredom but unwilling to stop because i kept thinking i needed to see something or post something.

I’m working again, which was kind of what got me to deactivate since i knew I would have less time. It’s been really nice to be back and make my own hours. I feel like my day is a lot more full, sometimes more than i want it to be.

I offered my babysitting services to my Cheeto great niece and nephew, Brady and Lolo as their mom, who is a nurse is also getting her Master’s degree. So far they haven’t taken me up on it too often, my nephew and his wife are always very nice about not wanting to overask, which makes me all the more willing to help.

ALSO, i need to get some research done on our new Seahawks team. They are letting go our players like Trump is firing his own staff. I can’t keep up. Just yesterday they released Luke Willson who is going to Detroit. I LOVED Willson! Not having Bennett, Richard Sherman, and many other... I need to find out that i am going to like these new players and start finding out what they are all about. That’s going to take some time!

jojo cucina cucina said...

I actually mean that my niece Adrienne is getting her Bacherlor’s Degree. Maybe her Master’s later.